More Galaxy S4 screens reveal 1.8GHz quad-core CPU, 1080p display


While screenshots surfacing earlier this morning likely originated from a Galaxy S3 software build, a new set looks more likely to have been captured from the Galaxy S4. While the first bunch revealed new TouchWiz features most certainly destined for the GS4, the new group serves to confirm many of the rumored specs associated with the upcoming flagship.

For starters, a quad-core processor clocked just shy of 1.8GHz is present is listed. We can’t discern definitely if it is the Exynos Octa 5, but it seems likely. The phone’s 5-inch 1080p display is also confirmed, as is its pixel density of 480 ppi. Also confirmed was a 13MP camera. This isn’t the first time we have heard this list of specs, so we have a pretty good idea of what to expect next week.

Yes, next week. March 14th. It’s the date we have all been waiting for. Will Samsung’s latest be enough to keep them on top of the smartphone competition? We’ll have to wait to find out.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. What makes it seem likely that it is the Exynos? Simply rumors?

    1. Doesn’t seem like it can be an Exynos since it says “Quad-Core”.

      1. Well the exynos has two seperate quad core chips on top of one another, but the main chip is the A15.

  2. Something is fishy here…how can it be 480PPI if it’s 5 inches with a resolution of 1080p?

    That would be 440PPI…

    1. android has dpi buckets, from 320 the next step is 480 and that’s what is reported to apps. The actual dpi is usually close, and reported by xdpi and ydpi (this is also shown in these screenshots)

      1. Ah that makes more sense, wasn’t aware of this.

      2. Thanks for that I got confused thinking how can it have the same screen size and red but have much higher dpi

  3. Because the CPU is listed as an arm V7 I am guessing thats the sam as arm7 which is the low power quad core that works with arm15.

    My question is: why is the dpi 480? when all the other 5″ 1080p screens are 440. could it be that its a different screen ratio? 1920 x 1188 or 1920 x 1200?

    1. It’s possible the 4 cores are asynchronous so it only detects the 4 A15s or the 4 A7s at any time, but what makes me doubt the screen shot is that it shows the A7 cores running at 1.7mhz – which is impossible for those cores to reach as far as I understand. If they deliver the Exynos “Octa” and a 1080p AMOLED+ then Samsung will have hit the ball out of the park with the S4, but if they deliver the Snapdragon 600 and a 1080p LCD then I don’t think it’ll be any better than a G Nexus – which ironically will have better battery life than a lot of these phones running an unnecessary 1080p on such a small screen. Something tells me all of the specs people are expecting for the S4 wont show up until the Note 3.

      1. Snapdragon 600 is A7 at 1.9GHz and there’s a 2.3GHz coming next month. I don’t know how this is “impossible”

      2. You underestimate the Snapdragon 600.

        Also, there are other important things besides inside specs http://goo.gl/AHxKA

    2. all of the modern ARM based CPUs in mid to high end phones for the last few years are ARMv7. That’s not the same spec as A9, A15, etc..

  4. Looks nice but my SG3 is fast enough, would rather see them focus on 2+ day battery life instead of more speed than needed. Also don’t understand the larger screen as the SG3 is already difficult to use with one hand. Since they are already have Note as large format, why increase size of Galaxy series. They need a 2 day phone that can be used with one hand.

    1. Ya… I was thinking the same thing. Why are they chasing the Note size? Unless the form has been overall reduced. I doubt it though… We always think that’s gonna be the case but it always comes in bigger.

      1. In this case its very well possible especially when there are phones out there with 5″ but the same size as 4.7″ devices…0.2” increase isn’t as much as it was from the s2 to s3 what the difference in increase was much larger…I think the s4 will be pretty similar in size to the s3 maybe a mm here or there

        1. I have above avg thumb length and can barely reach screen corners on SG3. The screen itself is too large. I’ll test SG4 out when released but HTC or LG might be my next phone. Is odd that Samsung doesn’t make more size distinction between Galaxy and Note. They need a solid one hand phone and the Galaxy series should be that. Those who want a monster screen can go with Note.

