Mar 6th, 2013

The official Twitter for Android app has been upgraded in the Google Play Store with a couple of significant changes in tow. The biggest change will come in search results. You’ll now see a “Top Tweet” when searching for terms related to past events.

Searching “four more years,” for instance, might show you a tweet from Barack Obama’s Twitter account before showing you the rest of the unadulterated results. Twitter has also made the refresh animation smoother in the Discovery tab. Among those two biggies, some undisclosed bugs have been fixed and improvements have been made to make for a better overall experience.

We imagine Twitter will get a move on adding significant features in the future as it’s using the new, horrible third-party API system to help funnel people back to its own mobile apps. Falcon Pro recently ran into an issue with token authorizations as it hit its 100,000 limit, though the developer of that app was able to find a way around that to make sure more of his legit customers could use the app.

Twitter also has plans to shut down TweetDeck, a favorite service for many. We feared this would eventually happen following Twitter’s purchase of the service but we haven’t quite come to grips with the fact that it’s happening. It doesn’t help that Twitter made absolutely zero effort to maintain and evolve TweetDeck once it got its grubby little paws on the client.

There’s only so much protesting we can do, though, so if you’ve given in and accepted the official Twitter app for the sake of dodging major headaches then be sure to find your upgrade in the Google Play Store.