Which Galaxy S4 will your country get? Here’s the unofficial list


For the Galaxy S4, Samsung will launch two similar yet different models. While design, features, and specs such as a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display and 13MP camera will remain the same, the processor will vary by region. The standard model (GT-i9500) features Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa chipset. In areas offering an LTE-enabled Galaxy S4 (GT-i9505), the phone will incorporate a quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU.

We’ve slowly been learning which regions will receive which version of the GS4, and now SamMobile has compiled a list for all curious as to which phone will be available to them at launch (some countries will see both versions). While the Snapdragon version of the phone was initially believed to be headed to North America only, it looks like it will see a wider release than expected. Here’s the breakdown:

North America

I9505 – Canada
I9505 – United States


I9505 – Austria
I9505 – Baltic
I9505 – Belgium / Luxemburg
I9505 – Bosnia and Herzegovina
I9505 – Bulgaria
I9505 – Cyprus
I9505 – Czech Republic
I9500 / I9505 – France
I9500 / I9505 – Germany
I9505 – Greece
I9500 / I9505 – Italy
I9505 – Macedonia
I9505 – Nordic Countries
I9500 / I9505 – Poland
I9500 / I9505 – Romania
I9505 – Portugal
I9505 – Slovakia
I9505 – Slovenia
I9505 – Spain
I9505 – Sweden
I9505 – Switzerland
I9505 – The Netherlands
I9500 / I9505 – United Kingdom
I9500 – Ukraine





Asia / Middle East

I9500 – Afghanistan
I9500 – Bangladesh
I9500 – China
I9500 / I9505 – Hong Kong
I9500 – India
I9500 – Indonesia
I9500 – Iran
I9500 – Iraq
I9500 – Kazakhstan
I9500 / I9505 – Korea
I9500 / I9505 – Malaysia
I9500 – Nepal
I9500 – Pakistan
I9500 / I9505 – Philippines
I9500 / I9505 – Saudi Arabia
I9505 – Singapore
I9500 – Sri Lanka
I9500 – Taiwan
I9500 – Thailand
I9500 – Turkey
I9500 / I9505 – United Arab Emirates
I9500 – Uzbekistan
I9500 – Vietnam


I9500 – Algeria
I9500 – Egypt
I9500 – Kenya
I9500 – Lybia
I9500 – Marocco
I9500 – Nigeria

[via SamMobile]

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  1. pretty sad that Kazkakhstan gets the octa mom and most of the developed highly profitable markets get fizzledragon. They’re betting that 90% of the people who buy the S4 will care less.

    1. couldn’t care less* (although I suppose will care less does work in context, but I don’t think that is what you meant)

      And if it’s anything like last year the Snapdragon will be nearly as powerful.

    2. And they are correct… MORE than 90% of consumers won’t know or care…

    3. It’s because of Borat

    4. I think the Snapdragon SoC has 4G and the Exynos does not. That would also explain why the UK is getting both, we have *very* limited 4G at present. I doubt the performance difference would be noticeable any way.

  2. Why does the US always get less cores?

    1. Because wii are destined to be behind Japan in the tech world.

    2. because of the LTE

      1. Of rather have the octa w/hspa+ then snapdragon w/LTE. LTE is sketchy and a complete battery where. Wonder if the i9500 will work on tmobile hspa+42

        1. Probably not. That AWS band is a deal-breaker for almost all international headsets NOT created for T-Mobile. You can get Edge, but no 3G, and certainly no faster.

    3. Octa chipset will end up being very comparable to the quad core snapdragon.

    4. because you touch yourself at night.

      1. Better than touching yourself during the day in public!

        1. I hate to burst your bubble, but the octa-core is actually worse than the quad core 600. It’s really a dual-quad core device.

          There are two quad core processors in the International version, an A7 at 1.6gHz and an A15 at 1.2gHz. Since it follows the big.Little processor type (think Tegra 3 and it’s quad core + 1), both of them can’t work at the same time.

          Therefore, the quad core A9 Snapdragon 600 processor at 1.9gHz (or even at 1.7 like the One) is faster than either of the two sets of cores alone in the octa-core alone.

          The octa might be more better when battery life is compared, but in terms of raw performance, the US version is more powerful.

          1. CPU performance isn’t too important in smartphones anymore anyway, I’m much more concerned about the GPU in the two SoC’s. The 544 MP3 may kick the slightly higher clocked Adreno 320’s butt, that still remains to be seen. In the end differences may be minor, but they could also be major. Samsung really needs to get in gear and work on mass producing a chip that supports everything, for all markets.

    5. I’d rather have the Snapdragon 600. Wanna know why?

      Developer support and Qualcomm’s commitment to good source releases, unlike the Exynos source. Just my two cents.

  3. Don’t care anymore. I’ve decided that I’m going to get the HTC One. 64GB of course.

    1. Thank you for telling us something we didn’t ask about

      1. You could say the same thing for every comment on this thread. Don’t waste my time singling me out because you don’t prefer the HTC One. There are people in this world that has battery charger and don’t need spare batteries. There are also people in this world that don’t need 100GB+ of data. I don’t listen to 30GB of music every day. All that data doesn’t need to be on my device slowing it down so that it can be preloaded upon boot.

