Mar 6th, 2013

The folks at Imangi have come together with Disney to bring us a new Temple Run game. This one’s dubbed Temple Run: Oz and it themes itself after Disney’s retake on the classic film (though this one is titled Oz: the Great and Powerful). You play as Oz as you are chased across — you guessed it — a yellow brick road, fleeing shrieking flying baboons, flying in hot air balloons, and collecting coins to your heart’s content.

The game’s environments were wholly inspired by those from the actual film, and it will even guide you to explore memorable locations by using sign posts. Temple Run: Oz also features weekly challenges that you and your friend can use to compete with each other to see who can run the furthest and scoop up the most coins.

The game, which costs $.99, will also come with $.99 worth of coins to buy power-ups and character upgrades. If you’re a Temple Run fanatic and haven’t gotten enough from Temple Run 2 or Temple Run: Brave, and especially if you’re a Wizard of Oz fan, be sure to grab it from the Google Play Store. Watch the trailer above.