Mar 11th, 2013

Remember that Samsung ad a while back that showed the everyday workings of a game studio as they worked on a ridiculous game called “Unicorn Apocalypse”? Yea, the one you see below. It was a Galaxy Note 2 ad whose purpose was to show how the phone would be beneficial to those in enterprise. At the end of the ad, employees begin to scramble as they learn that they have about four weeks until the game ships — little did we know Samsung would be bringing us an actual Unicorn Apocalypse in nearly four weeks’ time.

That’s right, Unicorn Apocalypse is real, and it’s now sitting in the Google Play Store for free. As the original ad hinted at, Unicorn Apocalypse puts you in control of a killer unicorn, and the indecision of whether the unicorn should be causing or preventing the apocalypse has been decided: it’s causing the apocalypse, and it’s doing a damn good job at it. The unicorn does indeed bleed rainbow blood, but there’s no glittery doom to be found.

You can use the unicorn’s horn to impale enemies as you jump and dash across fiery rooftops trying to avoid burning death. Three types of bosses will come flying at you, as well, and you can use your rainbow blast (or whatever it’s called) to take them out. The game is doing pretty poorly in the Play Store, review wise. Folks are having trouble with an unfortunate glitch that keeps them from moving on.

It turns out if you don’t destroy a boss in time your unicorn will eventually fall into the fire pits below, except he won’t actually die — the game will continue and rack up points for you, and all you can do is sit there and watch. I imagine most people don’t know how to take out the first boss (the game doesn’t make it obvious, after all, and I ran into the same trouble until I was told I had to tap on the bosses to shoot my rainbow blast at them) and that’s why so many of them have run into the glitch. Some have claimed that the game eventually glitches out eve if you are properly taking enemies out, but I haven’t been faced with such trouble yet.

The game uses scalable difficulty to ease up on players who seem to be having a tough time or make it tougher for players whose unicorn instincts seem to be top notch. It’s a pretty decent “run” game, though we won’t be surprised if it doesn’t win any awards for most innovative, best looking, or anything of the sort. Give it a shot in the Google Play Store (and, yes, it’s compatible with every Android device).

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