Mar 11th, 2013

While a black version of Google’s bumper case is still sold out in the Google Play Store, a white version has appeared inside a Canadian store. The beaut you see above was captured at a Montreal Videotron store.

This color would create quite the interesting contrast for those who own the black Nexus 4, and it might be worth trying to track this one down if you live in the Montreal area, but we’re stumped as to why Google has yet to offer it in the Play  Store. It wouldn’t be the first time accessories for Google’s flagship Nexus device have gotten into the hands of retailers before stocking it in its own store.

The Nexus 7 desktop dock took quite a while to make its way to retailers, but it took even longer before Google listed it for sale on Google Play. That unfortunate situation meant users were being asked to pay anywhere between $40 and $60 for the dock before Google eventually offered it for a much more reasonable price of $30.

The same might eventually happen here, so don’t be surprised if you see a retailer stocking these for inflated prices compared to Google’s own MSRP. That said, it looks like Videotron’s price of CAD$19.95 lines up quite nicely with Google’s $19.99 in the Play Store, so head out to your local shops and see if you can secure one.

[via AndroidCentral]

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