Report says iPhone users watch twice as much video as Android counterparts


A new report from online video provider Ooyala says iPhone owners watch twice as much video as Android users, a number that highlights a discrepancy in most recently reported market share figures. According to the firm’s data, 67 percent of all mobile video is consumed by iPhone users, but Android accounts for 68 percent of the overall device market. So what gives?

No one is quite sure, to be honest, but Fortune puts forth a few possibilities. The most popular explanation posits that IDC’s market share estimates are off, but other possibilities cite potential differences in habits between Android and iPhone users or quality of user experience. It could be that the iPhone and iPad more naturally lend themselves to video consumption, but that seems like a stretch. It is also hypothesized that Apple users fit a different economic profile and are more able to afford the excess bandwidth needed for video streaming.

Of course, an equally likely scenario is that Ooyala simply serves more iPhone users than Android users, skewing the data in that direction. The company currently serves about 200 million users globally. Ultimately, the data makes for interesting conversation but how meaningful it is, that’s up for debate.

[via Fortune]

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  1. Oh no, it’s the same “Android is for poor foreigners” narrative again, that Philip Elmer-DeWitt from Forbes digs out when he’s out of good things to write about Apple.

    1. He must be constantly attacking Android considering Apple hasn’t come up with anything good since 2010

  2. or, or…we are all playing ingress. Can we see the android vs ios stats on that?

  3. That is especially weird because the tiny iPhone screens are not a very good platform to stream videos. I watch many videos on my Android device. Could it be that Android users (often note geeky, which could mean higher education level) are preferring to read their information while iOS users rather watch videos? It could also be that more iOS users are more prominent in social media and so stream more videos on Facebook.
    Also android supports more embedded videos instead of opening up a player and these clips often are not correctly fitting the screen and even more often don’t load. Which is an annoyance and could also be the cause that many android users avoid video all together.

  4. This is likely because of battery life. I know that’s why I avoid watching video on my GNex. My iPhone-toting friends have no such hesitation because watching one YouTube video won’t knock 5-10% of their battery off.

    1. Must be a Verizon “Nexus”. I have no complaints about battery life on my GSM Nexus.

      1. My Optimus G dies quickly too. Happened with all my android phones save for the note 2

    2. That would be a phone specific issue, not an Android issue.

  5. Who the hell os Ooyala?

    Never heard of it.

    1. Good point. End of conversation.


    2. Probably the company that ran the survey….just a thought….maybe?

      1. again.. who are they? Anyone can run a survey and get the results they want. Anyone.

    3. +1.
      Also, how long have they had an Android app? If the iOS version is much older than the Android version, then yeah, you’re going to show more iOS users when compared to Android.

    4. Ooyala is probably responsible for 0.000001% of video views online (or less). Android users don’t seek them out because on Android you can watch embedded video in most browsers and it has a much better YouTube app.

    5. Apple creates such proxy-analysts every quarter to:
      1) boost weakening iDemand
      2) spread anti-Android FUD
      3) doubt Android popularity

      Then they push such news via their news sources to make it look “credible” using “credible” sources.

      Android is NOT 67%.
      It’s already 80%.
      Android = #1.

      Apple hasn’t OVERTOOK SAMSUNG in Q4 2012 like they hyped a few weeks ago, SAMSUNG has sold almost 70 million smartphones in Q4 2012. Alone.

      And we’ll celebrate 1 BillionTH Android soon.

  6. Yeah I watch videos on real video sites…Netflix, Youtube and Google Play…what is Ooyala?

    1. Probably the company that ran the survey….just a thought?

  7. Its the watching of porn that puts them over the top

  8. Cuz iPhone and iPad are used as toys to keep the kids busy for most parents.

    1. Yeah, every time I visit my sister, I see my nephews watching Power Rangers videos on her iPad…

      Besides, people still confuse market share with user base.

      1. It should also be noted that android comes with a great YouTube player, while the iOS install is optional… Meaning we have a built in option to ooyala.

        1. Well, I don’t know exactly what it means, but Google and YouTube are on Ooyala’s partners page.


          1. it probably doesn’t mean that they are combining their stats with youtube’s stats. Google has no reason to share that info.

          2. My thoughts exactly.
            Just saying…

      2. HEY! Power Rangers isn’t stupid….

        1. lol that’s exactly what my nephews say.
          Sorry, only my opinion

    2. I have an 2nd generation ipod that my 19 month old watches Bubble Guppies on. We have a fisher price case that makes it nearly indestuctable. Its great for car rides.

  9. There’s not much else you can do with an iPhone.

  10. It has to do with what videos OOYALA is referring to. They don’t monitor all videos on the internet.

    1. Oooyala is famous enough for Apple to make such a HEADLINE and hype it via Forbes/Mahsable/Zdnet etc.

      The goal is to just pour into the web distorted stats and misleading headline “ios is 68%” via one of their “credible” internet news sources.

      It’s called Apple’s marketing.

      Apple thinks that NOBODY cares where ios is still BEATS Android. Ooyala. LOL.

  11. android users get more satisfaction faster from a bigger higher resolution screen.

  12. Would love to see the YouTube stats for Android v iOS. I do 90%+ of my YouTubing on my Android devices these days.

  13. It’s not an economic issue, it’s that Android users have better things to do.

  14. Very often webistes identify me as using an ipad when in fact I have a galaxy tab. Maybe this is where the difference comes from.

