Verizon Messages brings your SMS and MMS messages to all your devices [VIDEO]


Verizon has just announced a new version of Verizon Messages, the service that allows you to easily get all your SMS and MMS messages in one place. The service is now available on Android, and with it users will be able to access their messages from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC. Messages sent to your phone number are saved to the cloud for up to 90 days.

The app also features decent group messaging support and the ability to setup automatic responses for those times when you just can’t be bothered to personally respond to a text. Give the 6.3MB update a shot in the Google Play Store, and find out more about the service by watching the quick video above.

[via Verizon]

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  1. “All” my devices? How rich does Verizon think I am??? I’m lucky enough as it is to be able to maintain paying Verizon for the 3yrs I’ve been with them.

    1. Relax. There is no extra cost.

    2. All your “Verizon” devices.

      Useless…no support for the nX.

  2. If it can work on the web/pc it should be installable on a wifi-only tablet. If so it would be cool.

    1. Yes very cool, however on hotspot “tablet talk” (connects to phone,uses native SMS) would still be better. I mean unlimited text is part of the package, data from an online app over hotspot I guess could ad up, I’ve seen people do over 5000 text a month.
      Which brings me full circle to having “tablet talk” already so why bother with this app? Just my thoughts on this one.
      Seems to me Verizon once again getting over on people as this sends on data that we pay for and reduces SMS on their system.

      1. I use Tablet Talk but it would be nice if I didn’t have to make sure my tablet was connected to my phone.

        1. I agree, and even though I see it as a way for Verizon to make more money I can see where it may come in handy on tablet. Now what would be even cooler is if I can set it up and remove the app on the phone.
          I’m gonna try. ツ

  3. Cool, but I feel Verizon does way to much. Anything to bring money & not always good.

  4. Not compatible with ASUS Transformer….must be Verizon device….uhh…useless…who actually uses a verizon paid tablet as a secondary device?

    1. It is working on my Sam Note 2 Tablet – WiFi edition. All the app does, is forwards the text from your phone to the tablet and back through when you send one. It doesnt charge for the forwarding and is connected via a pairing pin. It works great. You need to have the app downloaded onto both the phone and tablet to work.

      1. Must support WiFi edition of tablets they sell..ASUS Transformer “is not supported on your carrier” message on the Play store. Might sideload for the benefit of conserving precious Galaxy Nexus screen-on battery drain…

      2. Not true. I don’t have the app on my GS3. I only have it on my WiFi only Nexus 7and it works just fine.

        1. Can some post the APK please and thank you

  5. Sounds like a terrible clusterfuck of an idea.

  6. Its total crap! Wasted my time and pissed me off.
    I should have known.

  7. Does it work over WiFi to send messages? That’s all I really care about, and why I use things other than SMS in the first place.

  8. Anyone know a good way to transfer texts from an old phone to a new one? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    1. Since you weren’t specific on which kind of old phone, I’m gonna say get “sms backup and restore” and save them to your sd card.

      1. Going from S3 to DNA. The DNA doesn’t have an SD card so I can’t use an export to SD card option…

        Is there some sort of email or cloud based solution? Could I even email some file from the SD card on the S3 to my DNA?

        1. SMS backup + syncs to gmail. Free app. I’ve been very happy.

          1. Thanks, I’ll check it out

  9. Can some post the APK please and thank youu

  10. So this is basically like iMessage but instead of only iOS devices it’s only Verizon accounts? Umm no.

  11. This is a great app. It does everything I could ask for a SMS/MMS app. I got it mainly because of the Galaxy S3’s inability to do decent group messaging.

  12. Google Voice has been bringing my SMS to all my devices for a long time Verizon, big deal. (and I don’t use MMS so don’t care there)

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