Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini spotted in the wild, specs also confirmed


Even with the Galaxy S4 set to release in the coming weeks, Samsung isn’t about to stop with their Galaxy onslaught. Some pictures of the much rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini have surfaced, along with a few “confirmed” specs on the device. Sporting a 4.3-inch SAMOLED qHD 960×540 resolution display (with a 256ppi), 1.6GHz dual-core unspecified CPU, a running on Android 4.2.2 with Nature UX 2.0. Word is, the Mini will also come in a dual-SIM variant, on option we’ve seen from its bigger brother the S4 back when it was leaked.

Looking damn near identical to the Galaxy S4 (which some would say looks identical to the Galaxy S3), we can’t help but ask ourselves…. why? By the time the Mini launches in June or July, the Galaxy S3 will already be offered for $100 or free on a contract. We’re also left scratching our heads as to why Samsung wouldn’t just stick the internals of the S3 for the S4 Mini. That way those that want something a little smaller than 4.7-inches, could still have a powerful device as well. (Shrugs).

[via SamMobile]

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  1. it’s good to have options but things like this just saturates the market to me. just stick with the normal galaxy line and the note line. maybe work to bring a better tablet to the market

    1. I mean if you think about it… the Galaxy S3 is technically a Galaxy S4 Mini. Lol

      1. not really, the Galaxy S4 is smaller than the S3. In terms of price though, if the Galaxy S4 mini is priced the same or higher than the Galaxy S3 with weaker hardware than the S3 would be a better choice.

        1. I don’t know… I’d say they’re about the same size. The S3 just looks more narrower (because of its smaller display). I mean, really — they should have shrank the bezels of the S3 (like they did with the S4), and it would have shrunken down the phone significantly, then slapped “Mini” on the back. BOOM. Insta-sales.

          1. In height they are the same but in width the S4 is actually narrower at 69.8mm, compared to the S3’s 70.6mm. not to mention its .7mm thinner. But yea i agree the Mini needs better hardware. Shouldn’t really be called the Galaxy S4 mini when the only resemblance is the form factor. I don’t like how everyone is associating smaller devices with low-mid end hardware, why cant they have a high end S4 mini for the people complaining about the S4’s size. Honestly if i were someone searching for a 4-4.3 inch device and my top choices were the S4 mini and the iPhone 5, I would pick the iPhone 5. Good thing i have big hands and don’t have to make that kind of choice though lol.

          2. That’s exactly why I just got myself an iphone to replace my GS2 (after having given its chance to a Nexus 4 which failed). Size is roughly the same, which is my upper limit, but I wanted a real high-end small phone. I know it seems a bad move considering the two great Android phones just announced by HTC and Samsung, but to me it makes total sense (one hand typing this post with the iPhone at the moment, while smoking with the other :-D ).

        2. The name is wrong. Instead they should put it S3 Mini 2…
          Dual-core and qHD is not comparable even with the S3.
          Im a Note user, but Samsung should launch a S4 at 4.3 inches with the same CPU, RAM, Camera and mayby a 720p screen for the people that dont like big phones (there are a lot, see iPhone5 sales).

          1. Yea exactly our only choices when choosing an Android device is either a large, high end device or a smaller, low end. Why cant there be a smaller higher end. I think this has more to do with profits than actual consumer needs, they are probably going to price this around the same or higher than the S3 and rely on brand sales.

          2. Nothing has been confirmed about this device but there seems to be a Motorola device with a 4 inch 720p screen running around out there. It seems to be carring a Snapdragon S4 Pro or a Snapdragon 600:


          3. Saw that last week. The screen to bezel ratio is great, definitely would like to see it be unveiled as a finished product and not just some Chinese prototype that never makes it to the market.

          4. A well built 4.3″ 1280×720 phone with a Snapdragon 600 and Key Lime Pie this summer… would be perfection.

          5. I agree, I’ve almost completely lost interest in Android phones outside the OS itself at this point because the phones are all massive. Half the people I know who bought a Galaxy S3 returned it because it was too big and bought an iPhone 5. I don’t think I’d go that far, but I’m really sick of all these phablets.

            How hard is to get a 4.3″ KLP Android phone with top-end specs to compete with the iPhone 5?

