Android 4.1.2 update pushing to all Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX users


A little less than a week after Motorola initiated a soak test for the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX’s Jelly Bean update, Verizon has started pushing the latest software to all users. The long-awaited boost from Ice Cream Sandwich comes in at 338MB.

To check for the update, users can navigate to ‘System updates’ under the ‘About phone’ dialog in Settings. A complete change log for the update can be found at Motorola’s site.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Not to bad for a Gingerbread device.

    1. The Razr M has been running on Jelly Bean for a long time now..

      1. Not 4.1.2. Mine still running 4.1.1

    2. I too would like to know this.

  2. I have Jelly Bean now

  3. Phone sold.. Too late moto!!

    1. Not much of a difference from ICS, just now with Google Now.

  4. Just started download. I’m going to love an all most Nexus

  5. Just FYI… Installed new update, now can no longer Bluetooth Tether.
    Needs to be subscribed to tether via Bluetooth… =/
    Well, time to root my phone!!

  6. Had a minor issue updating with Smart Actions enabled. I use one where if it connects to Wifi, then mobile data gets shut off (it saves a ton of battery). Following the update my phone kept randomly shutting off data, turns out it was from that app, got rid of the command and now it’s fine.

  7. It’s like a different phone now. But in a good way. Works super smooth and a lot faster.

  8. this better improve my battery life..otherwise have to keep relying on these things: http://bit.ly/10JIym8

  9. I’ve been running this since Friday on my razr maxx. With light use Sunday night at work I only lost 30% after 12 hours with set cpu @ 300 min 1200 max on interactive. Root exploit worked great. I was having issues with YouTube kicking off mobile data plus sending it into no cell service at all on any ICS build. That has been fixed. Rock solid speeds using speed test app, which before would crack out mobile data like YouTube. All in all not much change visually but smooth and fast.

  10. Getting install failures every time. I’m rooted but, I temp unroot an still get errors :(

  11. What if the Xmas leak (98.72.8) is sitting on your phone, as a download, asking to be installed? Will this new official OTA release brush it aside, and commence loading? Do I have to do something first to get rid of the Xmas version?

  12. Notes completely disappeared, great job! I lost a years worth of notes! Updates suck! Oh, and my keyboard keeps locking up!

  13. Lost voice text option. Voice commander is not good.

  14. Haptic feedback is always ON – HELP I want it OFF. My Settings area show ‘vibrate on touch’, which is not checked, but the darn thing keeps vibrating while typing. GRRR

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