Mar 12th, 2013

A new report from online video provider Ooyala says iPhone owners watch twice as much video as Android users, a number that highlights a discrepancy in most recently reported market share figures. According to the firm’s data, 67 percent of all mobile video is consumed by iPhone users, but Android accounts for 68 percent of the overall device market. So what gives?

No one is quite sure, to be honest, but Fortune puts forth a few possibilities. The most popular explanation posits that IDC’s market share estimates are off, but other possibilities cite potential differences in habits between Android and iPhone users or quality of user experience. It could be that the iPhone and iPad more naturally lend themselves to video consumption, but that seems like a stretch. It is also hypothesized that Apple users fit a different economic profile and are more able to afford the excess bandwidth needed for video streaming.

Of course, an equally likely scenario is that Ooyala simply serves more iPhone users than Android users, skewing the data in that direction. The company currently serves about 200 million users globally. Ultimately, the data makes for interesting conversation but how meaningful it is, that’s up for debate.

[via Fortune]

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