Official: HTC One arrives next week in UK and Germany, US launch pushed back to end of April


HTC has released an official statement cluing us into the current status of their One flagship’s launch around the globe. The good news for folks in the UK, Germany, and Taiwan is that the phone is on track to launch next week. The bad news for those in other areas of Europe and North America is that the phone isn’t scheduled to reach consumers until the end of April. Here’s the statement:

“HTC has seen unprecedented demand for and interest in the new HTC One, and the care taken to design and build it is evidenced in early reviews. The new HTC One will roll out in the UK, Germany and Taiwan next week and across Europe, North America and most of Asia-Pacific before the end of April. We appreciate our customers’ patience, and believe that once they have the phone in their hands they will agree that it has been worth the wait.”

Yes, that means those of us in the United States can’t expect to see the hot new handset for at least another month. A bit of a bummer considering all the hype surrounding the phone. Do HTC’s revised plans have any potential buyers out there reconsidering their next smartphone purchase?

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  1. I smell another Nexus 4 launch (minus the play store of course)

  2. HTC should rethink their strategy. launching it right beside the Galaxy S4? it would definitely damage their sales when Samsung start to run Galaxy S4 ads everywhere… release before the next Galaxy would’ve benefited them a lot from people who had pending upgrades.

    1. Not strategy… Failure to get their crap together to launch on time. I wouldnt touch that phone with Jonny Dejebuses’ pole. Let them work out bugs for about 4-6 months as I guarantee there willl be hardware and software issues.

  3. HTC One Fail

  4. HTC cant catch a break!

  5. they should have released this already. S4 is gonna crap on its sales from previous Galaxy hype alone.

    1. Sheep will be sheep

      1. No need to fight in the android world. Some people prefer a larger screen, amoled blacks, camera with more than 4mp, removable storage, and larger removable battery for the same price. Different strokes for different folks

        1. Having owned a Gnexus with amoled screens, I just want a screen that doesnt suffer from burn in, because thats one thing that is not replaceable, or a camera worth a damn in low light.

  6. This is gonna really hurt sales I was looking forward to purchasing this phone in the next couple
    Weeks ………

  7. So its gonna come out the same time as S4…yeah HTC good luck

  8. You lose HTC lol

  9. i love my android phones, however, it seems that manufacturers have an issue with announcements coinciding with launch. Apple does seem to handle this area quite well. If you are going to push for your awesome new device that everyone wants, produce it! announcing the phone and releasing months later…not cool, and also leaves consumer to think its old stuff!
    -my 2 cents

  10. I’m gonna buy the HTC one.. but others won’t if the galaxy 4 drops around the same time …bad move htc

    1. The thing is HTC premiered this phone almost a month prior to Samsung presumably to ge t the drop on Samsung I personally thought it was brilliant but now it seems like it was all for not , either way I’m still buying this phone no matter when the s4 drops……..

      1. I think the worst review I have read from this phone, is from the Verge, and even then the score wasnt all that bad, it got a 8.3 when a S3 last year got 8.5

  11. Looks just like an iPhone 5

    1. Have you seen one of theses in real life?

    2. how this look like an iPhone 5, time for new glasses my friend.

  12. I will wait for Moto X

    1. That’s a long wait ..lol

  13. These clowns can’t get anything right. I’m still using my Evo 3D and I was convinced I wouldn’t buy another HTC phone. But I was convinced to buy this, and next to the GS4, the One looks like the superior phone. Now, here we are on March 22, the original release date, and we still have to wait another month. I was hoping that when my upgrade comes on May 1 that I would have a phone with some of the kinks worked out, but that will not be the case. Maybe I’ll just get a Nexus 4.

  14. What a joke…That phone is going to have a ton of issues. HTC can’t get they’re crap together. Fail IMO!

    1. Yeah cramming it with a higher resolution screen, the actual amount of pixels advertised, higher PPI, a better camera, and double the internal memory of the Galaxy plastic. Losers!

      1. I’m not trying to start an argument but the Galaxy s4 has a lot of positives too. First off plastic may feel cheap but it’s way more durable than aluminum. Samsung goes the plastic route so we can have a removable battery + SD card slot. The features on the s4 surpass those in the HTC one like air view. The only negative thing I see about the s4 is the similar design to the s3( more like note 2) but I can live with that because for me design is at the bottom of the list, I look at reliability, software features, SD card slots, removable battery or long battery life before I make a purchase. I can’t live with the one since I’m a heavy user there is no way to remove the battery. I bet you some may call me a Samsung sheep but let me assure you I’m a technology fan and am looking at the phones by Specs and features, I look at brands last. If you don’t like the s4 I’d hang on for the x phone instead of getting the one ( unless you solely want front facing speakers or just want looks over durability)

