SHADOWGUN: Deadzone 2.0 is now live in the Google Play Store, a full day ahead of schedule


Good news for fans of online multiplayer shooters, Madfinger Games has just announced that — 1 day ahead of schedule — Shadowgun: Deadzone 2.0 is now officially available in the Google Play Store. The update brings loads of new stuffs like maps, weapons, and even Spanish localization.

Exciting stuff! Hit up the link below and get to downloading Shadowgun: Deadzone 2.0 for free via the Google Play Store.

[Google Play Link: Shadowgun: Deadzone 2.0]

Chris Chavez
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  1. link only shows old one ? 0.o

    1. Lol! it’s updated to 2.0.0, silly goose…

      1. LOL thanks for clarifying that :D

  2. Awesome

  3. Im not seeing it in PlayStore wtf?

  4. Love this game! I own when I use my Logitech controller with my note 2

    1. Which Logitech controller do you use for the Note 2? I would really love to play games on Note 2 with controller but haven’t found a decent one.

      1. I think Logitech simply calls it dual shock. I don’t use it for PC gaming anymore, so I just whip it out to put the smack down on the opposing team

  5. Loved the singleplayer version; but hate the multiplayer, because I “can’t” use a keyboard+mouse so now I suck. :) …. I used to OWN in Quake 1, 2, & 3, BACK IN THE DAY, SONNY!

    1. Can’t you use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse set?

      1. Probably, but that’s a bigger hassle than just using my sixaxis app + dualshock controller (which I suck at using for precise aiming). (and HDMI-out has been broken on CM10 for the S3 for a while now anyway, so I haven’t been playing many “big screen” games)

        1. If you can figure out how to use the mouse to look, let us know. I got a bt keyboard/mosue for my note 2 but Im not sure how to get it to work. Thanks.

  6. Game is great, I love it… Works so fluidly and just pure fun

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