HTC confirms the One will not come to Verizon


We have sad news for Verizon subscribers today. HTC has confirmed via their Twitter account that the HTC One will not be coming to Verizon, despite earlier rumors confirming the opposite.

The HTC One is arguably among the best devices of the year. At the very least, it is up there with the Samsung Galaxy S4, but not many were very impressed by the latter. Really, it is a matter of preference, but one thing is for sure, Verizon subscribers will have an easier time trying to decide which of the two to get.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is confirmed to come to Verizon and we highly doubt the DROID DNA will be enough to compete against it. Even if its specs are not much worse than the HTC One’s.

We are still expecting a successor to the DROID DNA to come, though. The HTC DLXPLUS has been rumored for a while, with a codename that highly ressembles that of the DROID DNA (HTC DLX). This rumored device should come as a good upgrade, probably with all the features of the HTC One.

[Source: HTC]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Bleh.. not good news at all..

    1. LOL!!! I can laugh now cause I finally dumped Verizon. So glad I don’t have to be annoyed with their bs anymore.

      1. Just out of curiosity – what carrier did you jump to?

        1. Tmobile $30 prepaid

          1. I did the same thing… Best decision of my life at this moment. HSPA+ actually rocks! Especially with a Nexus 4.

          2. HSPA+ is awesome, too bad the voice coverage for gsm sucks in my area.

  2. I wouldn’t make Droid devices for Verizon if I was HTC or any other company. This Droid crap isn’t really doing so well. They always want their input and name on everything. You don’t see Sprint calling the One the Evo One. Just let the OEM brand it and have success. And as a carrier all you need to do is sale it.

    1. Well… I don’t know what sprint will call the one but they did brand the htc one x last time as the “htc evo 4g lte” which sounds worse to me than droid.

      1. That’s because the evo 4g lte had a different design all together

        1. Did they say that the Htc One will be on Sprint just as the Htc One or an Evo etc?

          1. Sprint has had it on their website as the HTC One for a few weeks.

          2. Thanks Mon! I understand the need for a unified brand for sure, though the Evo 4G was my first Android device so I’m kinda nostalgic about it.

        2. Only because sprint wanted to have a unique device. It’s a repackaged One X.

      2. yeah but sprint made it better than the original one x so you can’t be but so mad

        1. Disagree

          1. Forreal? I mean appearance was worse but it had a larger battery and microsd card and a kickstand

    2. What about the RAZR HD and RAZR M? Those phones seem pretty much motorola, but they are DROID phones on Verizon. Motorola sells them internationally and such as well. They aren’t just on verizon, though sadly other US carriers don’t seem to get them.

      HTC really shouldn’t call the DNA a competitor to the One though, they aren’t the same at all in any way, everything great about the One is missing from the DNA, all the DNA is, is a beefed up One X with a bigger screen. If HTC wants any market share, they need a universal phone on all carriers, including the 300+ million lines on the US carriers. People need to identify a phone, people recognized the Galaxy S3, and I see those things all the time. I rarely see a motorola or LG or HTC flagship phone. heck I don’t think I’ve even seen a One X in person once.

      1. And it’s much harder to get updates when there are so many carrier specific phones.

    3. Droid is great for Motorola because their style matches their marketing.

    4. Droid brand should have been made for devices with unlocked bootloaders. Thank you Verizon, thank you for that brand up. And thank you HTC for not listening to the people that says:”We need removable battery and micro SD card slot!” HTC…Why are you so much g…y of not saying that Apple is the mo…erfu…ing company that told you that you can’t get removable battery and micro SD card in your flagships, because those mo…erfu…ers might ban your products of you do that? HTC, why you are so much fu…ing coward?? HTC, Just tell us Apple was responsible for you not listening to the people. AND finally, Apple, you are a piece of sh…t!!

    5. I never enjoyed the “Droid” marketing. over seas it’s much better.

  3. #NextBigFlop anyone? Yeah I can see that DNA pulling tons of S4 sales away…

    1. They’re so out of touch, Verizon. They think having an exclusive device makes them special when it just makes them behind the curve and obnoxious.

      1. well it makes them obnoxious to phone geeks, but in reality they just don’t want phones that are in competition with each other. they would other one prominent phone per segment cuz that’s what makes them the most money. having two 4.7ish phones with the exact same internals (gs3 and l one x) apparently sells less than having a 4.3 inch incredible and a 4.8 inch gs3

        1. Throwing their weight around just to make slightly more money doesn’t benefit the consumer, so as a consumer I won’t be giving them my business. I understand business decisions and all that, but when huge companies like Verizon make these decisions the way they do just for a little more money it has negative consequences elsewhere. It makes them obnoxious to informed consumers :)

          1. Understandable as an informed customer/phone geek Lol

      2. Can’t agree more!

  4. I wonder if this will hurt htc especially with them saying things about s4 being a flop. Htc continues the downhill road.

