HTC removes tweet regarding Verizon-bound HTC One


This roller-coaster of a ride is quite interesting, folks. Ahead of the HTC One’s launch, we’d heard Verizon would be sitting the launch out while letting the other major carriers have all the fun. Indeed, HTC ushered the device in and Big Red’s name was nowhere to be found on any of it. The idea was that since Verizon already had the DROID DNA there was no need for the HTC One.

Later, a rumor by AllThingsD suggested Verizon certainly would get the HTC One in due time, but that its version would launch a tad later than everyone else’s. We’re no stranger to this sort of behavior by the carrier — after all, Verizon Galaxy Note 2 users had to wait more than a month for it to reach their fingertips.

The games continued when HTC expressly tweeted that the device would not be headed to Verizon store shelves, and the OEM quickly reminded people that the DROID DNA was a fine alternative. Well, we’re headed right back into the other direction today: it seems HTC has removed its tweet.

This isn’t a guaranteed sign of truth or confirmation of any kind, but removing the tweet doesn’t do anything to help HTC’s case. Perhaps the device really is coming out and HTC and Verizon are worried about accusations of false statements, or perhaps someone in HTC’s camp just wasn’t alright with such a firm stance and strong language on the manner.

Or perhaps the Taiwanese manufacturer wanted to let Verizon share news regarding the state of affairs on its own network. Or perhaps… well, there are a lot of possibilities. What we do know is this, though: our eyes remain peeled for a Verizon version of the HTC One and we won’t be closing the door on this one until 2013 is well over.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m thinking Verizon will indeed get the HTC One. Only it’ll be rebranded as a Droid Incredible One or something of that nature. Just like Sprint’s variant will more than likely be an Evo. But yeah I still feel the device will head to VZW

    1. Sprint will not change the name. They’ve been calling it the One since it was announced. You might not be a Sprint customer because it’s on their site as the One. Plus it would have a different design like all their Evo branded phones did. That was the point of branding. Calling it the Evo but asking for the same design would be confusing and a very poor business choice.That was why HTC was failing. They made so many variants and was spec bumps basically pushing out the same phone. It’s one name and that’s it. Verizon will always do as they please.

  2. Verizon is getting the DLXPLUS

  3. You got it right:
    “our eyes remain peeled for a Verizon version of the HTC One and we won’t be closing the door on this one until 2013 is well over.”

    With the way Verizon does business 2013 will be pretty much over before they get this device, if at all.

  4. FUN-FAIL-FACT: The HTC One is THICKER than the S4, AND it has a SMALLER non-removable battery. Sacrificing battery life for a thick “premium feel” unibody is just snobby & dumb, especially since 90% of us put our phones in a plastic case anyway. FIX IT HTC.

    1. True… But hey they sold out to apple to get that premium feel! :)

      1. Ummm.. Can you please stop speaking out of your butt?


    2. “Hey that’s like your opinion man” You know last year the One X out lasted the S4 in battery test, having a smaller non replaceable battery, right? Meanwhile in that thicker sexier package HTC has managed to put in a better screen with higher ppi (non pentile,) better camera, better speakers, better looking, and comes with twice the internal memory of the S4 (non replaceable, but Sd will never have the same read write speeds.)

      1. There appears to be a whole lot more ‘opinion’ going on here as well. I’ll certainly disagree regarding the camera that gave up crisp clarity for low-light capabilities. Let’s just say the camera ‘betterness’ depends on ones camera useage, O.K. ?

        When the Ones longer-lasting battery dies (assuming those life tests were valid and since you said the tests were from last year and were on an S4, Ummm, very suspect;-), while you’re recharging (assuming you are somewhere you can), I’ll have swapped to a fresh battery and continued fishing along the beautiful trout stream where there are no power outlets. You see, there are valid reasons for removable batteries, that merely being one of several.

        There are many similar reasonable valid reasons for the importance of swappable memory as well.

        I’ll not bother to go on about the other items and just say –

        In closing, lets all just recognize and celebrate that android device feature sets are so wonderfully diverse as to be able to satisfy each of our individual wants and needs.

        Except MINE, since I always want pieces from about 4 different units married into my dream device, heheheheh!

        1. Sorry I meant to say the S3, but as for the camera goes: http://www.technobuffalo.com/2013/03/14/samsung-galaxy-s-4-vs-htc-one-quick-camera-comparison/

          Clearly the One is the more capable shooter, but I guess to each their own. I understand how some can need a replaceable battery but to most people who plug in at night and live a normal life the battery is more than enough.

          1. There are more comparison reviews out there that are more thorough and objective. Really, though, my point is still that different cams do different things better.

            Finally, I won’t ask you to consider my normal life yours.

        2. Well, there do exist portable external batteries that can recharge your phone like 5 times over, y’know.

          1. Jim, glad you brought that up, an excellent point! It doesn’t address the memory issues, but if battery is the only issue, there ya go! My wife uses one to keep her going out in the toolies. Its only good for about one extra life but that’s enough for her need. I’m trying to extrapolate the physical size and weight of a 5x, yeou ;-). A 2-3x would do me. A seemingly minor point to consider is the additional bulk and weight per mAH of that solution, ignoring the additional potential points of failure in the cord and plug.. When you are carrying it in your pack for miles, I’m telling ya, every oz counts! Hmmm, so THAT’S all the noise about thin phones, eh :-?

    3. Okay it maybe be thinner and lighter but it is also wider.. and the thickness is only at the center the edges of the device are thinner then the S4 this creates a better feel and firmer grip for the phone. the S4 will break easily just like the S3 (check some drop tests) It does have a smaller battery but it also has a smaller screen and a quadcore 1.7gz cpu vs the S4 octa 8 core or guad core 1.9gz. (this will use more battery) the S4 only comes with 16gb of memory the One come with 32 or 64 (most wont need more then that) the non removable battery is a draw back that comes with superior and stronger design. and there are portable charging packs that work the same as a extra battery and are so thin you can hardly feel it in your pocket. Your FUN Fact just collapsed on itself :)

    4. The S4 is also disgusting from physical design to software design.The far superior build quality and speakers. They’re more concerned about the actual experience of using the phone rather than an impressive spec sheet.

  5. Htc cant get their crap together.

    1. you mean like when Samsung didnt sell the S2 on Verizon, or when iPhone was exclusive to ATT?

      1. Stop making sense.

        1. Make me! : b

          1. There is no room for rational thought on the internet.

  6. I won’t blame HTC for stating the facts as they see it.

    But if Verizon thought they’d lose even one customer to another network carrying that model…they’d tell HTC to take it down whether or not they ever intend to carry it.
    Verizon has all the power in this relationship. Their typical bullying tactic.
    One day (let’s pray) they won’t be so strong and may even have to add a Nexus to their line up without adding all their crap.

  7. verizon is probably gonna make their version red and black and give it a stupid name like Droid One or Droid DNA2 or some bullshit like that.

    1. It will be called HTC Droid Incredible DNA 4G LTE or HTC Thunderbolt 2.

  8. HTC is slowly withering away in the US..all that’s left in the end will be Samsung, Apple, and Google/motorola for us http://www.newtrent.com/

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