New AMOLED technology could make Galaxy S4 display 25 percent more efficient


Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will be their first device to feature a full 1080p AMOLED display, but the new screen will be different on more than just the surface. A new report says Samsung is utilizing a new AMOLED technology called Green PHOLED to produced a display that is 25 percent more battery efficient than previous Super AMOLED formats. The new display utilizes phosphorescence (hence the PHOLED name) over fluorescence to achieve its lower power draw, an element that could go a long way in adding to the Galaxy S4’s battery life.

The same reports again floats the idea of touchless gestures being introduced in with the GS4, as well. The new system could allow for Air View-like functionality using a finger instead of the Note’s S Pen. A user could preview a gallery item simply by hovering their finger over it.

The Galaxy S4 is set for its official debut next week. March 14th is the date to watch for Samsung’s biggest unveiling of the year.

[via SamMobile]


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  1. …and 25 percent more expensive too…

    1. If so, that should mean that Apple fans would be 25% more likely to purchase one.

      1. …Thus increasing Samsung’s sales by….25 percent

        1. Math wasn’t your best class….was it? :)

          1. Needed 25% more studying.

  2. The AMOLED is one of the best and most under appreciated features of the Samsung galaxy line. This screen is so much more efficient than any of the competition already it they truly make it 1080p and and 25% more efficient it will be completely worth it. The way the AMOLED screen works is it has true black. Basically the black part of the screen is turned off instead of using a black colored light of a back light to achieve the black color. It you own a Samsung phone and truly want to see how efficient the screen can be, change you lock screen and background screen to something that is mostly black (95% black) and you will see an exponential increase in the phones battery life. I can get almost 2 full days out of my galaxy note 2 with screen on time of more than 10 hours. (i use an all black background)

    1. I think they suck. My cousin has a sgs2 and the battery always gets sucked up by the AMOLED! Much more then my HTC EVO or EVO LTE with LCD. Also the blacks are great but everything else is not. His screen looks much to bluish green and it’s not nearly as bright. Also image retention and ghosting, no thanks I’ll take the EVO LTE 720p LCD2 or the HTC ONE’s 1080p LCD3! Then again it’s just my opinion.

      1. The biggest promblem with Amoled’s is everywhere you go there are white or lighter colored backgrounds that drain Amoled battery. Im with you though SLCD 2 was the best screen last year and SLCD 3 might again top the line this year.

      2. Your opinion is simply wrong!
        I have a SGS2 also and while it could use more resolution, the screen is plenty bright and also while I’m not crazy about the battery life, it’s definitely much better than that of everyone I know who uses the Evo. The Evo has atrocious battery life.
        Currently using a Note II and while the resolution could also be better the battery life is better than all other phones (despite the huge screen) , except for the Razr Maxx.

        I like the Amoled screen much more then LCD as the former looks more vibrant. I hope Samsung continues to improve and use it. It’s truly a superior technology.

    2. You’re exactly right Christopher. AMOLED also makes for great video playback because of the true blacks, it helps hide the letter boxing on some videos. I was under the impression Samsung would be turning to LCD on the SIV…This gives me hope!

    3. AMOLED doesn’t give true black, but does come closer than any other lit screen.
      a completely black AMOLED screen looks as if it’s 99% black, 1% green.

      this is only visible when there is almost no outside light though.

      1. I don’t see green, but it does produce some light in a pitch black environment. Wish they could improve on this. My GS3 actually had worse contrast than my Galaxy Nexus I noticed.

    4. With the exception of deep blacks, every other color on a sAMOLED doesn’t look good. Whites look blue, and colors look fake and over saturated.

      In my opinion sLCD2/3 is probably more pleasant to the eyes and represents more realistic colors. The whites are also much better, just wish the blacks were deeper.

      1. root and adjust gamma. problem solved on my gnex. blacks are black, whites are white. colors are a tad over saturated but hell….its only 2013 :-)

        i am a fan of the super LCD2 used on the oneX line over the GSIII, and i look forward to the SLCD3 on the ONE, but i agree LED is the way of the future.

      2. Turn off the “auto adjust screen power” that is what gives your whites the blue tint you speak of. And i disagree about the oversaturation, amoled is brilliant for watching movies etc – but each to their own.

    5. If anyone wonders why Samsung sales more phones than any other manufacturer just look at their displays. Hands down it is why for the last 3 years I’ve had only Samsung. Yes, their advertisements helped but for the tech savvy this is it. They’re almost inferior in all other hardware aspects to HTC but that display is crazy good and trumps everything else.

      1. samsung has their galaxy line even on metro pcs lol that is why they sell more and in every country they do the same thing. They imitated apple on the marketing part

    6. As far as quality the other manufacturers have caught up. A 25% efficiency gain on the battery though would put Amoled in the lead once again.

  3. Let me start off by saying I am TIRED of seeing them people with that pink(in my eyes) background!!

    But the device they’re holding, Is that the Galaxy S4? I like the look. Is that aluminum? =.D
    I like aluminum.

    1. That’s a screen…not a device…

    2. Lol, they are only holding the screen panel, nothing more. It’s only the screen with no other parts of the phone. That’s a trip bro you made me laugh. :)

      1. Ooo!! Are you serious!? =.P

        They should totally rock that. That design actually looks better than the phone. LoL!! That explains the down votes.

  4. Innovation

  5. I’ll take the chick on the right.

    1. hahahahhahahahahahhahahaha lol

  6. I bet its still pentile…. super lcd 3 > 1080p super amoled. Blacks are its only advantage.

    1. the display that htc uses the best period. Samsung display have a good combination of good quality display and good battery life unlike HTC.

  7. Is this really the s4

  8. I’m assuming the 25% improvement comes from eliminating one of the two green sub-pixels… Then, if the one remaining phosphorescent green sub-pixel uses the same amount of energy as only one of the previous two green sub-pixels but puts out twice the light, there you go. This might also mean the end of pentile screens!

    We can only hope at this point.

  9. Ooo, glow in the dark screens.

  10. It’s nice to see this tech mature, Oleds have been around for a while now. The more things use this, the cheaper it will get. Did anyone know that the concept came from the firefly.

  11. I am all for battery life. But I will be completely honest, Id rather have a slightly heavier, thicker and larger phone battery and have the screen colors.

    The color reproduction and accuracy on thew S2 is absolutely horrible! The viewing angles and color shift is unacceptable. The S3 is much better, but color accuracy and gamut range isnt very good at all. I honesty look at the iPhone screens colors and clarity and am in awe. The screen is so much clearer and cleaner looking.

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