Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 coming to the US April 11th, priced at $399


Samsung has announced today that the Galaxy Note 8.0 will be available in the US starting April 11th. With an 8-inch display, 1.6GHz quad-core processor, and 2GB of RAM, the tablet is a powerful addition to Samsung’s Note lineup and provides a mid-sized option between the 5-inch handset and 10-inch slate currently available.

The Note 8.0 features such TouchWiz enhancements as multi-window support, Air View, and Awesome Note, all with the flourish of Samsung’s S Pen. Samsung is also throwing in plenty of freebies, including 50GB of Dropbox storage for two years, one month of Samsung Music Hub streaming, and a $25 Google Play credit.

Look for the Note 8.0 at Best Buy, Staples, h.h. gregg, Newegg, Amazon, and other retailers. Pricing for the 16GB version in white starts at $399. We’ll have our full review of the tablet later in the week.

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  1. I’m not sure why you would choose this over the new N7 that will be half the price and twice as cool.

    1. Because this has an Spen, MicroSD card slot, 5mp rear camera that takes hd videos, IR blaster, and is available now? The next N7 being half the price and twice as cool are just assumptions of a device that is not even officially announced.

      1. Having at home N7, Note 10.1, Nook Color, and a bunch of Chinese 7-inchers, I gotta admit – N7 is the biggest castrate of all. It’s only good as an e-reader, and you can find readers much cheaper than that.
        Yet, I do not agree with Note 8 price tag. I was thinking of buying it for my wife to throw away N7, but this price is the big deterrent. Make it $250, $300 max and then we’re talking. Well, I guess it’s gonna have to be Christmas season to get it this cheap.

        1. Exactly. Wait until Christmas when all manufacturers have their tablets out and this will definitely be cheaper. Samsung can always lower their prices if the market doesn’t respond very well to their products. They price them high then go lower rather than the opposite. I also have an N7 with Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, 1st gen Galaxy Note, and Archos 80 Titanium :)

          1. That’s the good thing about Sammy’s products. Their production is so massive that they can afford going low price for a day or two. I have never seen Asus or HTC do that.

          2. Actually, since their products is made out of mostly plastic. the production value is pretty low;therefore their price is low…

        2. You have a N7, Note 10.1, Nook Color and a bunch of Chinese 7-inchers (I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you refer to several more tablets), you’re going to “throw away N7”, and an extra $100 or so is a deterrent?? Admitting you have a problem is the first step….

          1. It’s not that I bought them just because I can. Everything on the list was purchased for a special need or person. And price/benefits ratio was one of the key decision points. $400 does not justify an N7 replacement, but $300 does, considering that I put out N7 for sale at $100 and it’s gone the same day.

  2. It is over priced I’ll take one at $300.

  3. They should stuck with 7 inch and stop trying to one up crapple

  4. What about the 32gb version? I don’t get Samsungs strategy on releases. Just put it all out there and let consumers pick. This is something that is really starting to get irritating about Samsung.

  5. $399 for 16Gb? DOA, especially if that hideous white is the only color offered. The refreshed Nexus 7 will dominate this. Samsung seems to never learn their lesson (but the same can be said about HTC and most other Android manufacturers aside from Asus).

    Now, $299 for 16Gb and $350 for 32Gb would have blown the market wide open. 8″ is the perfect tablet formfactor IMHO, especially without losing any precious pixels to onscreen buttons.

    Samsung seems hell-bent on pushing users to the cloud on one hand while trying to force them to buy a Samsung-made microSD card on the other hand. 16Gb in the Note2 and Note 8.0 is just a joke. I know they offer a 32Gb Galaxy Note 10.1 but finding one of those in the wild is rare. Same goes for the Galaxy S3 32Gb which is actually harder to get now than it was last year at launch.

    1. There is a black version for the same price. Samsung just never advertises it for some reason. But yeah, at $400, it really is overpriced. The Note 10.1 cost $260 to make when it came out. It’s been a year and it pretty much uses the same components with a smaller screen and battery. This can’t cost more than $150 to make.

  6. I like the design, looks and the specs are pretty good if it had at least 32gb of int storage and a better display. For 4 hundred bucks it’s not a bad addition. You can do allot with that tablet.

  7. I want this tablet for it’s 8 inch form factor and the S-pen functionality but to have that I’d have to compromise screen resolution, internal memory (only 16g now compared to 32g option that apparently is no longer available), color ( only white because apparently black is no longer available), and it’s outdated, overly repetitive look of every other Samsung device, all for almost twice as much as the Nexus 7. I could really use this for my work but man, I just can’t justify it even if it is tax deductable!!!

  8. Wait till the n7 is updated in the coming months or just buy that! Love mine, this would be Ok if was priced lower but that seems too much and like someone said during Xmas a bunch will be out will Samsung continue to support this? I am not familiar with their track records on tablets?

  9. I just cant get down with the design of this thing. I have a S3 and I love it. I’ve played around with the Note II and I love it. That design on a tablet just looks wrong to me.

  10. way too expensive for 16GB…

  11. So this is essentially a Note 2 with an 8″ screen. I’ll stick to my SGH-T889 until they drop a new, upgraded 2nd version of the 10.1

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