Mar 11th, 2013

Welp, folks, it looks like Google just might have lost its mind. The company is showing off a smart shoe at SXSW this week. The pair of sneakers is equipped with an accelerometer, a gyroscope sensor and a Bluetooth radio, and those components are used to gather data and spit back funny and witty comments to whomever is wearing them. It might exclaim “whoa, slow down” if you’re going for a run, to give you can idea. It would even post said thoughts to your Google+ account, supposedly.

That said, Google obviously wants everyone to know that it absolutely is not going to get into the shoe game — no Nexus shoes here, folks. This particular development was made possible by artist Zach Lieberman and YesYesNo for showcasing on ArtCopyCode.

It seems these companies are making anything and everything they can get their hands on “smart” these days, and while I truly believe such a day is coming, I’m kind of relieved it’s not happening today. That said, Google Glass has already taken us toward that first step, and more outrageous marriages of technology and clothing probably aren’t too far behind. Get a quick glimpse of the fun video above.