Get a refurb 8GB Nexus 7 for $140 today only [DEAL]


Looking for a great deal on the already affordable Nexus 7? Check out 1SaleADay’s daily offer, which happens to be the 8GB version of Google’s flagship Jelly Bean slate. Priced at $139.99, you get a refurbished Nexus 7 (not in the original packaging) with free shipping.

The Nexus 7 launched last summer as one of the most well-specced tablets for its affordable price point. Normally starting at $199, the slate is built by ASUS and features a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 7-inch (1280 x 800) display, and 1GB RAM. Google actually doesn’t offer the 8GB model direct anymore, instead selling a 16GB or 32GB model direct from the Play Store. Now’s your chance to grab one of the few remaining 8GB models for sale, but act quick. The deal expires at the end of the day.

[via 1SaleADay | Thanks, Michael!]

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  1. Still to much. Should be 100 for a refurb 8 GB.

    1. Just what I was thinking. The 8GB just completely lost it’s value.

    2. agreed

    3. They’re gonna have to drop it to $100 if they’re gonna sell all the warranty returns I had. They’ve got an entire crate just from me alone. The quality control on this tablet was awful. Took 8 tablets before I got one without a digitizer, screen leak or screen lifting problem. Makes me wonder how many “refurbs” they have laying around.

  2. They should be buy one get one free for 140. Nobody wants 8GB. That’s will only give you space for 2-3 HD movies.

    1. I agree. 8 GB is puny and I’ll never understand that logic Google had. :p

      1. I new people who bought it. He used it as his phone when he was at home and at work. He didn’t really rely on it.

        1. That’s pretty awesome then.

          1. Yea, but people like him was such a small market so yea. No money really made. I know a dude who has the 8GB Nexus 4. He plays apps, but just as time passers. He also uses cloud services. He doesn’t mind it. Again, I say that market is small. But it’s pretty cool to see them supplying them anyways.

    2. Resize your video to 640×480 man. :-) That tiny screen HD doesnt matter.

  3. It’s not worth that new.

  4. The Nexus devices won’t have resale value anymore. Once the newer comes out, the only thing you can do is donate your old to a relative or something. The 8GB for $140!? I’m more than sure you can find a 16GB for $150 easily. Especially since it’s $200 new.

    1. The GSM Galaxy Nexus still sells over $250 used. That’s about 2/3 of the orginal price.

      1. That website had it listed for $330. You have to be an utter fool to buy anything on that website. Why did you even post this? LoL!!

        1. The price is actually worse on Craiglist in my area. When I serach for “galaxy nexus” I find phones under $200 but those are the Sprint and Verizon versions. For some reason, I can only find the GSM version for $350, which is the price of a brand new Nexus 4… it makes $230 look somewhat reasonable doesn’t it?

  5. It’s $140, but no tax. I’ve been wanting to grab one to install in my car’s dash. think I’m pulling the trigger on this

    1. If you’re gonna make it permanent in your car dash why not spent $50 more and get a brand new no problems repaired 16gb? One thing I’d also point out is the screen isn’t bright enough for direct sunlight use. You will probably end up disappointed using this in your car.

  6. I bought one got a $25 amazon gift card for free and sold it for $30 profit $25+30=$55 the only reason I bought it from staples. They were clearing it out 6 months ago

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