        1. I never once said I don’t prefer the HTC One.

          “There are people in this world that has battery charger and don’t need spare batteries. There are also people in this world that don’t need 100GB+ of data. I don’t listen to 30GB of music every day. All that data doesn’t need to be on my device slowing it down so that it can be preloaded upon boot.”

          Thank you ONCE AGAIN for telling us something we didn’t ask about.

    2. Fine choice sir!

  4. Do we, southamericans exist for you?? ¬¬

    1. There’s a South America? Since when?

      1. Since 1492, when Columbus discovered the whole continent… Sarcasm implied in your comment?

        1. Yup. Internet sarcasm ftw

        2. You mean it wasnt there before Columbus?

          1. It was! Columbus just discovered it by casualty *so History says* and enough with this, we are getting the Exynos 5 Octa in Argentina! :D

          2. Did columbus discover the Falklands too?

          3. You must be really stupid to say something like that. I won’t even get into that. Bye sucker!

          4. aww! sheeeet It’s going to get international in this mug! Maybe Argentina and England should settle this like civilized nations, in the football field.

          5. I was being sarcastic, since there was people already there. FYI not trying to be rude but casualty doesnt mean what you think it means, its by chance* I know you were trying to say “casualidad” but it doesn’t translate well.

          6. I know, but due to all the casualties and victims of the flu, he had to make a stop and that is why he discovered America. LOL xD

        3. Columbus did not find north America, WHAT AMERICA UNEARTHED! U will think different

          1. The vikings were the first in our continent, and the chinese. Right?

          2. Dude it was aliens!

          3. OMG! O_O

          4. North America is not technically a continent in the same way Europe shouldn’t be a continent just a way for snobby Europeans to differentiate themselves from the people of color. When you ask Americans and Canadians they will tell you Mexico is not North America but Central America, which again is not a continent.

          5. Norht, Central and South are all one continent: America :D

      2. sad that some people sleep all through elementary school

        1. Gizmodo already posted Brazil will receive both versions. I9500 w/o 4G w/ Exynos and I9505 w/ 4G and Snapdragon

    2. sudamerica recivira el octa core porque no tenemos LTE aqui, por suerte XD porque no quiero la basura de snapdragon

      1. Viendo como los mercados mas lucrativos van a recivir snapdragon, no va a ver ninguna aplicacion que sea escrita exclusivamente para Exynos.

        1. Pero casi toda Europa recibe el Exynos 5 Octa menos UK! No creo que no vayan a escribir aplicaciones para el chip de Samsung :D

          1. el problema es que no van ah aprovechar la ventaja de exynos, van a hacer una aplicasion para ambos procesadores y los beneficios de Exynos no seran vistos, mientras que la gente sabra que exynos puede hacer mas.

  5. In Soviet Russia…

    1. phone buy you? idk

      1. You got it, exactly what I was going for here. Lol.

  6. More importantly, when and how much?

  7. UK gets both?

  8. what version is Prusia recieving ?

    1. the Hessian s are getting both models.

  9. Im okay with snapdragon. My Htc Hd2- 1ghz Snapdragon, my Htc mytouch 4g-2nd gen Snapdragon. My GS3-1.5ghz dual core snapdragon, Nexus 7-tegra 3 and it has more lag than my GS3, so Qualcomm has been good to me.lol

    Snapdragon will come to the EE network (Orange & Tmob)
    Rest of the carriers will get the octa core international version

  11. Israel?

  12. U no that the us is getin fukked,we want the faster exnos 8 core or have the options 2 b the judge on the 2 different cores,but I’m sure we get the crumbs, the mighty us has more monies 2 piss away on luxury items than most!

  13. I think they forgot to mention that this is based on carrier’s specifications because I believe you would be able to buy the international version from third party retailers in North America..

    So the gs4 is almost the same size of the gs3 but with a bigger screen and shrunk bezel? Wow.. Lol.. I’m just wondering why can’t previous gen iPhones and ipods have the latest ios version? Even after a jailbreak? But in android you can.. I don’t understand

    1. You’re trolling right? Previous generation iProducts go well past two years running latest iOS version, what some devices dont get is hardware specific features,siri and maps are a mystery to most.

      1. I love how you just said “stop trolling idiot – even though you’re essentially right”

        1. not like iOS is my cup of tea but, there is more to iOS than Maps and SIRI FYI.

          1. Looking at IOS on my sisters previous-generation iPod vs my uncle’s iPhone 5, and the differences are bigger than that of IOS version number jumps.

  14. Basically countries with LTE get Snapdragon countries with only 3G get Exynos?

  15. Didn’t see Ant Artic or Santa’s North Pole.

  16. 4 core for US why do i feel i am in 3rd world country ..sigh

  17. Does the octa chip work with our networks (US) though as far as LTE? If so I want to get an unlocked version.

  18. Nice that we get a choice in the UK, but I’m guessing the I9500 is 3g only for us at least.

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  20. WHAT? We are getting the Snapdragon (Bulgaria).. That was unexpected!! .. I wasn’t gonna buy it anyway so not really my concern but I was hoping if we are getting no LTE phone it would at least have the processing power.

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