Heyzap gaming platform comes full circle with ad integration


The folks at Heyzap have just announced a new version of the Heyzap SDK that will allow developers to implement ads in their video games. The ads will be relevant to gamers as they’ll display recommendations for other similar games to download. Developers were free to implement ads from other networks, of course, but Heyzap’s solution might be less annoying for users considering it’s context-sensitive.

With that, Heyzap’s solution seems to have come full circle with the company’s “acquisition, retention, and monetization” model. The acquisition part comes from discovering and downloading the game itself — being part of Heyzap’s circle means you’ll have a bigger spotlight in a more refined pool of eyes. For retention, leaderboards will keep users coming back as they try and beat their own high scores as well as others around the world. And now there are ads for developers to make money for all their hard work. 

Payouts can be processed through a number of easy solutions, including Paypal, a physical check, wire transfers and more, and detailed earnings information can be had on the Heyzap developers’ dashboard. If you’re a developer and you’re looking for something different in terms of ad publishing be sure to take a look at what Heyzap has to offer, and find more information on the SDK here. Read on for full press details.

Heyzap Brings Monetization Tools to its
4,200 Strong Game Developer Network

Summary: Heyzap releases smart, beautiful
Ads that recommend games based on what
you play.

Following the success of the Leaderboards and
Achievements mobile SDK release, Heyzap has today
launched the ability for game developers to make money
from their games.

The Heyzap Ad SDK displays games based on what users
like playing, using an algorithm that Heyzap developed in
house. Companies such as Zynga, TinyCo, Storm 8, Gree, Kabam, Com2Us and most of
the leading game developers have been using Heyzap to reach more users via their
mobile app and network of games.

Figure 1 Games with Heyzap Ad SDK on the rise

“The uptake has been phenomenal – we have hit 350 games in 3.5 months.” said Immad
Akhund, co-founder of Heyzap.

Developers can now integrate the Heyzap SDK
into their game in around 10 minutes. In
addition, they can monitor the results through
a sophisticated dashboard on the Heyzap
website. Heyzap pays developers at the end of
the month and promises to have the fastest
payouts in the industry.

“There are three components to the life cycle
of a game that developers are concerned with: user acquisition, retention and
monetization – we now have solutions for all parts of the cycle.” says Jude Gomila, co-
founder of Heyzap.

Heyzap is now connected to over 4,000 games on Android and iOS via its SDKs.

Get the SDK
Heyzap Developer portal –

Download the app


About Heyzap
• Launched in San Francisco, CA, by Jude Gomila and Immad Akhund in 2009
• Funded by USV, Naval Ravikant, Chris Dixon and Ashton Kutcher.

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  1. but then again any kind of ad is annoying when you play games lol

  2. I love HeyZap. The game recommendations are WAY better than Google’s recommendation.

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