Motorola DROID Bionic Jelly Bean update arriving Q2


The Motorola DROID Bionic was one of Verizon’s most storied devices. It was on the wrong side of storied, however, as its history is a bit tainted. Even before launch, the device was being juggled about the offices of Motorola and Verizon, undergoing at least one major redesign and experiencing lengthy delays.

The fun didn’t stop there. Multiple software bugs absolutely plagued the device, and the Big Red gang wasn’t particularly lightning fast in regards to fixing them. Things eventually smoothed out over time, and while there may not be many of you left owning the device, the ones who’ve stuck through thick and thin are about to be rewarded.

Motorola has updated its device upgrades portal to show that Jelly Bean will soon be coming to the Motorola DROID Bionic. The release window has only been set to Q2, and while that’s a pretty wide net to cast we’re at least happy that’s set to begin in just a few days. It could be headed here April 1st or it could be landing June 31st. Either way, we’re going to hold Motorola and Verizon to a day between those two dates so we’ll be keeping our eye out for it, and so should you.

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  1. Lol #yolo

  2. aaaannnnddd… it’s gone

  3. Starting to love MotoGogo

  4. I hope it’s not the 31st of June….because that would be a really long time…

  5. Still working the Bionic although it’s getting a little quirky probably just due to age… I’ve used it practically daily for navigation, lots of heat on the dash for two years. Hopefully it’ll last through the 2nd quarter…

  6. Anyone else getting a site to large on chrome for phone?

    1. No I am too. o_O Friggin weird.

    2. So annoying. Phandroid stop slacking.

    3. I love a site too large! Maybe punctuation would help your point. I have no idea what you are trying to say.

  7. Or just root your phone and install the Cyanogen version that’s been out for almost 6 months now and is stable and has all the bloatware removed.

  8. This is why I’m glad hashcode and dhacker exist.
    Who cares at this point

    1. The stock camera doesn’t work, HDMI out doesn’t work, car dock audio doesn’t work, HD Dock doesn’t work, Lapdock doesn’t work. Anyone who actually bought accessories for the phone can’t use other roms.

      1. Actually, stock camera does work now flawlessly. However, you got me on the lapdock and hdmi out… No AOSP or CM based rom will have lapdock features

  9. Thanks for the review. It’s really a nice device. I saw this phone in
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  10. Isn’t the Bionic older than my D3….which will never get an upgrade from VZW/Moto?

    1. Moto & VZW will tell you that the D3 doesn’t have enough RAM to support any OS past Gingerbread.

    2. No the bionic wasn’t released until September 2011, the D3 was July 2011.

  11. Since I bought it on release day, I’m due for an update in May..excited to see the update, but it probably won’t matter at this point. GS 4, here I come!

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