Report: Google to launch faster, cheaper Nexus 7 in July


It has long been assumed that Google would release a followup to last year’s Nexus 7 this summer, but a new report is providing some of the first details on the device’s hardware and release strategies. According to Reuters, the new slate is on pace for a July launch and will feature upgraded hardware in comparison to last year’s model while potentially striking a lower price point.

The second-generation Nexus 7 is said to have a higher screen resolution and thinner bezel. It will also eschew an NVIDIA chipset for Qualcomm-made silicon. The specifics on the processor are not known, but considering the arrival of Snapdragon 800 chips this summer, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the new Nexus 7 sport the late model Snapdragon 600 CPU.

In an effort to compete with the likes of Amazon and Apple directly on price, Google’s “zero-margin” approach could see the tablet launch at a ridiculously cheap $149. It is also possible that the price will stick at $199 with older Nexus 7 models seeing a steep discount. The aim continues to be on driving revenues via web advertising and content accessed via the tablet.

Google hopes to ship 8 million units of the ASUS-made slate this year. Meanwhile ASUS hopes to ship 12 million tablets total (including the Nexus 7) in 2013. The new Nexus 7 is expected to be announced at Google I/O in May.

[via Reuters]

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  1. 150 dollars!!!


    I didn’t need a tablet, I still don’t, but at that price I am getting one! (I think)

    1. If nothing else, you’ll be reading news, books, and doing email in bed. Difficult to do with bigger tablets or the smaller phone screens. A 7″ tablet is also perfect for use on a train, plane, or bus. With WiFi tethering on your phone, it can become your primary interface for everything other than voice calls. And you can even do those.

      It will not connect to a big screen, though, so don’t expect it to act as a portable video player, except using its small screen . . .

      1. This seems to be the truth. I sync my email to my Nexus 7 and have it off on my phone. I also browse the internet. I mainly use my Nexus 7 at home. Even for texting. =.P

        Mainly because I have the E4GT and it’s slowing down. Being that this June will make 2 years.

    2. If it is this cheap, I hope there won’t be a Nexus 4 fiasco. I hope Google is ready for the demand for this price-point.

  2. I wouldnt upgrade because my original nexus 7 16 GB is still running strong…. and i see no reason to upgrade. my nexus 7 has never failed me in any way.

    1. i love my 16gb wifi N7. I wouldnt trade this thing for anything at this point.

      1. Don’t have to trade. You could sell and pick up newest model. :)

        1. Or give your younger brother your Nexus for his birthday this May and pick up the newer model. =.D

          1. Or that too!

    2. There is no denying the Nexus 7 is a top quality piece of kit. Ours still feels as fresh as the day we bought it.

  3. well I’ll by one and give the n7 to my little sister

    1. moi aussi

    2. Je ferais la même chose sauf, que ce sera ma fille la beneficiaire, elle adore ma N7 plus que l’ipad de ma femme.

      I’ll do the same thing except that i’ll give it to my daughter, she prefer my N7 over my wife Ipad (hmmm my android fanboy heart is so proud).

      PS:In case of english errors, please correct me i’m still learning.

  4. I don’t see how it would cost Google much more to have a slightly larger screen, digitizer, battery and housing, with all internals identical to this “upgraded” Nexus 7. I’d guess it would only cost them $50-75 more, probably not even that much with the manufacturer purchasing parts by the millions. They could be dropping some $250 Nexus 10’s.

    1. at the end of the day its a business…..

      1. You make no sense. Have you taken a look into how much Google profits off of the sale of every Nexus 7? Nope, I guarantee you haven’t.

  5. I was waiting for this knowing that the “older” Nexus 7 would drop in price, then I would purchase it, but now, that plan may have been thrown out the door

  6. if they can make the bezel thin enough it could be the nexus note… jk

    1. not too far off the mark though! ^_^

  7. this will be going to my wife. been waiting for this a long time

  8. If it’s indeed $149 for 8GB and $199 for 32GB. I’m picking up 32Gb. Plus throw in some sort of gift card and call it early Christmas!!!

    Wait, Christmas is still good to go; thanks to Nexus Phone releases for Q4.

    Google spoils us….

    1. I doubt we will see a 8gb model, that is far too little storage for modern day use. We already saw google due away with the current nexus 7 8gb models

      1. Agreed. New models will likely be of the 16/32 GB variety.

      2. There are some that have an 8GB phone. And my co-worker bought the 8GB Nexus 7. Since he only uses at home and work, cloud storage was perfect being he was always surrounded by WiFi.

        As far as the phone, my friends are tripping. They’re downloading apps too? They don’t realize how little 8GB truly is.

  9. curious if this thing will be miracast compatible…

  10. Ooo!! Nexus 7, and my upgrade fall around that time. Ima be broke!!. LoL!!

  11. I wonder if they are going to had a cheap camera on the back?

  12. Well, this just made my Nexus 7 very obsolete and at $149, WOW!! Talk about amazing price. I might just get one, again.

  13. Let’s see for $150: Snapdragon 600 Quad Core, 16 GB Memory. Could the screen’s resolution be greater than 800p say 1080p full HD? How about a 3 MP rear? No excuse why not to have a rear camera. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 has one and the cost wasn’t a huge difference.

  14. Wow, I expected there to be a lot more demand for the nexus at this point! Eight million sounds low. Personally I’m holding out for the next nexus 10. I love nexus devices! Wonderful Android experience.

    1. Yeah, I have a ten inch tablet and I feel like it’s kind of small already. I’ve seen seven inch tablets and no way I would use them as my primary device, I would rather use my Nexus 4.

  15. The Nexus7 v2 at $150? Google & Asus better prepare a huge supply. There will be a tsunami of orders. I will buy at least TWO.

  16. Winning.

  17. $199 and I’ve strongly considered it… $149 and its a done deal. Give me two.

  18. At $150 I’d consider it, but if it only had 8GB it’d be pointless without expandable storage. $150 for 16GB would be awesome though, $200 for 32GB is probably more of a sweet spot though.

  19. how does this count as a hardware upgrade?!?!?! Tegra beats the pants off snapdragon with both armes and legs tied behind it’s back and blindfolded no less…

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