After success in Asia, HTC Butterfly to get a followup


So much for HTC’s plan to focus solely on the One this year. While the company has suggested it would be their only major release, yesterday’s news of the upcoming Desire P and Desire Q and now word today that a followup to the HTC Butterfly is in the works shows that the company has more up their sleeves.

While there is no word on what exactly a sequel the Butterfly (Droid DNA in the US) would entail or when it would launch, marketing exec Benjamin Ho confirmed that we can expect the device based on strong sales in Asian markets.  The phone has been such a hit in Japan that it even briefly overtook the iPhone 5 in popularity.

Given their hard luck lately, HTC is wise to focus on proven commodities such as the One, Desire, and Butterfly brands if they want to see a turnaround. Let’s just hope they don’t go overboard and fall back into the habit of quantity over quality.

[via Engadget]

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  1. lol. Wow HTC! After all the one and only “One” flagship device hype? …..Same ole HTC…see you in bankruptcy proceedings sometime in 2015!!!

    1. Right, because a responsible company wanting profitability would definitely ignore a proven wildly successful product and definitely not ever waver on unproven plans.

    2. Funny you would say Butterfly falls into the ONE series flagship. Which part of “Butterfly” is it related to “One”?

  2. Who cares. I don’t care if they make a couple high end devices in a year. If they up the battery life and start to market the hell out of the devices then good for them. If you don’t like it, go cry somewhere else. Its getting really annoying seeing people cry and whine over HTC. There is plenty of options to choose from when it comes to phones. Quit complaining and just move on and get the phone that you feel is best for you. Smh

  3. They aren’t having a good start to this “One Device” thing. I get that is was successful, but we’ll see.

    1. Maybe they meant only major release of a device (HTC One) in the US/European markets… There’s a good demand for low-mid range phones in many other markets (a refreshed Desire coming soon?), and if the Butterfly is so successful in Asian markets, why not give it a refresher? The Asian markets is definitely a lot larger than the US markets, so if HTC already made a name for themselves there through the Butterfly, I don’t see a reason why HTC shouldn’t make a refresh of the phone in order to make more profits.
      But this is all still rumor, so nothing is written in stone, yet.

      1. Yeah I see the reasoning behind continuing the phone. Mostly, you already have an established branded phone. HTC has had issues with consistent branding, so this could help where as pushing in a phone under a new name (One) might again water down brand identity and wreck sales.

        But I feel HTC’s leadership team is just not consistent in message and delivery. They say one thing and do another. They list out their problems and seem to repeat them. They are making things up as they go rather than following a set plan or even following what they previously said.

        1. I’m sure we will see the marketing team defending what they said about releasing only one flagship for this year… Pretty sure the argument will be that they aren’t releasing any new phones, just refreshing some popular ones.

          But to say that they will release only one new phone this year is foolish imo. Even Samsung, with all their success, will release many new devices for this year, like the S4, S4 mini, Note 3 (hopefully!) and other low/mid end phones.

          The HTC One could very well be the only flagship device that HTC will release, thus delivering on what they said. That doesn’t mean that they can’t release any other device to fill in gaps in the cell-phone market.

  4. Great phone but too bad it doesn’t have an international version that will work in US other than the Droid DNA….

    1. DNA isn unlocked – its near identical to the Butterfly – just a few minor tweaks
      But it would be nice to see the same phone available in US

  5. I have had a few HTC phones, my gf is sporting one now… she regrets it, as do I for even recommending it. Big, bulky, sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. HTC should ditch Sense and concentrate on quality phones if they wanna make a comeback.

    1. Lol, what phone does she have? The HTC Hero?
      The newer phones (2012-2013) from HTC are fantastic, and Sense is one of the best skins that a manufacturer has placed on top of Android. Also, HTC is known for making quality phones, so I don’t know what you are talking about…

  6. So the butterfly isn’t a US phone – and they stated they would focus on the One as the flagship in the US – they’re still going to release non-flagship phones. Samsung didn’t ONLY release the S3 and N2 last year – they released several (many) devices under the galaxy name… what they’re doing is eliminating carrier exclusive – Last year the One X, One S and EVO LTE were all more/less the same device for the carriers (more the X and EVO) so they’re merging all that to One device. Smart – but I”m sure the DNA will get an update since VZW isn’t seeing the one

  7. What killed sales of the HTC Butterfly was LACK of INTERIOR STORAGE. Do not know who is designing these smartphones but it is very obvious, there is no damn storage. The customers want room in their phones to put apps, games, a few movies maybe and some songs without having to rely only on the cloud. If you bumped the storage up to 64gb of int storage that phone would sell like hot cakes.

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