Mar 18th, 2013

It looks like Google could be working on a new service for those who need a simple and easy note-taking experience. Murmurs of “Google Keep,” as it’s called, surfaced over the weekend, and it seems to have gone live a bit prematurely. The site was available for a short while this morning, but quickly went offline before the hour ended.

According to Android Police the experience didn’t really seem finished, and that would make sense with such a strange occurrence. It’s likely someone hit the “green light” button a little too soon after a heavy weekend of St. Patty’s Day drinking.

Google Keep will allow users to create simple notes that are text-based, color-coded, and has support for more rich formatting like checklists and multimedia like images. In true Google fashion, Keep will feature powerful search features to quickly and easily find your notes, and it looks like there might be some sort of Google Drive integration brewing up.

There really isn’t much more to it right now as the brief glimpse of the site’s existence didn’t provide much, but we’re still excited to see how this will turn out. Google faithful have been clamoring for better task-list and note-taking support in Gmail for years, and while this isn’t necessarily the same thing it’ll be nice to finally have a service that’s tied into our Google accounts. The site will supposedly go live here whenever it’s ready, but for now it’s spitting out the dreaded 404 error page that we all hate seeing.