HTC Desire Q and Desire P specs, pics pop up


Just a few weeks ago, we heard about two possible new entrants in the HTC Desire series, the HTC Desire Q and the HTC Desire P. Today, it seems we have our first look at both devices. Starting with the Desire Q, this will be a smallish (by today’s standards) 4-inch handset that will don Beats branding, come in black, white and red, and will cost about $235 for Taiwan.

The HTC Desire P is a tad bigger at 4.3 inches, and it will sport WVGA resolution, an 8 megapixel camera, a front-facing camera, 1GHz dual-core processor, and will come in red and white for $365 via China Mobile. Neither device looks to challenge the high-end market, of course, but they should find some nice grooves in the entry-level and mid-range sectors.

There isn’t much fanfare following the revelations of these devices, and perhaps that’s by design. We’d expect these to launch in limited markets for a very niche group of people. In other words, it’s no HTC One, but it does fill a rather big need and purpose. Once HTC releases the death grip on official launch info we’ll have it right here waiting for you.

[Android for TW via Unwired View]

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  1. So much for “One Phone”

    1. They had this in the makings for a while now… I think I heard this rumor a months back…

      HTC only mentioned about having one flagship device, the HTC One being it. Nothing about other low end or mid range devices

      1. Yes, they’re not coming to the US and they always had the appeal for the mid-ranged market in China.
        I believe in the US the One will be the absolute only phone htc releases until mid-late Summer, and the only flagship until at least November.

  2. “Very niche group of people”

    I know several people on ATT currently looking for a “smaller” phone with decently modern specs. Not everyone is looking for 5″ phablets. Bring some of these to the US. i know lots of people who have purchased the RAZR M purely based on size.

  3. Yup they stuck to their “One phone for 2013” for all of a month. They will never learn.. carpet bombing the marketplace is what got them into this mess. Well… maybe when Samsung buys them out they will learn the meaning of “One”.

    1. one flasgship is not the same as one phone… geez some people seem to be a bit too uninformed….

  4. So first off – HTC said 1 flagship – not 1 phone… last year they had multiple flagships (OneX/+, One S, EVO LTE, DNA) so now they’ll stick with The One as the Flagship
    Second – the Desire P looks like it is a copy of the current One SV on Cricket/Boost and the Q looks the Desire X (UK phone) – so these phones aren’t anything new – just re-branded devices. Plus these devices aren’t coming to the US (technically they already are-ish) so don’t know why anyone just freaked out.

    As far as Samsung goes – last year they released more phones than they’ve ever released – two Flagships – which, is fine and about 29392 (no clue on actual count, but it was a lot) others… they covered their bases – they covered every single market, including Keyboard and basic phones… you can’t say everyone needs to be like them because most shouldn’t. HTC’s strategy this year with One Flagship and a few others to fill in gaps should be fine for them… Who knows what branding the other phones will fall under, but if they use Desire in the States, it will be interesting to see how that goes over since Samsung slaps Galaxy on everything except basic phones.

    1. Nailed it.
      I don’t why people are getting their jimmies rustled and jumping to conclusions

  5. another fail by HTC… and the pricing is ridiculous for phones with specs that resemble 2011

    1. pricing is on par w/ what they would cost in US w/o contract… a lot of countries don’t follow contract. One SV (Desire P) runs about $300 on Boost – so not too shabby

  6. hope the real phone is as good as this.

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