          6. I would love to see the great specs of the SGS4 inside the international version of the SGS2 with the home button. I have that phone and just use it on wifi but that thing is snappy as hell. I think that phone is just the right size for the midsize phone. I have the larger size Samsung battery, the desktop dock and more. Bring back the midsize phone with the high horsepower specs.

      2. How so? The s4 is smaller than the s3 so it can’t be the mini

  2. qHD… could have easily put a 720p resolution display or is it a bottle neck for AMOLED?

    1. I think Samsung is focusing on their profits with the S4 Mini. Because of the name, people will immediately associate it with a smaller GS4, which is one of the best phones on the market. If the S4 Mini is a success, it’s just more cash in Samsung’s pockets because of the phone’s lower-end hardware.

    2. 1280×720 at 4.3″ = 341 ppi

      1920×1080 at 5.0″ = 440 ppi

      Therefore they could easily do 720p at 4.3″ for a lower cost than the new GS4 and have an excellent looking screen in a smaller, high performance phone. Hell it would perform even better than the GS4 since it’s not pushing an overkill amount of pixels. 340ppi is excellent even with pentile.

  3. The mini is actually smaller than the S3 so this is good – some people don’t want a near-phablet in their pocket!

  4. htc one s is a much better phone and deal

    1. Good luck with the battery though thing dies quick

      1. not in my experience with it now on my nexus 4 and the one s had a slightly better batt and way better camera …but i love jelly bean too much to go back

  5. I wanna come back to android so so bad but when all of the good quality phones keep getting bigger and bigger and the mid to low end phones are the only ones around 4.3 inches. I sort of traps me where I am now. These company’s need to understand everybody doesn’t want to have to sacrifice specs (quality) for a smaller screen.

    1. High end 2012 phones closer to 4″ are reasonably priced now.

      If you NEED the latest 2013 CPUs & GPUs, you’re mostly stuck closer to 5″, with a few exceptions if you look and don’t mind considering 2nd tier brands.

      1. But didn’t dual core and qhd come out the beginning of 2011? These specs are mid level even in 2012. I have to agree with iiBinxx… I wish someone would come out with a 4.3″ phone that had decent hardware. Plus after watching the videos of the s4 demos, the UI lags a bit… so on a lower spec phone they’re going to have to strip out a bunch of stuff for it to not become sluggish. Its sad that hardware has become this good but these add-on UIs manage to make it lag like it did 3 years ago.

  6. The Galaxy S4 Mini looks perfect to me. Always thought the 4.3″ screen size is ideal, it feels just right on the RAZR M for one handed casual use and i have no interest in watching movies and playing games on a phone. This is something I’d consider buying if it was on AT&T or Verizon with the S4 600.

    1. Absolutely agree. But it must have LTE, which previous version of the S3 mini did not.

  7. Samsung really need to flop galaxy s4 this time. They really have gotten absolutely lazy. I hope sony and htc will gain from s4’s failure. Hopefully they will work harder on s5.

  8. Did the S3 mini ever reach any U.S. carriers? I would cobsider the S4 Mini, if it was actually available in the U.S.!!! I want to stick with a 4.3-4.5 screen.

    1. I read that not releasing the S3 Mini in the US allowed Samsung not to be sued by Apple for this particular device.

  9. Aw, why can’t we get a mini with equal specs. I like my large screens but honestly I thought 4.3 was an excellent phone size… this 5″ craze is just too much for me and I have giant hands. But this mini is just a mid level phone, not even worth putting on my radar. :/

  10. Galaxy S4 Mini: Otherwise known as the newer, crappier Galaxy S3.

  11. Thank god! Something SMALLER! I cannot stand this trend of over sized Android Phones. Too bad the “confirmed” specs are not up to par with the new release. I would be great to see powerhouse specs in a smaller package!

  12. I don’t understand why manufacturers think that people who want smaller screens want less performance out of their phones. They should’ve stuck a 720p screen on this with a quad core cpu and all the other doo-dads and it would sell as well as the regular s4.

  13. Too bad, my wife really like my S3 and wants me to give it to her (twss) when/if I upgrade my phone at some point. The only thing she doesn’t like is that it’s to big (twss).

  14. Needs to bite his nails some more. Hasn’t done it enough.

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