Official DirecTV app comes to Android tablets


In case you haven’t already found out, DirecTV has brought its app from phones over to tablets on the Android side of things. The official DirecTV app for tablets will allow you watch select television from any room in your home, including AUDIENCE Network.

You can browse shows, movies and sports programs with information such as program descriptions, cast listings, and parental ratings. Other features include the ability to browse the entire channel guide (up to 14 days in advance) and tap a channel to begin playback on your TV, set DVR recordings from afar, get real-time scores and schedules for sports games, and more.

The home-screen allows you to setup a list of your favorite channels, view a What’s Hot list to see what everyone’s watching, live TV streaming, info about what’s currently being watched on your TV, and more. You loyal DirecTV customers have no reason not to own the app, really — it’s free, it’s awesome, and it’s now available for download in the Google Play Store. PS: you can also grab the phone version here in case you didn’t know.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. More reason to get Dish. You have to be in your own house to watch “select television channels.” With Dishanywhere app you can watch all your channels anywhere you have an internet connection.

  2. This is why you should have Dish Network. DirecTV only allows you to watch select TV Programs inside your own house? Dishanywhere allows you to watch all your TV stations anywhere you have internet connection.

    1. i think Direct TV has something similar called NOMAD – personally I think Direct TV/Dish is like Chevy/Ford they are both pretty good – especially when you compare to cable (Dodge?) but nowhere near as good as Google fiber (Lexus?)

      1. Nomad only allows you to transfer your recorded shows to a mobile device. Dishanywhere allows you to watch every channel on your service Live from any device connected to the internet.

  3. it’s not compatible with the nexus 7. Nice work DirecTV. Screwing it up, as usual.

  4. Dish is pretty sweet especially with the Hopper with Sling built in. And their updated app is very nice. I can watch anything on my DVR or live tv anywhere. But, gotta have the sling.. Either built in or added on for a one time fee).

    I am divorcing the wife and haven’t had the heart to tell her I am taking both Hoppers.

    I have no complaints against DirecTV. Just never was a subscriber.

  5. How

  6. How much did they pay you for this article? It has been out there for Android for a long time. The application sucks. The IOS version gives you more functionality. I have DirecTV and can attest this app sucks compared to other providers. I should at least be able to stream shows off of my DVR to my tablet. geesh!

  7. its been out since friday or saturday..a little late phandroid,

    1. But, thanks for the heads up, phandroid…. Right? O.o

  8. This sounds like a great update, Quentyn; it’s a shame they still have limitations on what channels customers can watch outside the home. I think I will stick with DISH Anywhere. I am a big news buff, but there aren’t any TV’s near my office at DISH. Using DISH Anywhere I can stream ALL of my live TV channels or DVR recordings to my phone, so I can sit at my desk and watch CNN or HLN all day long!

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