Nexus 10 official flip cover now available in the Google Play Store for $30


Flip covers are all the rage these days and after a few months without any kind of official protection, the Nexus 10 is finally getting up to speed with their own attachable flip covers available right now in the Google Play Store for $30. There’s currently 2 colors available: grey and scarlet (more like orange). Hit the source links to pick one up for yourself.

Nexus 10 Cover (Dark Grey)

Nexus 10 Cover (Scarlet)

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. A little late for me. I’ve had a faux leather case on mine since I got it.

  2. For that price you might as well just buy another nexus 10 to cover your nexus 10.

    1. 30 compared to samsungs note 10.1 at 50…

      1. It’s $44.58 shipped in Canada. That’s in canuckabucks, obviously.

        Good news is, it’s about 100g lighter than the Note case, meaning it’ll still weigh less with the case overall than a naked iPad.

        1. I always forget to factor in shiping from the play store… its not cheap from them

    2. Yo dawg…

  3. Nice, but way to late. Owners have already found other options, I know I have. This should’ve been availabe at launch, or shortly after launch.

    1. But who’s to blame? Samsung?

      1. I would say Google, not Samsung. Samsung only made the device for Google. Also, look at Google’s track record when it comes to accessories. How long did it take for the official Nexus 4 bumpers to come out?

        1. Unofficially or officially? The unofficial bumper was officially out before the official bumper was unofficially out. Not sure about the official unofficial date though sorry. :-

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        2. But Samsung made the device and the official accessory for Google. Google just lists it online.

          1. Ohhhhhh so is it Motorola fault then? Idk I’m so confused tonight.

          2. Google had to order it for Samsung to make it. I’m pretty sure this one’s on the Googs.

    2. Same here. Bought a Moko case. I would have bought one of these official covers day one if Google had offered it. Kind of upsetting.

  4. Stupid cost is stupid

  5. Can anyone recommend a cover for the Nexus 10 that is similar to the one Samsung made for the OG Galaxy Tab 10.1?

    1. The Nexus 10 fits perfect…

  6. Chris what happen to the daily videos…???

    1. AGREED!

  7. Just ordered mine…I love OEM stuff..have the nexus orb and nexus 10..I’m ready for Google I/O and my instant update.

  8. finally. these cheapo slim-lines stink (literally) and fall apart. i paid 30 for a pogo magnet charger, ill drop 30 for a good magnetic cover.

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