Android Overload: LG Nexus 5 leaks, Feedly getting all Google Reader users, Redbox Instant Video out of beta and more


This week was quite eventful and we are getting ready for more! With so many awesome Android stories hitting our homepage, you know many other’s will have to be left out. This is why we have the Android Overload, where we bring you everything there is to know about Android. Sit back and check this out before taking off to your weekend adventures.

  • Is this the LG Nexus 5? [Android and Me]
  • Feedly gets over half a million Google Readers users [Feedly]
  • Verizon’s Redbox Instant Video goes out of beta [Redbox]
  • How much did Dropbox pay for Mailbox? [All Things Digital]
  • Telcel’s Carlos Slim’s empire under assault [WSJ]
  • HP and Samsung to offer setup-free printing on the Galaxy S4 [Engadget]
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 price leaked [GSM Arena]
  • Samsung announces Exynos 5 Octa availability [BusinessWire]
  • AT&T Sony Xperia ZL goes through FCC [Engadget]
  • Go’s Next Launcher 40% off this weekend [Android Police]
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  1. I think its a bit early for nexus 5 leaks stil. We didnt start seeing nexus 4 stuff until like August at the latest.

  2. Fercristsake, not LG again!!

    1. LG are not bad…better than plastic samsung any day.

    2. why? nexus 4 is awesome. Great solid build too.

  3. I stopped reading at 5.2 inch screen…..too big.

    1. That’s what’s great about Android and so many handsets.. I thought the 5.2″ might be perfect.

      1. But I wish manufactures released smaller phones with killer specs for people that don’t want mini tablets. I want a 4.3 inch phone again

        1. Droid Razr M?

          1. Verizon only

        2. iPhone 7

        3. The Motorola X phone is suppose to fix that for you. Supposedly you build your own hardware. If that turns out to be true, that will strike innovation within other OEMs to start doing that.

          *patiently waiting for a high-spec Qwerty phone*

          1. X phone will probably be another 5+ inch screen phone with non removable battery

          2. Come on. For all you know it will be available in 50 different colors but still one size screen for everyone.

          3. I would buy a green phone in a heart beat.

        4. hear hear!

  4. I stopped reading at more than 16GB of storage.

  5. 5.2 might be a little too big. I don’t think this is real at all, but if it was, even with a bezel that small, 5.0 is the biggest I’m interested in for a phone. I can’t see Google jumping from 4.7 to 5.2, let alone that storage jump. And let’s not get into the camera. I know Google said they were going to make better cameras, but that????

  6. A source claiming to be from Google? Ha! If I worked for Google, I’d be making crazy stuff up and “leaking” it too for my own twisted enjoyment. :P

  7. That nexus 5 looks and sounds awesome, but without a removable battery, it wouldn’t be so great. What’s the point in having a phone so damn powerful, if it becomes trash after a couple years? phones are beginning to reach the point that even low end ones are more than powerful enough, and no benefits are shown from a higher end or more powerful phone. At best you get a more responsive touchscreen, but the SoC’s inside don’t seem to matter much. So long as the Nexus 5 has LTE and supports VoLTE, I can’t see any reason to replace it in under 2 years, or even over 2 years.

    1. i disagree a little bit. I’ve played with lowend phones, and although they are decent, there is definitely a noticeable drop off in speed from highend ones. Heck there is a noticeable speed change from late 2012 devices and early 2012 devices. Its one of those things where you dont notice it until you try a faster phone. But the biggest thing about new soc’s to me is their higher efficiency. Also, if the battery is going to be 3,300 mah a lot of people wont need it to be removable.

  8. Hmm… Front Sterero speakers? That sounds nice and all, but… who actually uses the phone speakers? I mean when I’m doing anything media related, I have my headphones on. I rarely use my phone speakers. Even at home. I hook up my phone to my computer speakers and just use those.

    I mean, there are times when I’m like standing in line or need to here my name called or something, so I use the phone speakers. So I guess for those times it would be nice. I’m probably thinking like this since I never had the luxury of using a phone with front-facing speakers. Oh well… Don’t plan on it now.

    1. that ones easy. we all watch YouTube in our down time at work. no longer a need to cup the back of the phone to Carey audio in a group setting.

  9. Its not true…google has leaked this to get feedback from customers…

  10. I’m debating between settling for the S4, or waiting later in the year to get a smartphone (NOT the Monster Note 3!!!) with the Snapdragon 800 & Qualcomm RF360 chips!!! Both very major improvements in smartphone efficiency!!!

  11. skipping all other phones just for this phone! Nexus 5 FTW!!!

  12. I hope LG gets the Nexus 5. They are the only company I feel will push the specs forward with the latest hardware.

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