Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has people dancing in the streets


Samsung won’t be unveiling their Galaxy S4 until Thursday, but the company has already taken over New York City in advance of their Unpacked event. Folks in Times Square have been treated to quite the show these days, as a group of Samsung-hired dancers have been taking it to the streets, decked out in black and white and wearing a big number 4 on their backs.

Chances are we’ll be seeing more from the dance crew as the week goes on, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the group perform at Radio City Music Hall for the actual unveiling. On top of that, expect Samsung to continue their assault on NYC in the lead up to their biggest announcement this year. We’re just a few days away now. Here’s hoping the phone lives up to the hype.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Cringe-worthy.

    1. More like PAINFUL. Not to blow things out of proportion, but, seeing over-the-top promotions such as this makes me less likely to buy the product. Dial it back SAMSUNG, you’re approaching jumping the shark status w/stunts like this.

      They’ll still sell a bunch of these, probably be the #1 or #2 best seller this year, but, I hope we’re not bombarded w/crap like this in the media the rest of the year.

      1. The huge advertising campaign for the S3 helped a lot. I feel Samsung is taking it up a notch. Personally I’m starting to wonder if I pay for a good phone or an expensive ad campaign.

      2. You might not like it. I don’t care for it either, but the masses eat this stuff up.

    2. I guess I’m the only one who thought this was pretty cool.

  2. Its still just a phone.

    1. But a really bad ass phone ;)

      1. Bad Ass? Lol I’m sure it we be a good phone but with its out dated design and cheap plastic cases it’s no bad ass. It’s got the internals of the HTC One, now that’s a bas ass phone.

        1. I feel ya! but these Samsung fanboys about to rip you a new one. Let’s Watch.

          1. ive never owned a samsung phone, but i can say they are doing something right. You guys are the peolpe screaming DEALBREAKER, every time a new phone comes out.

          2. whatever it is they are doing right its not that video I just saw.

        2. Was joking bro..lol.

        3. A phone without a removable battery and without a microSD is not “bad ass.”
          If Samsung keeps both of those features in the S4, then I rather purchase their “out dated design and cheap plastic” phone…you can keep your HTC One, just hope you carry around a charger everywhere you go and enjoy your limited storage.

          1. Those two features, plus the amoled screen which gives better battery life, thinner display (oled does not need backlight, thus more room for battery), better deeper black levels. I personally will never buy a phone that doesn’t have a removable battery, the fact that I can pop in an extra one when traveling and have the ability to replace it once its starts losing its battery life after a year or so is a very important feature for me anyway. This is why the GS3, beat the HTC One X as well..

            HTC One has better exterior design, no doubt its beautiful. But Samsung always wins for features, components, and software as well (IMO touchwiz is slightly less annoying that HTC Sense). Also not a fan of the two button design with the useless logo in the middle on the HTC One.

          2. You mean the AMOLED with the overboosted, unnatural colors, and bluish tint every time you’re on a white page? No thanks. The HTC screens are WAY nicer. There are plenty of external batteries that are the same size as that spare battery you’re carrying around. And you can use them to charge any of your devices. The GS3 beat the HTC for ONE reason. Marketing. It’s not a nicer phone. The build quality pales in comparison to the HTC phones, and Sense is much better looking than Touchwiz, Love the competition because it makes everyone better, but I just prefer the bettter built, better looking phone.

          3. That’s ur opinion and that’s fine but I think if u check out the newer amoled screens ull see they are much nicer than the gnex and s2. mine doesn’t have a blue tint

          4. There are some people that prefer the fake colors. I, for one, hate the colors on an LCD screen. They look too realistic. Yes, I said that. They do look more real. But being the type of person I am, I prefer the more cartoon-like colors. The colors remind me of anime.

            I agree with you on the external battery. I don’t know why people buy spare batteries. With that thinking you’d need to buy a spare battery for every device you own. You can just get an external battery and charge all your things. Even things outside of cell phones, like your handheld systems.

            Other manufactures do make better looking phones, but plastic is more ergonomic. You see, with aluminium and glass, you have to make a fixed mold. Everyone’s hand doesn’t fold the same way. The plastic will eventually mend into the shape of your hand. But that still doesn’t really bother me since I’m throwing a case on the phone anyways. Though I still would love a cool looking phone, like the HTC One and Nexus 1. (Talk about old school)

          5. With 64 gigs I dont need a SD card, I know how to manage my stuff so don’t need a pocket full of SD cards. I also get about 12 hrs out of my one x+ so as much you like to waste money on spare batteries that you carry around I would rather carry around cash.

          6. Oh the irony in your statement. You do realize they charge you up the @ss for the built in memory, when you can find microSD cards on Amazon for much less. Seems like you are the one wasting money by overpaying for memory.

          7. i paid $199 for my One x+ with 64gigs which is the same price as the sg3 with only 16gigs… Sounds like your the one that’s getting ripped off by Sammy.

        4. Actually, I don’t mind the plastic design. Mainly because I put my phone in a case anyways. Making any external designs useless in a way.

          Also, the plastic coverings allow it to be more ergonomic. Unless you like holding metal rods in your hand when you text. LoL!!