  5. No Verizon? They already lost.

  6. Hmm will the developers edition work?

    1. Doubtful and if it does no LTE

  7. Typical Verizon. Ruining everything.

    1. Ummm, is this Verizon’s or HTC’s ‘fault’? Just curious.

      1. I guess you’d really have to be a fly on the wall in these meetings to know. Verizon may be telling them it’s making them an exclusive or GTFO. I have a feeling that that is the case personally. They like to flex the cock quite a bit, which was proven with the Galaxy Nexus, Google Wallet and some other things that aren’t coming to mind right now.

        1. Thanks clarification. I usually respect your posts and needed that.

          1. The respect is mutual sir!

        2. For all we know Google pulled their pants down over the all mighty dollar. Probably big red though :)

        3. Guess you just hate vzw as seen in every post. Lost credibility long ago

          1. I’m not here for your approval.

      2. Well let’s see. Was the iPhone not coming to Verizon in 2007 Verizon’s fault or Apple’s?

    2. Htc fault, you moron

      1. how?

      2. You could explain how you know that instead of calling people names like a 12 year old.

        1. That pinhead just wants to argue. In this case knowing HTC wanted to cover every carrier pretty much narrows it down to big red being jerks again

  8. I wonder is it because Verizon feels the DNA is too close to the One and they don’t want there to be any confusion when people come in and ask whats the difference between the two.

    1. I sincerely doubt that

      1. Well they do have the really similar specs after all. The only difference between the two is the design.

        1. Most people who know about phone specs will know the difference. I don’t think your average buyer will ask about the phone specs. I think that’s what that GregJG person is referring to when they say they “doubt that”.

    2. They probably make more money on the Droid line somehow because they are involved with it’s design or decisions about it’s design.

      1. Yeah i feel like Verizon wants all their high end android phones to be Droid branded.

        1. Yeah and I supported that when they were trying to get Android recognizable like iPhone and all but these days it’s just annoying and screws with accessories being made across multiple carriers.

  9. Verizon refuses, leaves HTC to explain it, so now some blame HTC. Ummmm…ok.

  10. Buh bye Verizon, Hello AT&T. So tired of VZW being the hold out for some of the better phones!

  11. Lol DROID dna

  12. Where are you guys getting this info about Verizon refusing it?

  13. Is it just wishful thinking that I feel HTC did this just so that in a few months it will really be released after Verizon finishes “testing” it? =/

  14. huge fail by Verizon

  15. Their Network is crap anyways. overly expensive especially.

    1. I wouldn’t go as far to say it is crap. They have the nation’s largest coverage map, but you are right when you say that they are extremely expensive. However, it is one of those “you get what you pay for” scenarios with them. I personally left them behind years ago and never looked back.

      1. I don’t believe in “get what you pay for” scenarios. Didn’t Verizons network go down a bit in the past? Thats why I have T-mobile, Great service and coverage and excellent price. I get as much coverage as anyone I have compared to on trips and in buildings and faster at that. I test it often.

        1. It goes down fairly regularly. However, given their coverage map and the amount of spectrum they own for AWS – they are the best at what they do for a reason. (outside of ripping people off).

  16. It will be the HTC one with sprint. It’s not hard to look on the sprint website its right there and says HTC one coming soon

    1. IKR!? On that little advertisement on the bottom. =.P

  17. As a DNA owner, I’m kinda relieved. Verizon has a hard enough time keeping current phone “current” without throwing another flagship phone by the same manufacturer in the mix.

  18. I highly doubt they won’t come out with a special verizon version that adds some exclusive feature. The DNA is better than the One X

  19. I just looked at HTC’s Twitter page… this posting is not on there. they must have taken it down or it was never up??? why would they take it down unless its not true… It would be a huge mistake by HTC and Verizon both by not having it on Verizon. HTC need to provide the phone to all carries if they are only making one flagship phone for 2013 like they said… if they don’t get Verizon on they will lots of lose sales. Verizon if you don’t get the HTC One then people are going to jump ship so they can get the HTC One because the DNA is nothing to the One… and not having the One to keep the DNA from becoming a flop is not smart because it is a flop already compared to the ONE… and Verizon will lose out on lots of sales because customers want the HTC One because its the best phone out there by HTC… Verizon is being the stupid one by not picking it up or at lease saying they are not… even if they do pick it up and naming it with there branding at lease say they are and do it now before the ONE is old news… then you will lose out on both phones… the SGS4 is no wow like they made it sound like it would be… the HTC was, so this is HTC time to get back in the game of the best.

