AT&T on track to introduce HD Voice later this year over their LTE network


It’s one of the features I miss most after leaving T-Mobile: HD voice. Switching over to AT&T not more than a few months ago, I quickly noticed the change in quality when placing voice calls. Maybe it because my ears became spoiled but now, whenever I make a voice call, I have to concentrate so much on what the other person is saying, that I’d rather avoid placing calls altogether (although Voxer has been a life saver for quick, clear voice messages). But I digress…

For AT&T customers that still contact friends and loved ones the old fashioned way, it looks like AT&T is still on track to introduce HD Voice on their network in 2013. In an interview with VentureBeat, AT&T senior VP Kris Rinne — the lady in charge of network technologies over at AT&T — reiterated the carrier’s plans to roll out HD voice over their budding LTE network sometime later this year.

She also talked a little bit about AT&T’s upcoming LTE Advanced network that will not only melt faces by further increasing down/up speeds, but uses technology that works smarter by using frequencies that work together to reduce interference and increase traffic. I have to say, while I appreciate being able to stream full 1080p movies onto my Android device, I do feel HD Voice has been long overdue.

[via AllThingsD]

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  1. Even Sprint had HD Voice when they first introduced the Evo LTE last year…

    1. That’s 1 phone. Too many great high end phones since then with no mention of HD voice for any of them.

    2. Yeah, I don’t know what ever happened to that. Apparently you needed 2 EVO’s to made an HD voice call or something.

      1. It’s like sending an HD signal to a SD TV. It downconverts it to SD. And if you send an SD signal to an HD receiver, it’s SD still. Both have to be HD to use HD. (though I think the evo uses HD, but nothing but the Evo can understand the HD)

      2. I never understood why only the Evo had this feature, and not other phones like the S3 on Sprint… Maybe there’s some hardware involved with HD Voice (Sprint’s implementation of HD Voice maybe?)

      3. Sprint still needs to launch HD Voice, then you’d need 2 devices that support it.

    3. It was earlier than that. The EVO3D and the Samsung S3 had the HD voice. So besides the phones on both ends, the towers also had to be setup for the HD voice.


    4. … except they still haven’t launched HD Voice… they’ve only released phones that support it and provided demos to certain larger blogs and news sites.

  2. People still talk on the phone?!

  3. I’d rather they utilize the bandwidth for data quality…screw audio quality for a freakin PHONE CALL.

    1. .. You need decent audio quality when making a call… Lol
      Unless you still like to use old-school radio communication for your phone, call quality is important.


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