Mar 15th, 2013

Cloud storage powerhouse Dropbox might be looking to expand its offerings to email with the announcement of the acquisition of startup Mailbox. Mailbox currently provides an email client for iPhone users, and as of today the only plan is to use Dropbox’s infrastructure to launch Mailbox on a wider scale, but the future could see tighter integration between the two services.

An all-in-one storage and email client could finally provide a true rival to Google’s suite of interconnected services, though it will take a lot of might and hard work to catch the arguable leader in that space. Perhaps the best we can hope for early on is that the extra resources will allow for the launch of an Android version of Mailbox, at least giving us users of the platform an opportunity to see what the early hype is all about.

The move feels like a no-brainer, if only going off of the names alone. Dropbox, Mailbox…it’s a match made in heaven. Check out the link below for the full story.

[via Dropbox]

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