Google Flights search launches in UK, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands


Google Flight search hasn’t been the most accessible service for those looking to travel around the world, but a few more countries have been added to the list of support. Folks in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands will be able to search for flights to and from their local airports, giving users the ability to view prices in their own currencies and execute searches in the native tongue of those respective countries.

Flight allows you to search for the cheapest flight by airline or even by date/time. Easy-to-read charts and graphs will give you a quick glimpse at when the cheapest time to fly would be, and you can plan your trip accordingly if price is the most important factor. It’s not going to get you booked in two clicks, but it’s a good starting point if you just want a clean and easy interface for searching up flights. Give it a try at via your desktop or mobile browsers, or use the country-specific URLs below.


[via Google]

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  1. Is it also available in Canada?

  2. Damn… vent by denmark… again!

  3. Does that also mean that those airlines are going to show in my Google Now? (I’m from the Netherlands and still planning a holiday, so I’m quite glad with this)

  4. Excludes prices for some of the cheapest airlines, makes it quite pointless then..

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