  20. lol

  21. The HTC One will not be available on the Verizon network, but have you seen the awesome Samsung Galaxy S 4?


  22. HTC ONE

    1. HTC 3/4 now with no Verizon.

  23. GSM is the way to go anyways. Verizon can suck it.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree.

    2. If only GSM carriers had good coverage. GSM is fading soon as well. It will be all LTE.

      1. Yeah all LTE on 6 different spectrums with no roaming

      2. LMAO. GSM and LTE is 2 different things my friend. And GSM isn’t going anywhere, 90% of the world is using it. You have no clue of what you’re talking about.

  24. I had a DINC and a TBOLT. Both phones were seriously flawed. I see no reason why this phone will be any different. The fact that the ONE has no removable battery and no SD is a bad move. I think Apple are the only ones that can get away with that. SGS4 will be my next phone.

    1. Because Android has gotten better. I mean, I’m not vouching for your scars. I’m sure you’ve lost trust in HTC from the past, but yea. Android is completely different now. The phones aren’t as flawed as they used to be. And I’m starting to trust that OEM’s will start bring updates to devices.

      1. Updates are good but lacking features such as an sd card is just stupid. I had a one S and don’t understand why people are ok with the sd card being taken away. People who purchase the dna and are totally fine with like 10gb of storage though they purchased such a high end device confuse me. High end devices should be brimming with features and yet they defend the lack of certain features. I thought it was possible, but wow, was I wrong. It ran out of memory for me after 2 good quality games since my music was already on my device. And no one dare tell me that streaming is the solution. 1 streaming takes up data which is limited and expensive, 2 the quality is not the same 3 I won’t be able to use any music player I want and I do have my favorites. Android has gotten better but what are these guys doing with our hardware choices?

      2. I’m on the GNEX right now and skipped the GS3 for the 2013 line up. I’m in love with Android, I just have this gut feeling about anything HTC. Not being able to swap the batt for a fresh one or when something isn’t working quite right is something I don’t think I could live with.

        My wife has an iPhone 5 and of course I have to curate the damn thing. Oh how I wish I could yank the battery out of it sometimes:)

    2. Exactly, I dont trust HTC anymore either after that piece of junk Thunderbolt.HTC took months to fix problems. I would never buy from them again and I believe that is why they are failing now. They burned too many of us.

  25. Probably going to have to switch back to AT&T. They have better signal at work at home, even though Florida is supposed to be Verizon 4G central. Also, they seem to pass on the good phones… wtf.

  26. maybe verizon didnt want another crao htc product on thier hands the dna is a fail with all the lost connection and rebooting probably a good move for them

    1. or perhaps Verizon only likes to market crap products.

  27. That’s right HTC!! You tell them!! If they don’t want your phone, don’t give it too them. Also, don’t give them some variant of your phone. You’re doing a great job!! This will work out for you. Soon Verizon goin’ learn!!

  28. It more than likely is the case of Verizon wanting to bastardize the device. IF it were up to sprint it would have an Evo name but alas. to much value there.

    ALSO, they may be looking at the debacle (like for real) debacle of what’s happening with the Note II and their rendition of the butterfly. But HTC can’t say anything, they in their path was s crap phone. Thought they were not doing that?

  29. With as awful as the Droid DNA is, you’d think HTC just wouldn’t mention it. The Droid DNA, if anything, just proves to me that HTC has steadily declined quite a bit. Where is the HTC that made great devices like the Touch Pro 2 and Nexus One at? From the Incredible to the Thunderbolt to the Droid DNA, they haven’t had a lineup on VZW worth a damn for a while. If I were VZW I’d pass on the chance to carry it, too.

    1. Verizon gets from HTC what they want. Verizon is the one molesting the phones.

    2. What are you smoking? The DNA is HTCs best device to date with possilby the exception of the One. It’s hard to know if your being sarcastic or not, I’m leaning towards yes since you referred to the TP2 as a great device.

      1. I don’t know what YOU’RE smoking. The revolving door of SIM issues coupled with the wonkiness of Sense does not a good phone make. While it might have some impressive specs, that doesn’t make up for it’s major shortcomings in actually being a mobile device. I either replace or send someone to a store to get a new SIM card on at least 10 DNAs a week. I spend several hours a week trying to explain to people that the PUK error they have is a known issue. To be a good phone, you need to at least… BE A GOOD PHONE, that kind of requires being able to use it. In handling the device I don’t find it any more appealing than any of the mediocre-at-best Motorolas.

