Pandora updated in the Play Store, brings much requested lockscreen controls


Now that switched over to team Rdio, I almost forgot Pandora existed. Still the best option for those that want to stream personalized music stations of the go, Pandora for Android is now seeing a new update in the Play Store. The latest version finally brings about lockscreen controls, a welcome addition indeed. Here’s what’s new in this version:

  • Lock screen controls for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and later
  • Added elapsed and remaining timestamps to the track progress indicator
  • Reduced startup time
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Unfortunately, it looks like the Pandora devs still manged to leave out notification controls, a standard in music apps these days. Oh, and for the HOLOYOLO crowd, sadly, the app still looks like a mishmash of modern Android UI, and iOS. More updates, please.

[Pandora on Google Play]

Chris Chavez
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  1. well you added one thing I’ve wanted. Now add the damn notification buttons.

  2. Finally! (That’s all I can say)

    1. Who gives a s***….This isn’t the android market

    2. This ain’t YouTube son!

  3. Just about every Pandora user has been waiting for lockscreen controls for a long time. I like that Pandora finally did something about that. But just 2 buttons? Really? How about a thumbs up and down. Thumbs down is especially needed for those times Pandora decides to play country on my metal stations, or rap in my industrial…. Oh, they need to ditch that 40 hour limit. I hate IHeartRadio, but I had to download it after I reached my Pandora limit in under a week.

    1. You’re listening to 40 hours of Pandora in a week? Perhaps you should pony up the $36 a year.

      1. Between work, commute to and from work, gym, commute to and from gym, household chores, walking, etc. it’s not unheard of to get to 40 hours. But if you want to pay $36 for other people, feel free.

        1. Christopher nailed it. Say I only listen for 4 hours per day (2 of which is my commute), then I reach my limit in 10 days. Given that it’s ad supported radio, it’s kind of hard to get customers to hear those ads when you turn off the flow of music. Sure I could pay for Pandora, I could also download all of my muisc and no one gets paid.

  4. Am I the only one who is happier that they added time stamps ?

    1. +1. Though I have noticed that while a track is playing, a progress bar of sorts was displayed at the very bottom, it’s nice to finally have an actual timestamp.

  5. Pandora is dead to me. Has been for a long time.

  6. I found Slacker Radio to be far better then Pandora personally.

  7. Still looks like a Facebook app…

  8. A day late and a dollar short good ‘ol Pandora. Spotify has been taking my money for quite some time now. And rightfully so.

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