CyanogenMod 10.1 M3 builds now available


The latest M build for CyanogenMod 10.1 is out, and a whole lot of devices are coming along for the ride. This brings us up to build M3, a build that’s considered experimental but not quite as risky to use as a daily driver as a nightly. Tons of different devices from Samsung, HTC, LG and more are all getting treatment, and we imagine the rest of the bunch will get updated to M3 within the next 24-48 hours. Flash these as you would any custom ROM, but as always be sure to backup your data and wipe before you proceed. Head to the CyanogenMod mirror to get yours while it’s still hot.

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  1. Bluetooth cuts in an out on the maguro build while doing other tasks on phone :(

  2. i wish they would fix the issue with EVERYTHING FCing when you try to make a new user profile. Nexus 7 Grouper. Otherwise rock solid as usual

  3. my Verizon Galaxy Nexus’s battery life suffer greatly when using previous M build, that’s why I switch back to stock rom now.

  4. Heh…

    No build for the Nexus 10, but we have an M3 for the LG Spectrum.


    Not complaining about having a build for my Spec, a device I never thought would see CM support to begin with. That’s awesome. But nothing for the nX…that’s kind of a kick in the pants…

    1. Manta builds are incoming, it’s just further down in the build order.

      1. I’ve heard that before, and thanks for the info.

        I just can’t wrap my head around the vs920 being built before the manta.

        Must not be alphabetical order. *shrug*

        1. The nightly builds are all in alphabetical order, but the M-series builds are sometimes done by maintainers individually, and are not always “autobuilds” like the nightlies are. As such, the order of them is often unpredictable.

  5. So how many monthly snapshots normally come out before the rom is considered stable?

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