  30. Tell me what’s a prize??

  31. Are people actually willing to leave Vzn to get a HTC One???

    I’d leave Vzn to keep Unlimited Data, Tmo’s LTE network is going to be super, super fast with HSPA+ 42 as a backdrop. Definitely something to consider.
    I wish great success for T-Mobile the next 2yrs!!!
    Verizon better start working on LTE-A by the end of this year.

  32. Not coming to the number 1 and biggest company in the country….smooth htc lol

  33. So now will they have to rename the phone to the HTC 3/4 ?

  34. Cool story but I already make more than that on the Internet. I am courious why you dont make that if your buddies mother can?

  35. Majot oversight by HTC. They dropped the ball

  36. I have many colorful words for HTC right now, but in an attempt to keep the language barrier from impeding my message I’ll say this:
    HTC, you have lost another customer. No more HTC for me. Comprende?

    1. im pretty sure its more of verizon passing on the htc one, and not htc deliberately shunning verizon customers

      1. Could be both. HTC was never known for having one phone to rule them all.

  37. Verizon’s huge interference in hardware manufacturing and software update release is a huge pain in the butt. The slow updates decrease the product satisfaction of the consumer and Verizon is just hoping people will upgrade to a new device, but often the consumer will change brand of their hardware because they felt the lack of service. Best policy is to not make devices for providers that want too much control of hardware. I know this might be hard because its most of the time the large providers. But its just not worth it for HTC or Samsung to ruin their image by having their devices castrated by a network provider. Apple made a smart move to only send the iPhone to providers that are willing to leave the software updates to Apple. Same goes for bloatware and branding. Every iPhone is the same experience on every provider, except of data speeds and coverage.

  38. Trying to bring “exclusive” phones to their lineup of phones is hurting Verizon more than it’s helping them.

    Rather than trying to bring people to your service by having exclusive phones, why don’t you just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Verizon is consistently ranked as the best carrier as far as customer service year after year. And most people would agree that they have the best coverage and some of the fastest LTE speeds.

    I’ll admit though, with all that said, I have t-mobile simply for the fact that I’m only paying $30/month when the cheapest plan I could live with on Verizon is probably going to be $90/month after taxes and fees. But that’s a whole ‘nother factor because an exclusive phone is no way, now how going to make me pay $60 more per month.

    BUT, for the people on t-mobile, sprint, and at&t who are already paying $80+ per month, if you were considering the same phone on any of the carriers, verizon should be the choice, hands down. Those commercials that verizon runs with the motto “anyway you look at it, verizon is the best carrier,” are true.

  39. verizon, at&t, they all suck.

  40. Not related but has anyone seen this LOL

  41. The fall of HTC One has began….Why? S4 is on all carriers.

  42. Verizon is greedy just like every other company. No surprise there.

  43. Yeah.. F U Verizon. I might find myself switching this summer after 12+ years of service if we get another dumbed down “smart” phone. Also thanks for featuring my tweet Phandroid :)

  44. No fly on the wall, if you made a deal with all other carriers why do you think only one held out?
    That’s not a hard question typo answer.

  45. There’s always one individualist

  46. Verizon is such a joke… Between them getting the first HTC Incredible, and later the Galaxy Nexus, I had hoped they would eventually turn around. Not at all.

    No Nexus 4 and no HTC One. I’m sure they’ll get the GS4 though, of course it’ll never receive updates.

  47. Typical VZW whiners. Sammy, generic nexus and even iphone can hit multiple carriers (vzw included). HTC just doesn’t have that pull or just doesn’t care. HTC dropped the ball, plain and simple. People need to quit whining about Verizon when it’s actually not their fault HTC doesn’t have the know how or will power to develop for multiple networks for a single device more than once a year.

    1. Wait, how isn’t VZW responsible for requiring VZW bloatware and forcing manufacturers to conform to their marketing crap? That’s all VZW.

  48. Well I guess they are saying….lets get outsold by the S4….and be on literally the worst rated network …at&t

    1. Source consumer report

  49. This is because they are releasing the Motorola X phone around the same time frame as the HTC One launch. Motorola is a bigger and better partner for them.

  50. Sad when you think that Verizon is the only carrier left in North America using CDMA…..

  51. Verizon probably didnt want to be bothered with all the problems associated with HTC phones.

    1. Except they still sell HTC phones?

  52. If VZW got it the phone would end up being a version behind on android and wouldn’t get an update until 6 months to a year after everyone else to encourage customers to shell out more money on the next phone upgrade when they realize no OS update is forthcoming.

  53. Not very many were impressed with the latter (S4)? What is Edgar smoking? Or is he on HTC’s payroll?

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