Outfit your Nexus 4 with all new official headphones, USB charger, and micro USB cable – Now available on Google Play


If you’ve been looking to pick up a few more accessories for your Nexus 4 but don’t want to mess around with that cheapy stuff from Amazon, the Google Play Store has stocked its shelves with a few new additions these evening. If hop on over the Nexus 4 page you’ll notice that, along with the official Nexus 4 wireless charging orb and bumper case, are the all new Nexus 4 earbuds with microphone for ($20), Nexus 4 USB charger ($16), and what would a charger be without the official Nexus 4 micro USB cable ($10). Nothing quite pacifies my OCD more than having fully matching accessories to go along with my sexy Nexy. When it comes to pricing, I wouldn’t say any of these items are that bad and they make the perfect replacement if you’ve ever lost or broken your official cable/charger. Anyone thinking about picking something up?

[Google Play link: Nexus 4]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. where are the logos?!?!?!? they look like generic accesories!!!

    1. That’s the Nexus brand, man. Minimal. No gaudy VERIZON logos all over stuff. :p

      1. It would be cool if the earphones had a modest nexus X on that silver back. Just etched in or something.

        1. They do. Scroll up and see the post from Andreas Otte who included pictures of the headphones. They look pretty sweet!

          1. Oh wow, that’s awesome. I could’ve got paid for designing that! JK but man those look sweet. Ordering some today.

  2. I assume the headphones would work just fine with the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 7? Hope so, because my set is on the way. Talk about an impulse buy. Just can’t pass up something with Nexus in the product description.

    1. Yes, they’ll work perfectly.

      1. And nexus 10?

      2. No they won’t! Nexus 4 uses a 3.14mm jack not 3.5mm. :P

        1. I assume your trying to be funny, I use a number of old buds from different places and they all work with my nexus 4

  3. I want the headphones to say Nexus or Google.

  4. i still have my gnexus headphones in the box never used

  5. It has a regular/standard 3.5mm headphone Jack, WHY are “special” headphones required to work with a Nexus smartphone???

    1. Because they are following Apple’s marketing models.

    2. They are not required, they are optional?

    3. Who said they are required or even special/proprietary? They are just branded for the Nexus4. They use the industry standard 3.5mm headphone/mic plug.

  6. I personally can not stand ear-buds or behind the ear headphones I need a pair of traditional style headphones

  7. Why is a power adapter…. just the adapter.. $16?

    1. Commas

  8. Wall chargers are always, always overpriced, always, and it’s stupid consumers who pay the price. $7, that’s what I pay on Amazon, and yes, OEM wall charger.

    Consumers are to blame, not retailers, consumers could choose to not pay and buy from another retailer that offers a more reasonable price.

    1. I always wonder why would anyone would go to a wireless provider store and my any accessories for their device. I guess they don’t know that they can get a better deal somewhere else….shame on them.

      1. I try to tell people to go to ebay, especially for screen protectors and cases, the markup in the stores are insane. Chargers I don’t push as much, you don’t save a ton by going elsewhere and their are a lot of cheap crappy usb chargers out their that can damage your devices if you don’t know what to look for and what products to trust.

    2. That theory can be taken a step farther, with smart phones. STOP BUYING SMALL BATTERY’D, OVER PRICED SMARTPHONES. sorry for caps. But we need to learn how to Complain with our wallets not our fingers.

    3. Consumers are to blame? So the average consumer should fully understand mA specs and voltage output variants? Are you kidding? Next thing it’s consumers fault that dumbass sales reps in electronics stores sell them $100+ dollar HDMI leads? The average person has more to deal with in life that to educate themselves to the level of the average geek and retailers take advantage of that.

      1. Hey, if you’re going to insist on being a dumbass, you’re going to get treated like one, and not only by retailers. Doing a little research on these things doesn’t mean you have to become an expert.

        1. So an average consumer is to assume that a $16 charger is a rip off and they should research that a cheaper alternative exists and that it is just as good? Then if they don’t they should be ripped off and deserve it. FFS!

  9. I tried twice for the headphones. Auto cancelled my order both times telling me I had exceeded the item limit. If the limit is zero I get it. If not Google is just messing things up again. Emailed them and the response was as idiotic as ever. Said they are sorry but you appear to have exceeded the item limit. Not sure why I bothered to send a reply back….

  10. anyone know if the headphone have physical volume controls on them?

  11. April Fools …No way they want $16 for a USB charger…

    1. It’s less than Apple charges for their official iPhone chargers and probably better quality than most 3rd party no-name chargers to boot.

  12. I just grabbed the headphones

  13. $26 combined for the wall adapter and usb cord? That is so ridiculous I cannot fathom that any person in their right mind would pay that amount. Might as well throw your money away. There is no justification whatsoever to pay that much. Anyone who pays that much for a wall charger and adapter either are really stupid consumers who don’t shop around in the slightest, they’re obsessed/ocd beyond reason, or they are simply just looking for a way to throw their money away because they have too much.

    And also, $20 isn’t that bad for a pair of headphones depending on the quality, but I bet those headphones sound like tin just like the pair that came with my old galaxy nexus.

  14. They’re the same accessories that come with the optimus g pro!

  15. my ordered was cancelled by google

  16. I just bought the head phones (Because I wanted to) and another bumper (lost the other one while moving). Thanks for the heads up Chris!

  17. Has anybody tried the headphones yet? Hows the sound and build quality?

    1. If they’re as good as the pair of headphones that came with the galaxy nexus, then they aren’t worth paying for S&H even if Google were to give them away for free.

  18. It’s about time they released extra chargers they should have been available since day one.
    the oem charger is 1.2amp, and I’ve looked everywhere they don’t exist in 3rd party chargers

    1. I wonder…I have the LG Optimus G and it’s charger is 1.2 amp as well. I wonder if it may be easier to source that since the Optimus G and Nexus4 share the same 2100 mAh battery?

  19. Why can’t we get headphones that can control our music applications? It is the 1 thing I envy about IOS. Yes, I have headset button controller app, but I’m exercising thinking, ‘how many clicks to skip 2 tracks?’

  20. That USB cord looks obnoxious.

  21. Just got my Nexus 4 headset. Mine does say “Nexus”. OK.. They design language speaks..

    Sound is fine. I love it..

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