          Also since it’s plastic, when it hits the ground the plastic can easily bend and absorb the shock. Other materials like glass and aluminium are more tough. This means when it hits against the ground, the shock won’t have any where to go and will cause the phone to vibrate rapidly. You’d have to hope that the aluminium is sturdy enough to hold out against it; or you stop the vibration in time, if it’s glass.

    2. Samsung learned pretty quick on how to sell a ton of phones. Ironically, it was by doing what Apple does. Make it more than just a phone. Make it an extension of your personality. Make it a representation of who you are (or who you think you are). Make it so if you own one you are some how better than people who don’t. It’s marketing. And it works.

    3. another one of the MEH generation.. hooked on ADHD meds apathetic to everything. Poor little Matty.

      1. Sorry, people dancing in streets doesnt excite me. But the did accomplish something… We are all here talking about it. Meh… lol

  3. Looking by the shoes I’d say that michael jackson was to be performing but he’s been dead…. unless they have brought him back as a half android dancing robot machine GASP! Hide yo kids hide yo wife cuz MJ is coming back from the dead…

  4. wow lame!

  5. I think this is almost on par with the whole Apple store high fiving and clapping when the first rod gets his new iphone!

  6. Samsung won’t be around if North Korea nukes them. What’s the world to do?

  7. I haven’t seen anything about availability – is this going to be available this week or next week? I’m really hoping that it’s not a case where it will be out in a month…

    1. I now hate Samsung even more!

    2. That was a pretty wide scene. If only there were some way to capture more of it, without constantly panning back and forth.

      1. i hate how all iphone urser record video that way! wtfffffff

        1. THANK YOU!! Why do people hold their phones in portrait when recording!? It get’s on my nerves.

    3. It was probably shot with an IPhone.

  8. Now I understand why Samsung smartphones cost 2x more than Nexus4. All those silly marketing costs are funded by the consumers.

    1. almost every phone cost 2X more than nexus 4! not just Samsung.

    2. True about the cost, but only from Google Play Store since they are subsidizing part of the cost. If you try to buy a Nexus 4 w/out contract anywhere else its pretty close to the same price as a GS3 however…

  9. I like what Samsung is doing with their advertising, it’s fun and different than what we normally see.

  10. The Chinese believe that 4 is an unlucky number, but Koreans must think it’s lucky. Let’s hope Sammy shipped a lot of the S4’s before they are nuked.

    1. makes absolutely no sense. Little chinese kids put together the iphone 4 and 4S. There are other Chinese products with a version “4”. They don’t omit an apartment “4” or subsequent rooms with “4” in them, nor do they omit building a level “4” in said building. outside of that, Koreans won’t get nuked as NK is too busy trying to figure out how to stabilize a bomb as well as provide an effective missile delivery system with proper guidance for said bomb. Your big hat covers up your tiny brain.

  11. If only the HTC One had a removable battery, I wouldn’t be waiting on this so much…..

    1. Buy a battery pack….

      1. I don’t know why people downvoted this. There are alternatives to removable battery. I have a 5000mA battery charger. Now I can get any phone I want since removable battery won’t be an issue. Now it just comes down to having storage space.

        1. yea same, I think external chargers are better, can get a good 2-3 full charges from them and most cost the same price as an extra battery

  12. I think its cool and more suited for NY but nothing wrong with it. Samsung is having fun with its launch. Don’t really get why you would not buy or hate a product because of this. I buy certain electronics because they’re good products at least to my standards and not because they have advertising that I like.

    1. Yea, YOU BUY. But to others, all the phones pretty much do the same thing so what should they buy?

      My mom wanted an Epic 4G Touch because of the commercials. Her experience would have been no different had she got the Evo 3D, iPhone, or whatever else came out at that time.

      There aren’t a lot of people who buy things because of the hardware and software. People like us are a more smaller crowd.

  13. I sure hope the phone lives up to all this hype…

    1. That’s what I’m hoping for too. I’m scared that it won’t. And if it does that would be amazing.

  14. Samsung has put more great innovations into the Android OS than any other manufacturer. I continue to find new features everyday on both the SGS3 and the Note 2. The first thing I use to do when I bought any new phone was to root and flash. I no longer even bother, there is just no need with all the features. If you choose to root and flash the Samsung devices have the most developer support than any other device out there. Samsung has been the only manufacturer that has listened to their customers, they continue to give us sd card support, plenty of internal memory, strong removable batteries, open bootloader and innovations that are always over the top. I think that Android has given their customers this year with some fantastic devices. It is fantastic to have these kind of choices.

    1. Yea. I’m kinda like that too. I’d root-stock if I had Jellybean on my Epic 4G Touch. I like the features of TouchWiz.

  15. If the HTC One had a better battery it would be a much better phone. Don’t let the crazy marketing stunts like this fool you. The S3 out sold many other phones, but in my opinion the HTC One X and the One X+ were better phones.

  16. See!? The phone better be off-the-wall cool. I’m expecting something amazing. I better not be let down. The suspense is killing me.

  17. cute marketing tactic..props to Samsung hehe. http://bit.ly/10CWZom

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