Samsung: Some Galaxy S4 features will come to Galaxy S3, hardware willing


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Wondering if any of the cool new features shown off today will be heading to any of Samsung’s older smartphones? Well, some of you may be in luck. Samsung has confirmed that some of the features from the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be headed to the Samsung Galaxy S3 where they make sense. This means you can probably count out anything that relies on a specific piece of hardware — like the infrared transmitter for the remote feature.

“Anything that we can do that’s not dependent on hardware like infrared, we’ll definitely bring to all the flagship devices,” said Samsung’s VP of portfolio planning Nick DiCarlo.

We haven’t been given a definitive list of features that will or won’t cross over, but it sounds like Galaxy S3 owners will get another value pack-esque software upgrade to hold them over past the life of their current contracts. Unfortunately Samsung didn’t confirm the same would be true for some recent variants or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but we’ll be reaching out to see what exactly their plans are.

Many of you are either on the fence or not unimpressed with regards to today’s announcements, and it sounds like if you already have a Samsung Galaxy S3 then there’s little reason to upgrade if you aren’t totally satisfied with what Samsung showed off today. What course of action are you taking? Be sure to vote in our poll right here.

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Missed the Galaxy S4 announcement? Watch the full thing right here [VIDEO]

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  1. Love my S3, will definitely hold off, but MAN, WHAT A PHONE! Fastest processor speeds of any of the major players, no-holds-barred camera, Super High res display (should finally kill off the Pentile nay-sayers), all of the wireless antennas you can shake a stick at, Infrared (WHAT?!), and they still managed to keep the microSD and the removable battery.


    1. This thing is a glorified GS3. The only cool piece of hardware i see is the screen, and the IR.

      1. Of course, that’s two things. But better cams, better processor, bigger battery, better antennas, and more software innovations do a better phone make.

        1. None of these things you listed will make my day-to-day experience better than with my GS3. I’ll wait for the X-Phone

          1. Since you’re obviously dreaming, what will that have to improve your day to day life? WHAT ARE YOU EVEN LOOKING FOR? Do you even know?

          2. “DO YOU EVEN KNOW?” -Smith (you)

          3. You’re just a troll… New_Guy777 stop feeding the troll

          4. X Phone is vaporware as far as I’m concerned. And probably won’t have removable battery or SD slot anyway

  2. Why wouldn’t they bring it to the note 2, it’s more advanced than the s3. I’m sure their waiting for note 3 to be announced then they’ll update the note 2 with those new features. I can’t wait for that.

    1. Doesn’t matter if SAMSUNG bring it over or not. Devs will make it possible for most apps. Only one that probably wont work is dual camera usage. “which i find pretty impressive”

  3. Plastic phones should all be destroyed or given to poor african kids with no teeth.

    1. Or to people who have poor grammar…

    2. It’s a phone not a tank

      1. If samsung had their way the Korean army will have plastic tanks too.

        1. Samsung actually builds military equipment for the ROK.
          Samsung Heavy Industries builds armored vehicles to warships as well.
          Now your turn.

          1. Samsung build plastic tanks for military? Don’t think so …. they are not thinking of profits but safety unlike their plastic fantastic phones.

  4. Can’t wait to see what ships over. Was thinking about going back to HTC from my S3 but I might hold off now. S5 should drop right before my contract goes. Was NOT all that impressed with any features of the S4 other then octocore which isn’t coming to the US. GRR.

  5. My penis is bigger stronger and harder than plastic s4

    1. Only when there’s another man around.

      1. or his cat

    2. I’m not going to lie, I vocally laughed out loud to this. So random and out there.

  6. Anyone skipping out on the S4 and going for the Note 3? (Note, I want to see if S3 users are doing that as I am an S3 user myself.)

    1. I am doing exactly that. after talking my fiance into getting the note 2 and her actually loving it. I have to say the note line is definitely the way to go. I have owned every version of the s line on some type of carrier it’s just so much easier with the note 2

    2. Same here. I like the S4 but I’m ready for the bigger screen and S pen.

    3. Even if I could upgrade to the S4 now, I wouldn’t. The S4, err, the S3.5, doesn’t push my buttons like the S3 did (coming from an S1)

      The Note3 is the only thing on my horizon now.

      1. I may just buy the S3 out of pocket so I won’t loose my unlimited.

    4. im probably going to skip note 3 for the note 4. I already own the Note 2 so I can wait a little longer.

      1. Yeah, I can see that happening. I honestly think that I might go with the Nexus program now because of T-Mobile not updating the S3 with the Premium Suite upgrade and the potential S4 upgrades.

    5. yes i am doing the same thing

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