Mar 11th, 2013

Murmurings in our inbox suggest some folks are starting to receive Jelly Bean on the HTC One SV in some parts of the world. The device originally launched with Ice Cream Sandwich, and it wasn’t one of HTC’s mid-range handsets that naturally didn’t receive the same attention as the likes of the HTC One X and HTC One S.

French website Hot to Come is also reporting the rollout, so we can at least assume that France is one of the countries included in the rollout. We imagine the unlocked phone in other parts of Europe are also receiving the same treatment. This upgrade is a hefty one as it’s said to be about 378MB in size, and it will bring HTC Sense 4 to your pocket.

Of course, it isn’t Sense 5, the latest version of HTC’s overlay that’s coming with the HTC One and will be coming to some of HTC’s 2012 smartphones in limited capacity. Still, most owners will just be happy to be on Jelly Bean and have a fresh new experience to take in. We’ll be reaching out to our contacts at HTC to see if we can pinpoint where, exactly, this rollout is happening, but if you have an unlocked, carrier-free version of the phone be sure to check for yourself and let us know if you’re able to pull it down.

[thanks Dave!]

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