Rumor: Samsung to announce Galaxy Tab 3, Note 3 at IFA Berlin


We’re less than a week removed from the official (and very flamboyant) unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Samsung rumor mill is already spinning back up. This time, the folks at SamMobile are hearing that Samsung will be looking to unveil new products in the Galaxy Tab line and Galaxy Note handset line at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany, a show typically held in September.

Specifically, Samsung could be gearing up to release the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, which — if other devices in this particular arc are anything to go by — could be a 7-inch device. Samsung could also look to launch a new 10-inch variant in this particular arc, but that isn’t being confirmed or denied either way. The third edition of the Galaxy Note will also be in tow, apparently, and early thoughts are that it will feature Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa chipset, a full-HD display not to exceed six inches (but could be lower than that), and more.

In related news, it’s being reported that these launches would officially kill support for the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab. The second Galaxy Tab will still hold up, though, as it will reportedly receive Android 4.2.2 at some point down the line. We can’t say we didn’t see this coming considering the age of the original, but if you are shocked or saddened to hear this news then it’s time to get all of the emotions out of your system now and look into after-market development. You can find more info about all of that over at the All Things Root subforum at AndroidForums.com’s Galaxy Tab section.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. doubt the note 3 will be there. unless part 2 event is gonna be hosted there.

    1. part 3 event hosted on the note?

      1. oops i meant part 2

  2. just stoopppp, release everything once a year

    1. they do, Sammy

  3. Uh, I hope the U.S. version of the Note 3 has the Snapdragon 800, aaand isn’t more monstrous than it already is!!! 5.5in’s is enough!

    1. I love my Note 2 with exynos, but would welcome snapdragon for the source code that would make AOSP development easier and less buggy.

    2. No, we…. note…. users….want……. BIGGER!!!!!!

      1. that get’s a ROFLburger.

  4. Quentyn, September 6th is IFA, useful information.

    1. Gaaahhh that’s too far away!

  5. @ Samer: They do release once a year,… S4, year after S3 came out, so also will the Note 3, it will be out a year after the Note 2 came out.

  6. Still waiting on news of the Galaxy Note 2 10.1 before I purchase last years model.

    1. if there’s a successor to Galaxy Note 10.1 i hope it comes with T-Mobile 4G LTE variant…

    2. count me in on that one… I don’t want the Tab… I want the 10″ Note.

  7. always love these kinds of rumors…. “they will probably release a 7″ tablet.. and maybe a 10″ tablet as well as maybe a new Note”.. knowing those are all probably slated for release this year anyways. I want a job here too. :)

    1. There was never any question about if, but when.

  8. the note 2 doesn’t even have a year and it’s already being announced?

    1. Same thing happened to Note 1, and S2 and S3 and Tab 10.1 …….

  9. The new Note is rumored to be so large that I find it incredibly ludicrous that Samsung would even consider a 7 inch tablet. Geez if your Note series is practically that at least make your tablets 8-10 inches.

    1. They have a 7.7 inch, and the Note 8 inch

  10. Yes! That’s good news! I’m waiting for Galaxy Note 3 and couldn’t wait until end of the year! I have had Galaxy Note 1, using Galaxy Note 2, and while they all felt little bigger before buying, now I feel they are all small. I need a 6″ that would allow me to read websites, emails and ebooks more comfortably!

  11. Some people are just phone FRKS! I just enjoy reading about the constant evolving of the smartphone. Especially what the Snapdragon 800 will bring to the market.

  12. sweet – 2 more devices that will be announced and spoken about ad nauseam before they are released and will be played out before anyone even touches it…

    I get the whole thing about building a buzz and getting people excited but to not have release dates associated with these announcements really grinds my gears.

    1. Then don’t read articles on tech Blogger sites, essentially those with headlines talking about unreleased phones, or titled rumor. Others enjoy hearing all the speculation and rumors, especially when many of them are true.

      1. but if I didn’t how would I ever be able to voice my opinion on them and bother people such as yourself to the degree they feel as though the need to suggest I do something that they themselves don’t do, like not read something they don’t agree with on a tech Blogger site and comment on it…

  13. Can’t Fughfphphifndubd wait!!! :)

  14. My wallet is ready for Note 3…

    1. Mine’s still recovering from new for spring car mods… but my secret slush fund is slowly building back up for this! ^_^

  15. IFA is 6-11th September ..If anybody in North America needs info about IFA, talk to us.
    tel:+1 540-372-3777 (9-5pm EST)

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