Facebook Messenger update brings Chat Heads to all, no Facebook Home needed


Facebook Home will be available for a select group of Android handsets today, but in the meantime check out a new update for Facebook Messenger. It enables the new Chat Head pop-up messaging windows on most devices, no need for Home. And while it acts independently, it still brings the same functionality we saw showcased last week at Facebook’s big unveiling (and have since had a chance to toy with on the HTC First).

Messages now appear as a pop-up over your current app and can be replied to without leaving the task at hand. Swiping down minimizes the Chat Head, just as in Facebook Home. It certainly expands the potential of Facebook Messenger and makes us wonder when other messaging apps will follow suit. You can grab the latest Messenger update from Google Play now.

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  1. no thanks

  2. Chatheads! This is pretty cool. I like how fluid and smooth it is. Works seamlessly.

    1. yeah its great, but my bubbles disappear after a while ( or maybe after running some apps)

  3. I can’t get it to work on my s3 :(

    1. same here, maybe I’m doing something wrong.

      1. i updated both Facebook msn and Facebook app, after 5-10 mins i receive a message and the bubble pop up

  4. How about some animated chat heads? Like bobble heads

  5. I puked a little in my mouth

  6. YES!!! THANK THE GOOD LORD. You are awesome Facebook.

  7. It’s kinda cool..hate that you can’t group message to my google groups and you can’t batch delete messages.

  8. i wish it wasnt 2 separate apps. the facebook app in itself is FUBAR. any pictures people send or any status with a post…i see text and no pic -_- wtf. also you can save any pics sent via FB message. wth is up with that. i miss google + :(

    1. i was just trying to save a pic ! i didn’t know we couldn’t =(, i had to take a screenshot

  9. Works great on my nexus4

  10. Google, please implement this functionality when you release Babel…

  11. chat heads also works as your normal sms/mms app as well. go into settings and enable it

  12. I’d like these functions to come to the main Facebook app! :/

  13. how!?! it doesn’t work on my s3

  14. Mine updated, but I can’t see thouse heads :( hints?

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