Mar 8th, 2013

Good news for bargain hunters looking to do a little more shopping from their Android smartphones and tablet. It’s been a long time coming and today, the official 1SaleADay application is now ready and available for download on Android (and iOS) devices.

The app gives shoppers full access to everything they love from the daily deals site, allowing full viewing of galleries, account login, shopping cart management, and even provides a handy countdown timer down to the second to ensure you never miss a deal. If you find a truly great deal and want to share it with friends (after you’ve already gotten yours, of course), there’s a handy share button for easy posting to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Oh, and if you hurry. The Toshiba Excite 10.1 (16GB) is today’s deal and currently up for grabs at a very reasonable $250 (it’s still going for $375 on Amazon). Our own Edgar Cervantes reviewed the the 10.1-inch tablet a few months back and had largely great things to say about it. The tab’s best feature? It’s full sized SD card slot allowing for, not just memory expandability, but it’s super useful when transferring files to and from and computer/camera/etc.. Sure it’s “only” got a Tegra 3 and 1GB of RAM, but don’t forget Jelly Bean was officially announced for the tab in late December, making this deal all the more enticing. Only 11 hours left!

Now we only have to wait for DailySteals to get on the ball with their own mobile app and I can say bye-bye to my savings.

[1SaleADay on Google Play | Toshiba Excite 10.1 on 1SaleADay]

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