Report: Samsung to launch 5.9-inch handset later this year


Samsung is only looking to go bigger in 2013, according to a new report out of The Korea Times. In 2012 the Galaxy Note 2 pushed the “phablet” envelope at 5.5 inches, but we could see a 5.9-inch smartphone from the Korean company by year’s end. It isn’t clear whether this would be the Galaxy Note 3, but the device’s size and a release timed for the second half of the year make it a likely candidate.

The 5.9-inch display will utilize Samsung’s AMOLED tech, but it won’t be a YOUM flexible display as some initial Galaxy Note 3 rumors have suggested. Samsung simply lacks the technology to produced those screens en masse. The 5.9-inch screen size continues to beg the question of how big is too big, but device manufacturers seem content to push larger and larger “smartphones.”

Take ASUS’ 7-inch Fonepad, for instance, or any number of gigantic smartphones on display at Mobile World Congress. Even Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 features full voice call functionality.

As the Galaxy S4 nears its official announcement, expect Note 3 rumors to begin swirling at a greater clip We’re still a way off from that device, but it will truly be Samsung’s next big thing.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve reached my cap with the Note 2. I almost always use the stylus, so one-handed operation and the ability to reach across the screen isn’t a factor- though, if absolutely necessary, I’m able to use this one with one hand when not using the stylus.

    Bring on the Note 3!

  2. Ta hell with it! Lets go a full 1ft 2.2 inch display?!.. or dare I say 1ft 2.3 inch 0_o !!!

    1. That day is not far off. With Samsung’s tweaks for multi-window support, Android is now at the point where only CD/DVD file system support stands between it and replacing my laptop.

      1. Hmm…
        External DVD drives and USB OTG… I can see that happening.

    2. Yes! 1ft 2.3 inches, edge-to-edge display, world’s thinnest phone at around 5.9mm (and only 1mm at its thinnest (because it matters!)) with 1600mAh battery with 10 week standby time (because everybody cares about standby time and not how long you can use it for!)! No SD-card slot or removable battery. And an ample 8GB* of storage space! Yay!

      *Only 2.33GB left for user after non-removable bloatware.

      1. You’ve created a masterpiece of machinery! You monster!

        1. No, I’ve seen a glimpse of the future! I cannot take credit for this…

          1. Well played gentlemen

    3. Would not be a bad size for a tablet 14.3 inch I would take one

  3. If the keep the form factor the same as the note 2, I would buy it.

  4. It’s not like they would likely increase the actual phone size…so why not jam a slightly larger screen on it. Why would you NOT want that?

  5. Note 2 is good. 5.9 inch is just trolling.

    1. It’s easy. They will continue to increase size until people stop buying them. 5.9 inch 1080p screen is fine with me if they reduce the bezel. Overall shouldn’t be very different to the note 2 size. My current Note 1 is great, but the Note 3 seems like a good replacement

  6. I wouldn’t mind getting a 5.9″ screen phone, but the limits are starting to get pushed. Samsung is being smart, however, by slowly creeping to these larger screen sizes by releasing multiple phones getting larger and larger.

    1. Limits are being pushed? I think the limits have already been pushed already. But if the phone stays the same size then I think I can use it.

      Mainly because I play handheld systems, so I’m kinda use to holding large devices.

      1. Yeah limits “being/have been” pushed is essentially the same thing lol

        I have the GS3 now and the Note 2 doesn’t feel gigantic to me yet, so I kind of want to see what a 5.9″ could bring on a cell phone.

        1. I can see your point. I had the HTC HD2 when it 1st came out. I thought that was a large phone and quite unusual to use. That was a 4.3 inch phone. LoL!!

          So yea, I can see what you mean and why your limits are like that.

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    1. Carries offer unlimited data, you just chose not to mention them. Your petition is pointless. Vote with your wallet, like I am doing, when my contract is up with VZW. Carries will come around if enough people leave for those reasons.

      1. I’ve said the same thing on another post we have a “free market” they have a right to offer limited data as we have the right to choose as another carrier

    2. You know if it spreads like a wild fire lives, homes, and nature will have to be destroyed as well. I don’t think I want to spread something like a wild fire. Just sayin’.

    3. That’s just plain ignorant. Indeed, as others pointed out, there are carriers that offer “unlimited” data. You mention that the limited plans often cost users more, yet provide no evidence. In the case of VZW, the limited plan that replaces unlimited is equal in cost, and the vast majority of users are unaffected by it. As the more technical crowd that we are, it is easy to forget that we do not represent the average user. Our data consumption is notably higher than most users.

      Several times you mention that carriers have a “monopoly” on usage. Either you do not understand that a monopoly is, or you’ve never heard of Sprint and T-Mobile. The reason they can offer unlimited is twofold: they have few customers and therefore lower total usage, and they spend less of their money on their network than the two supercarriers. This leaves more money to spend on the cost of data. The Internet is not free of cost to the carriers either.

      Of course, carriers have to turn a profit. We do, rightly, get charged far more than the cost of service. If we didn’t, networks wouldn’t improve, employees wouldn’t get raises and have incentive to provide better service, and the market would go stale due to a lack of funded research. Perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic, but I hope you see what I’m getting at.

      1. Also, as the big two go to pooled data plans, heavier users can take advantage of the extra data from light users on their same plan. This she case for my family. My mother barely hit half a gig. Same with my dad and several other members. We put ourselves on a plan that equated to 2Gb per smart device, and I use the extra amount from the other users.

  8. the note 2 is starting to push the max size for a phone imo.

    A 5.9 inch screen would work for me but only if the actual phone didn’t get bigger.

    For me 5-5.5 inch is the sweetspot

  9. If they keep the overall size of the Note 3 the same as the Note 2 I would definitely jump on it. The Note 2 is only about .5″ bigger then my G-Nexus…But I’ll remain on the side line for now to see what the rest of the OEMs will bring to the table by the time the holidays swing by…

    1. im coming from a Gnex as well, if they are able to minimize the bezel even more and keep the overall size of the Note 3 the same as the Note 2 I will get it but if not, it might be too big, the Note 2 is already pushing it.

  10. ditch the bezel, and you have a winner!

  11. The bigger the better. I like big ass screens.

  12. The Note3 was previously rumored to be a 6.3″ monster, and to be honest, I’m a little glad that the updated rumor is “only” 5.9″. That should be a little easier to squeeze into a device not much bigger overall than the Note2.

  13. That is either a too small of a tablet or a way too big of a phone.

  14. Thats too much. The note 2 is the limit size for me, unless they reduce the top and bottom bezel or something.

  15. oh hell yea, 6 inch amoled will be the shiznitz

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