Review: 10000000, a brutal match-three puzzler that combines dungeon crawling with endless running [VIDEO]


It’s not often I find a game so absorbing that I completely lose touch with time and reality, but 10000000 is just such a game. Developed by a small  outfit known only as EightyEight Games, 10000000 is easily one of the year’s best, combining classic match-three gameplay with tried and true dungeon crawling. To top it all off, it’s got an amazing chiptune soundtrack to compliment its wonderful 8-bit visuals, with tracks currently humming in my brain as I write this.


Gameplay in 10 Million is simple enough. Players start out in a castle where you’ll have to earn 10,000,000 points in order to gain your freedom. If it sounds like a monumental task that’s because it is. You start by crawling through dungeons, upgrading your castle, improving your gear, and earning new skills by leveling up. It’s as much RPG as it is puzzle game.

I know what you’re thinking, we’ve seen this before in games like Puzzle Quest and while true, those combine epic storylines or orcs and elves, 10000000 is meant for quick consumption, without all the fluff. And it works, boy does it work. Basically, you’ll start with a character positioned near the middle of the screen and he’s booking it. Every time you meet up with an enemy or chest, you’ll slowly get pushed back to the left of the screen. Get pushed back all the way to the left, and your dungeon excursion comes to end. Make it all the way to the right to reach your goal and conquer the dungeon (or simply continue running ala Temple Run).

Along the way you’ll gather wood and stone by matching tiles in the puzzle area, and defeating enemies is as easy as matching swords or magical staves. Unlock chest by matching keys and you’ll be awarded with special items (that can come in handy when in a pickle). It’s because gameplay is so fast paced and players have to stay on their toes if they hope to say alive that many times you’ll find yourself completely losing track of time. Really, I don’t think I need to say anymore. The game is fun — damn fun.


At $2, I can’t think of a better way of spending my money in the Play Store and rewarding hardworking devs like these for making such a masterpiece. 1000000 is available on iOS, PC (via Steam), and now Android. Only recently it’s climbed its way up to the #5 spot on Google Play’s “Top Paid Apps” list and with good reason: it’s friggin awesome. If puzzling and dungeon crawling are your thing, you deserve to treat yourself to 10000000.

[10000000 on Google Play]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I rarely download a game on my phone and just play the crap out of it until I beat it, but this game hooked me right away. I played the whole game and upgraded everything I could in one sitting and then immediately reset the game and started over again. Best $2 I’ve spent on the Play store.

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