Apr 1st, 2013

The US isn’t set to get the HTC One until the end of the month after component shortages have led to a delay in the flagship handset’s launch. That won’t slow down the marketing blitz, however. RadioShack has begun receigin signage for the One and is now displaying it in stores. Specifically, the signs are for the AT&T and Sprint versions of the phone.

Should we read into the arrival of the placards as a sign that the device could launch sooner than expected? We wouldn’t hold out hope for that option. What is revealed, however, is a deal that will score new buyers signing up for a new 2-year service plan a $50 Google Play gift card. RadioShack is also offering a whopping $10 off the phone’s $199 on-contract pricing.

T-Mobile will also receive the phone, but RadioShack is no longer a vendor for that carrier. Verizon, which does do business through RadioShack, is officially not receiving the One, though recent rumors indicate otherwise.

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