ITC Judge finds Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple’s text-selection patent in preliminary ruling


It’s never over til the fat lady sings and in the case of Samsung vs Apple, ain’t nobody singing. An International Trade Commission judge has ruled that Samsung is in violation of yet another Apple patent, this time dealing with the “method and apparatus for providing translucent images on a computer display.” Yeah, because that’s not vague at all. Apparently, Samsung is infringing on the patent with their text selection feature and even UI elements found inside their photo gallery app.

And just like 2 Live Crew, Samsung could once again find a few of their devices (Galaxy, Nexus, etc.) banned in the USA. Keep in mind this is only a preliminary ruling and subject to review where a final decision will be made in August. Samsung has more than enough time to start selling their S4 like hot cakes before then. If it’s any consolation, Samsung did make out like a bandit on another patent that was struck down dealing with a device recognizing if a microphone is plugged into a device’s 3.5mm headphone jack.

[via Reuters]


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  1. Infringing on patents?! Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

  2. I’m so freaking sick of Apple and Samsung’s legal battles. Apple should be banned from ever getting a patent again. Maybe if their mobile OS wasn’t virtually the exact same as its always been and wasn’t completely dull and inspired they might gain back self confidence and stop this petty childishness.

    1. Apparently the next 2 iphones and current iphone were created and designed by Steve Jobs so blame it all on him after that it is possible they might start changing.

      1. Yep. Jobs was an idiot.

        1. Don’t forget, he was also a scumbag.

          1. Hell yeah scum bag. My favorite word. I love to see it used.

          2. It should be used more often imo.

        2. Call him what you will, but he was no idiot.

          1. You must be new here, ill catch you up, everything is Apple’s fault Samsung is always, I mean always right, Steve Jobs is the devil, Cupertino is hell. Samsung is the purveyor of innovation and great design, and in the rare instance its not, no one wanted that feature anyways, because the Galaxy plastic has more cores.

      2. iphone 4 was the last phone developed by A under his governance.

        TECH is the fastest changing industry, nobody knows what they will manufacture next year, because of competition and innovations. Companies that “know”- start to struggle like Apple and HTC do after iphone 4 and Sensation.


        Apple’s MARKETING patents are as GENERIC/basic/obvious as POSSIBLE to BE USED to SUE other companies and to make Apple look like AN INVENTOR of those GENERIC/basic/obvious things.


        Motorola Xphone is on its way:

        * Google-Motorola ARM microprocessor
        * 5.5″ unbreakable edge-to-edge YOUM 1080
        * 7.7mm bezel-less design
        * 3,000mAh battery.

        X or STFU.

        1. lol, haha you forgot to ad fleshlight to your wishlist.

      3. They had no problem rolling out their S.O.C. with LTE across a global roll out, something Samsung cant do, even if it is manufacturing for Apple.

  3. What I don’t understand is when Samsung infringes a patent, its devices got banned. But when it’s Apple turn, it never got banned. In anyway, it would be good for the world if these two companies self destruct.

    1. Simple answer to that. Samsung is a Korean firm while Apple is an American one. You’re more likely to rule that the foreign firm can’t sell devices than the one that directly affects your own economy negatively. That niggling worry about the economy you live in affecting you makes people stop and think about alternative measures to a device ban.

      It sounds bad, but it’s just basic self-preservation.

      1. People said I was being crazy when I suggested this, but really; which US judge is ever going to say “This company which has become a symbol of American success actually isn’t innovative. We should let their foreign competitor keep the advantage”.

        Proof: Everywhere else in the world where they tried it on, Apple got told to STFU.

        1. Over here we demanded they put something on their website and in the national papers to say that Samsung hadn’t infringed on their patents. They increased the size of the images on their page so that the link they put up to that statement was off the page for most monitors (they had a single homepage with no scrolling needed before). On top of that they went on to say that Samsung had been found guilty in the US trial and focused their statement on that decision. We demanded they not mention other trials and put the link front and centre. Personally I’d have fined the hell out of them for the way they disregarded the intent of our legally binding decision.

          1. Actually they did more than just increase the size of the images on their homepage. They actually added script that dynamically resized the images based on the current size of the browser window, to *ensure* that the link to the statement was forced off the bottom no matter what resolution you ran or how you resized the window. They literally made it impossible to see the statement without scrolling.

        2. True that!

  4. This is tiring just cause Apple isn’t number one no more instead of crying, they should focus on making their phones better more unique.

  5. The day Apple stops suing is the day they start to innovate again. Haha couldn’t say that with a straight face.

  6. This just in: Apple patents light. Nobody shine anything, lest ye be sued.

  7. And just when we were getting over of the over usage of Apple-will-patent-this-and-that jokes.

  8. This patent in it self is ridiculous! Apple stole it first!

  9. My old blackberry was copying and pasting text with translucent images on the screen before the iPhone. My pos nextel did something similar too, using Opera mini.. Unless I’m not understanding what they’re talking about. How can you patent how a box around something on a screen looks? Another patent the troll Apple shouldn’t have.

  10. sheer stupidity by ITC

  11. Apple please just die already.

  12. I don’t think Apple has that many patents going through as of lately… they did when Jobs was alive. They are no longer innovating! So not to worry much… in a few years Apple will be getting sued from every corner of the map!

  13. what if nintendo sued sega for having a start button on their controllers or for having button labeled A and B?

    or maybe they did?

  14. apple can suck my d*ck

  15. Was anybody surprised. The ITC will always rule in favor of American companies. It always has and Apple knows this so they don’t bother going through the normal courts.

  16. Seriously! I fucking hate Apple!

  17. Allowing patents for every detail of a mobile device certainly hurts innovation and curtails competition. All bad for the consumer. I suggest the term for design and utility patents, related to mobile devices, be shortened to 4 years. Companies would still have protection but they would be forced to innovate constantly or die. Do you agree?

  18. Speaking of scumbags…

  19. forget patents. Samsung should be more concern about “nuclear launch detected” from North Korea.

  20. TExt selecting? Feature? Patent? Lawsuit?

    USPTO launched a service last year to REPORT such marketing “patents” (used for marketing lawsuits) and INVALIDATE ALL “IP” BULLSHIT.

  21. The fact that Apple could even patent this shows how broken the patent system is. Not only was there prior art, but the basic requirement for patentability is supposed to be that the invention is “non obvious.” Few of Apple’s (or anyone else’s) tech patents meet that criteria.

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