Rumor: Meizu MX3 to be first third-party device with Exynos 5


According to new rumors by MyDrivers, Meizu and Samsung will soon be in bed together for the former to fit one of the latter’s latest silicon into a new smartphone. That’s right, the Meizu MX3 could be coming to us later this year with Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa chipset stuffed inside. The handset will reportedly be a 5.1 inch device with a ridiculous resolution of 1,920×1,200.

Despite the size, the device should be even more of a joy to carry than the MX2 as we’ll apparently get super-thin bezels to cut down on size and a heaping bowl of ugly. On the software front, another Smart Bar app is expected to be introduced, as well as Weibo integration and a new music service. We shouldn’t expect this thing to launch outside of China and other parts of Asia, but it’s still something worth getting excited about.

Although Meizu doesn’t have much traction outside of its homeland it is still doing a fine job of cementing itself as a premier device OEM. We’ll continue to pray to see these beautiful handsets in places like Europe and North America someday, but for now all we can do is dream about what could have been.

[via Unwired View]

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  1. This makes sense. I believe the first or second also used an Exynos. Wish there was some way to get these stateside :/

    1. The Note 3 will be the first smartphone with an Exynos Octa Processor and LTE on board. The S4 should’ve had it from the start. If it meant delaying the phone for a month or two, I would’ve said go for it.

      1. And I think Samsung SHOULD have delayed the S4. The S3 is still hot right now and there wont be any competition from Apple til later this year. I don’t think flagships should be updated every 12 months, it should be every 16 months or so…

        1. The industry is driven by money hungry corporations. They know people will be eligible for upgrades coming off SII’s, iPhone 4Ses/ 4’s, etc. They also know there are people who like to have the latest and greatest. I nearly considered buying the S4 until I felt that it was not worth the extra $350 I would have to drop. I might buy it if the LTE speeds are double of my 13-15 MBPS I get on T-Mobile’s HSPA+. I doubt my S3 has LTE on it. T-Mobile and Samsung say it does, but the internet shows otherwise. I also want a better battery. I would agree with you on the releasing window. Apple is slowly falling from grace.

        2. You know how big corporations work though. MONEY MONEY MONEY.

  2. Exynos? No thanks.
    I prefer phones with at least CM support in the long run.

  3. I believe Lenovo has also used Exynos processors. I always wondered whether or not they would ever let somebody else use their Exynos processor in the US. I would think it would have to be someone who is less of a competitor like Amazon for the Kindle Fire but I think Samsung would struggle to get the price right. I just don’t see the Exynos as being a budget processor, but winning a contract with Amazon would alleviate any concerns of losing Apple’s business.

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