  15. Wrong headline. The source has it right – it says *Apple* users, not iPhone users.

    The report is fundamentally flawed. It puts both tablets and phones into one bag – but you will watch video on a tablet *much* more often than on a phone. And unlike with phones iOS still dominates the tablet market….

    /edit: I’m taking that back. In the original report they seem to differentiate between “tablet” and “mobile” and that video consumption pie chart is for mobile, aka only smartphones (and maybe iPod Touch?).

  16. Android users have stuff to do.

  17. What the hell is wrong with some of you who take a fuckin phone so personally. Take your meds.

  18. Interesting, because without flash it’s harder to watch porn on your phone/tablet.

    1. Theres a hack for that

      1. hacking off?

        1. no… flash apk reworks by xda

          1. Just a play on words. Didn’t know xda was deving for iphones now …

          2. Actually misread your statement

  19. You can’t track me if I have my movies on a flash drive instead of streaming.

  20. most people who own android phone doesnt have internet or dont know how to use it.

    1. False on first account true on last. Every android phone today on the major carriers require some sort of data… now not knowing how to use their phone is partly true I have introduced people to android from iPhone and I have to show them everything.

    2. You are one of the most obvious trolls you iDrone lol

  21. I’ve never heard of ooyala, but I can definitely say whenever I want to watch YouTube or Netflix I go to my mom’s iPhone 4s instead of my gs2 even though it has a bigger screen. I know people will down vote this without having tried either so whatever.

  22. This has been brought up before. What people are forgetting is the number of android phones that are activated by someone that doesn’t even want a smartphone but get pushed into one due to lack of feature phones available. When this happens they choose value, therefore no iPhone. So those numbers are probably very accurate.

  23. I believe this as sad as it sounds. Most android users bought the phone because it was cheap. Only cs, cis and other majors along these lines actually use the phone to its fullest the way I see it at school. Others that I see pull out Ipads actually use it for media consumption. I was downloading an app for a girl to backup her messages so I could reset the phone and restore the messages that she wanted to keep and she got so scared that I was visiting the play store. She thought that simply visiting the play store even over wifi would cost her money. It was the stupidest thing I have ever heard. But she is no idiot, this just shows how ignorant most android users can be. Most of the time when I look at their Android phones they don’t have anything installed and are surprised when they see mine. What’s even more silly is that they conclude that my phone is complicated because of the number of applications that are on mine which isn’t that much and it’s running the same android os.

    1. Okay she isn’t an idiot but thinks that automatically visiting the play store will charge her money…. And no its does not show how most android users can be because she is not your average user. Face it you know an idiot. Though granted these phones used to come with instruction booklets that people can read upon to figure things out but now it is a matter of using resources to find information out and people are too lazy to do a dang thing in general.

  24. Hmm… I have never til this day heard of ooyala

  25. Android users need to better utilize their smartphone!

  26. The real reasons is…
    Android offers more features and functions compared to ios and their users just can’t comprehend without watching instruction / explanation videos.

  27. simple….its because iphone batteries last longer, so android users want to save battery life. we all know display and 4g are the two factors that account for battery consumption, so the two combined…!

  28. Is there any other thing we can do on iPhone ? I thought it plays only videos :/

  29. This is why we cant have nice things

  30. Obviously there’s more to do on an Adroid phone than to watch videos.

  31. I don’t know man. During my 40 minutes ride home every day, I see all those dumb old ladies with iPads, and all they do on that beautiful and large screen is play Bejewelled. I, on the other hand, in that time frame manage to play some racing, watch a new episode of something, and sometimes read something too, all on a Note 10.1. Usually a person with an iPad wouldn’t even know how to put that DVD they bought while grocery shopping on the gadget. The report probably only reflects Netflix time, which I see no reason watching at home on a tablet, while there’s perfectly good flatscreen on the wall.

  32. People I see on buses uses their iPhones to listen to music, via Youtube lol. :D
    I dont know why they dont just install an app for music streaming, which uses less data than youtube obviously. Thats how I do it on my Android device but no, I saw 5-6 people with their iPhones that listens to music but doesnt even watch the video lol

  33. Does this count buffering? Because my friends iPhone buffers like mad, and my VNex plays with zero issues on the same network.

    So a 5min video takes 15 on his phone, where it takes 6mins on mine.

  34. never heard of ooyala , their report has no ground, it should be renamed “iPhone users watch twice as many video on ooyala than Android users.

  35. that’s because iphone video integration is much smoother than android’s, imo. Youtube is simple and clean as opposed to cluttered and annoying. video lovers with shoddy battery life, check this out http://bit.ly/10CWZom

  36. I don’t watch any video on my Galaxy Note ll. I’m always near a computer or my Asus Transformer Infinity android tablet. Why watch on a smaller screen with a big one nearby? I keep a 64GB SD card in my transformer infinity and I use it to watch anime. I also watch netflix on it in my bedroom off the nightstand where I don’t have a t.v.

  37. This is only becuase ios users have absolutely no cobtrol of there phone so theres not much to do with it but text call minimum gaming and watch videos becuase of apples ridiculous amount of control on the products they sell …. unlike android wich just so happens to provide almost limitless cellular freedom :) poor ios rats trapped into the controlling world of apple hell yea to all of us here on team android for keeping the free world in the airwaves

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