Nokia backs Apple’s bid to win injunction against Samsung


As Apple seeks to win an appeal on Judge Lucy Koh’s decision not to grant a permanent injunction against certain Samsung devices, a one-time enemy has taken to the Cupertino company’s corner. Nokia has filed a brief in support of Apple’s appeal, saying a failure to ban Samsung smartphones “could cause wide-ranging damage to the United States patent protection landscape.”

Koh’s decision to not grant an injunction was based on Apple’s inability to link the use of certain patented Apple technologies with an increased demand for smartphones utilizing them. Nokia is framing their support in light of protecting the rights of patent holders, though it you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the move is yet another attack on industry leader Samsung.

Apple is looking to fast track their appeal though it appears the court is settled on not complying. The case will first go to a panel of three judges before it has a chance to be presented before a full court.

[Reuters via GSMArena]

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  1. Well, I’ll never buy a Nokia product. Ever.

    1. What is nokia? Maybe no KIA?

      1. Never nokia never!!!!!!

    2. Nokia should try to stay alive by making a good phone that people wants instead of supporting Apple, the reason that they are no longer N°1 phone manufacturer…

  2. What a bunch of sore losers

  3. Nokia knows its a two horse race with Apple and Samsung. Take out Samsung and Nokia might slide in and pick up market share.

  4. Use to buy Nokia but now I would not take one for free funny thing is Nokia is not even in the running anymore unless you want a normal dumb phone

  5. Nokia just trying to ride the coat tails of the losers

  6. Just another reason for why Motorola and the success of LG, HTC, Sony are important to Google. If one of these ever sticks to Sammy, the others are ready to take its place. It is importnat to have multiple flagships out in case any get the ban hammer.

  7. Surprise! Surprise! One loser supporting another.

    1. and then both will try to buy SAMSUNG’s patented innovations like flexible displays and unbreakable displays, NAND memory, batteries, microprocessors.

      tech giant SAMSUNG is #2 patent recipient in the world.
      IBM is #1.
      Nokia and Apple are NOT in TOP 20.

      SAMSUNG has 10X more patents than Apple and 9X more patents than Nokia and 5X more than Microsoft.
      It’s NOT a pathetic IP infringer as ugly Apple and now pathetic Nokia want to depict it via NEWS.

      2 Idiots. 2 Marketing retards.;) Wait. Microsoft. 3 idiots.

      1. It’s a shame. Nokia used to be a respectable company that made great phones. Apple, well, they’ve always been wankers.

  8. [CONTEXT] Nokia has filed a brief in support of Apple’s appeal, saying a failure to ban Samsung smartphones “could cause wide-ranging damage to the United States patent protection landscape.”[/CONTEXT]

    If by wide-ranging damage to the United States patent protection landscape you mean exploit just how damaged it has been and continues to be, then so be it. Like Donny, Nokia is out of their element here.

  9. Well, one day. Crapple gonna sue the Sh*t out of you Nokia. How pathetic

    1. Nokia has nothing to worry about when it comes to Apple. They are a tiny company that makes terrible phones. Not to mention how ugly their phones are. This is just a publicity stunt, nothing more

  10. Nokia just made a lot of enemies with this stupid move.

    I hated only Apple before, now Nokia has just fallen into that same class and I’m sure the same goes for a lot of people.

    1. Yep. I’m starting to lose a lot of respect for some of these tech companies.

  11. Nobody asked or cares for Nokia’s opinion…

  12. Lost my respect for Nokia. Admired their technology but now… I’d rather invest in a BlackBerry. If not a high end Galaxy.

    1. Oh my god! Blackberry!!?

  13. so pathetic.
    Apple, Nokia, Microsoft.

    They use web news, FUD, malware FUD, distorted stats, lawsuit FUD to look good, innovative and cool. LOL.

  14. WOW, all my respect nokia just went…
    nokia sued apple, and won to teach them a lesson. Now they are following everything microsoft says.

  15. Note to Nokia:

    When you’ve figured out you’ve backed the wrong pony, the RIGHT thing to do if you want to stay in the race is change ponies. Since you haven’t figured that, it was nice knowing you. It will be interesting to see who absorbs your pathetic little business here in 2 years.

  16. Well, two dead companies had to form an alliance. What else can they do? xD

  17. As others have stated, I’ll never buy another Nokia device. I was just getting ready to buy a 920 for my wife but looks like she will get a nexus 4 instead.

  18. Nokia is trying to use Apple as a life preserver, I guess Nokia doesn’t have any left on that sinking ship of theirs. This is just a real pathetic attempt from these two companies to screw Samsung and try to slow down there innovation, there is no way in hell they can stop it. I would expect this crap from Apple, but Nokia? I guarantee if Nokia went with Android instead of Windows 8 they would not be complaining about this crap. Thats what happens when you have a retarded monkey as a C.E.O.

  19. Nokia wasn’t a partner in the original lawsuit nor does any of Samsung’s products mimic their stuff in any way. A third party can’t arbitrarily jump in on an appeal for a lawsuit just because they hate competition. If anything the judge should be fining them for wasting dollars to even address their baseless claim.

  20. Oh. No. They. Didn’t.

  21. of course they do, Sammy took their thrown as #1

  22. Nokia you mean to say if someone don’t stop Samsung soon you will be so far behind is going to be impossible for you to compete? is that what you trying to say Nokia?

  23. Nokia you better start peeing on your pants because pretty soon there will no money left to pay your heating bill, hahaha.

    1. That was stupid, but I laughed out loud in public.

  24. The moment I saw the title, I knew that I would see a lot of people start to hate Nokia as much as they do Apple.

    Maybe now we can start seeing jokes like “Oh and then Nokia jumps in and says…” instead of “I hope Apple doesn’t sue”.

  25. I know it was you, Nokia. You broke my heart.

  26. I wasnt planning on buying any Nokia stuff in the foreseeable future, because I like Samsung and I love my Note 2, so ill probably continue on that path.

  27. bitter? party of 2?

  28. Nokia has just hit a new low. I got this weird feeling after reading this news, i guess that’s how betrayal felt like.

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