Mar 18th, 2013

This roller-coaster of a ride is quite interesting, folks. Ahead of the HTC One’s launch, we’d heard Verizon would be sitting the launch out while letting the other major carriers have all the fun. Indeed, HTC ushered the device in and Big Red’s name was nowhere to be found on any of it. The idea was that since Verizon already had the DROID DNA there was no need for the HTC One.

Later, a rumor by AllThingsD suggested Verizon certainly would get the HTC One in due time, but that its version would launch a tad later than everyone else’s. We’re no stranger to this sort of behavior by the carrier — after all, Verizon Galaxy Note 2 users had to wait more than a month for it to reach their fingertips.

The games continued when HTC expressly tweeted that the device would not be headed to Verizon store shelves, and the OEM quickly reminded people that the DROID DNA was a fine alternative. Well, we’re headed right back into the other direction today: it seems HTC has removed its tweet.

This isn’t a guaranteed sign of truth or confirmation of any kind, but removing the tweet doesn’t do anything to help HTC’s case. Perhaps the device really is coming out and HTC and Verizon are worried about accusations of false statements, or perhaps someone in HTC’s camp just wasn’t alright with such a firm stance and strong language on the manner.

Or perhaps the Taiwanese manufacturer wanted to let Verizon share news regarding the state of affairs on its own network. Or perhaps… well, there are a lot of possibilities. What we do know is this, though: our eyes remain peeled for a Verizon version of the HTC One and we won’t be closing the door on this one until 2013 is well over.

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