        1. I’d be dumb to tell you one phone is great for all. If you’re really a heavy power user who uses the phone with 64+ gb of data more power to you. Aluminum might dent and scratch but I wouldn’t say its not durable since it is you know metal. The Features between the phones are debatable while you might look forward to air view, I look forward to a screen that does not suffer from burn in like my Gnexus did after a year of ownership (status bar.) As someone who has compared, contrasted and owned both LCD and Amoled, my preferences lie deep in the LCD camp. If Samsung were an honest vendor it wouldnt tell you its a 1080p screen since its lacking a third of the pixels advertised. I dont really trust the Samsung camera because I own a Sony point and shoot with Exmor R sensor its 16mp and the noise on that camera is very horrible (FYI Sony Exmor R sensor is in S4.) The front facing speaker are a big bonus over Samsung, and for me when I think about it both phones will come around the same price which is why I will choose the phone with better design and materials to get my money’s worth. In my experience while Sd card and replaceable batteries are a good afterthought, I have been using a Gnexus and for the last 3 months a Nexus 4, which means 16gb memory only, and Ive done ok. Good luck with your phone purchase I understand for some people 64GB and Non Removable batteries just wont cut it, but I dont believe thats the case for most.

        2. im lost, since when have samsung phones been known to be more durable than htc?


    1. sry bout the lango

  16. I truly believe that HTC will go under in the next couple of years. They can’t even nail down the launch of their flagship device. They won’t give their customers expandable storage or removable batteries. And let’s not forget that their launch will now go head to head with the S4 in the U.S. Oh, and despite the fact that they promised otherwise, who thinks that HTC won’t make a HTC One+ before September. Suck rocks HTC.

  17. they really just crashed and burned on this ONE ..no pun

  18. I’m a long-time HTC owner and fan (currently on my 3rd HTC Android phone). I have been waiting for this handset for months (if you consider the rumors/leaks building up to the announcement last month). The HTC One is amazing…but I am equally disappointed in HTC’s performance with this product launch. What a clusterf*ck.

    I believe there has been a huge amount of interest but I don’t buy that’s the reason for the delay. Apple had supply issues with its early iPhone models. It still released on time so the die-hards could get the product…and more importantly, could get it out in the public where others could see and fawn over further their brand and product demand. HTC likely has bigger problems than limited supply or someone made an incompetent decision to postpone launch. With limited supply, HTC should have still gotten what it could into stores, secure those sales, build momentum to leverage with its suppliers that orders would be growing, and avoid stronger competition from others like the Samsung IV. A late April launch will also mean some interested buyers will hold off to see what is announced at Google I/O in May, particularly the rumored Motorola X-Phone and/or the Nexus 5. That’s not good for HTC’s recovery and Chou probably needs to be terminated for this flub. The stock should certainly take s trouncing after today’s announcement.

    My HTC Evo Design 4G is hanging by a thread and barely operable now. While I had every intention to buy the HTC One on its release, I now have to consider other options like Nexus 4 because my current phone is affecting my work productivity and I can’t risk another product launch delay announced in April.

    1. Well Apple’s situation was a little different. No one was really making a similar phone at that time, so they had much less competition for obtaining those kinds of parts. And as an earlier article said, the component manufacturers have taken priority away from HTC n put those resources elsewhere. My guess is they are favoring a lot of their supply load for the Galaxy S4, if not other phones as well. They just lost their power and now can do nothing but idle wait for their turn in line, unless they wanna offer up more cash for express service.

  19. It looks like a beautiful phone and it deserves to do well. People are saying the GS4 will trounce it in sales. Well, of course. But it doesn’t need to sell as many units as the GS4 in order to make HTC happy. Last year, Samsung sold 384.6 million phones, whereas HTC sold just 32.1 million — a twelfth as many — so these companies not in the same league. If the One sells half as many units 2013 as the GS3 did 2012, it will be a hit as far as HTC is concerned, and will greatly improve their bottom line.

  20. I don’t think HTC will flop with this. It’s just people know what “galaxies” are and will go for it. You never hear people flaunting their “HTC” or “one”. Also, they kinda borked their own sales by releasing the one x, one+ and all the sort so people will definitely be confused and probably won’t notice it Bcuz the name is still the same.

  21. If it was between the One and the S4 I’d probably go with the One just to support the underdog. I don’t want to see Samsung run away with it.

  22. I called it last week when HTC announced the other delays. I knew they’d screw it up. They always do. Never fails

  23. Bummer so much for the promise of a global launch. I was planning on buying this because i didn’t want to wait for the gs4. But now i don’t. Shame since it would be my first HTC device. I wanted the DNA but Verizon coverage is horrible in my town.

  24. Whats that? Im sorry, I couldn’t hear you over how awesome Note III will be.

  25. woo for once being UK based pays off

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