Motorola Droid RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD receiving update to build 9.16.6


The Motorola Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR MAXX HD are receiving a new update today. It’s one Verizon told us about last week, and subsequently rolled out to a small group of testers. Now available to all, the new software brings the phone to build number 9.16.6, a minor upgrade that improves audio quality, connectivity, and camera performance.

The update brings new Google Security Patches in addition to a number of smaller tweaks and fixes. After installation, users likely won’t notice any major changes, but should enjoy a more pleasant experience overall. To check to see if the software is ready to pull to your device, navigate to “About phone” under the “Settings” menu and select “System updates.”

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Installed smoothly for me. No issues so far…

    1. How do you like your phone? I’ve never had the chance to mess with one much.

      1. I love my Razr MAXX HD. I’ll admit at times I wish it was ‘snappier’ which is why I am thrilled about the apparent improvements this update brought, but I knew when I got this phone what it’s strengths and weaknesses are. It is plenty fast and battery last forever, after all what good is a quad core, 2GB ram phone with full 1080p when battery is dead…

  2. Install went smoothly for me as well this morning. I actually feel like 4.1.2 is snappier than the previous 4.1.1, but it could all be in my head…Anyone else feel like phone is more responsive?

  3. It hardly lags now. Everything is faster and more responsive. Finally!

  4. Has anybody else had their phone restart on it’s own after the update? Mine has twice so far.

    1. I have not yet…I’ll let you know if it does happen…

    2. Yup. Freeze in an app, wait a few seconds, restarts. Restarted not in app as well.

    3. Mine has randomly frozen and restarted five times now since this morning’s update.

    4. Not restart, but weird cycling between apps when a call came in. Maybe because I was running Pandora? Haven’t tried that again. Not happy with new defaults that I can’t change and it’s a HUGE deal that I can’t send group email anymore.

  5. Installed and runs flawlessly for me. I ran Pandora, navigation and handled phone calls simultaneously without hiccup. I love this phone and its great battery life.

  6. Hopefully the “connectivity” issue for wifi. My wifi connection drops constantly no matter which network I am on.

  7. Anyone else notice lots of freezing of the Razr Maxx HD? I find, especially in Chrome, the phone just stops working.

  8. 9.16.6 VZ to VZ text msg no longer shows confirmation. Just a “Sent” icon. The “Check box” was nice feature so you know who is “in” and who is not. Especially when you wish to know if your kids phone was ON and receiving msgs. PLEASE FIX IT! Razr HD user.. .. ..

  9. The new upgrade sucks!! I used to love my phone. With any updates I give it a few days before making a determination. Few days has passed and I hate it. My RAZR is running choppy it has slowed down. If I can roll back I would.

  10. “… likely won’t notice any major changes…” Are you kidding? This upgrade has radical changes in it and some functions have disappeared. Anyone know where to go for help on this one? I have LOTS of questions. :(

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