          1. Agree even the s3 screen is quite large for most for single hand use without shuffling about but me personally I usually use my phones using 2 hands, 1 to hold the device and the other to navigate etc. I use to do this even when I had my s2 and iPhone 4…for me the most important think is can the device fit in my jeans pocket comfortably and without it standing and the s3 size has caused me no issues at all which is why I hope the size remains the same or similar. Mm here or there won’t change much for me.. I want the biggest screen possible in the most pocketable device… But agree for people who use phones in single hand the larger screen can be a problem but I think considering you been using the s3 the jump to a 5″ should be ok… Lol you won’t need your thumbs with eye scroll anyways.

    2. Agreed, they already have the Note, this is pointless. The max phone size I have any interest in is the GNex (4.65″). The GS3 already feels borderline uncomfortable compared to it. I still think 4.3″, like the RAZR M, is ideal anyway.

      To summarize this I’d say a phone shouldn’t be wider than about 65mm.

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    1. or you can just go to tmobile or sprint and get it there.

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      2. LOL, he said sprint

      3. Sprint is a mess of a network.T-mobile is the bees knees

    2. but i am signing the petition anyway thanks.

  6. Ugh. so it looks like they are sticking to their guns on their hideous, clumsy grey gradients everywhere. Love my Note 2 but every time I see a blobby, poorly layed out gradient filled dialog pop over a nice looking Holo app I die a little

    1. Bit melodramatic this morning? :-)

      1. Not sure why you think it’s limited to this morning :-

  7. I can t wait for this to be revealed already, so I can make up my mind between the HTC one or the S4…So far the Design, Superior speakers, Mic and camera + decent battery size are pretty enticing on the One. If samsung somehow manages to put the same battery from the note series in the S4 then I most likely wil get the S4 as battery life is the #1 key and no i do not want to carry around a second battery….

  8. Why does Quick System info PRO have a ad at the bottom is what im wondering lol also it cant be the octa 5 wouldnt it show 8 cores or at least something like x2 for each core listed. but one thing you can tell is that it has multi window or whatever its called from the little tab in the middle screenshot.

  9. Having owned the S2 and S3 I will say that unless Samsung starts competing on build quality using premium materials, like the HTC One and, I hate to say it, iPhone, I’m jumping ship. The spec war can only keep customers interested for so long before parity happens and it’s design and features that win out.

    1. Why don’t you just get the HTC One, then?

      1. To be straight forward and honest, screen size. Given that the One is slightly smaller than the S3 in screen real estate and I’ve determined that the ideal screen size for me is 5″ the One has been ruled out, which is why the HTC Butterfly is something I’ve been considering. Reasonable enough explanation?

        1. Not bad at all. I’m still using the E4GT so I still think the Note is a large phone. But I compared my sister’s GS3 to my phone and its not all that bigger when compared to the actual phone.

    2. Please explain to me how samsung’s build quality in inferior….?

      1. I’ll give u one example, drop a galaxy phone, then drop and HTC phone, heck even drop an iphoneb(I am anti-apple), and watch how a galaxy phone fair, it will have the most damage, sorry dude, u can love sammy, but its materials seem to be well shity

        1. Um, they are all phones and they all break if dropped. What’s your point? Samsung doesn’t have a recorded problem with materials or design, so that’s just pure hot air.

          And for the record, at LEAST 50% of all iphones I have ever seen have a spider web for a screen where it has been dropped. Even with a case on it.

          Unless of course they have that 1 ft thick otterbox case.

          1. To counter your point about Samsung not having any recorded issues with materials I will reference my original response to you concerning the battery cover. Samsung outwardly admitted to quality issues with the battery cover of the S3 cracking/splitting around the camera and on the edges and despite that fact refused, and still refuses to cover replacements under the manufacturer’s warranty. I know this for a fact and have attempted to deal with Samsung concerning this issue on several occasions.

            As a side note, but one that is relevant, Samsung’s customer service and support is atrocious. I have never gotten satisfaction when dealing with them concerning issues with my S3, both software and hardware related, whereas HTC, I can say first hand, has first rate customer service and actually replaced my Desire entirely for free when it was cooked by a faulty third party charger. Being more popular doesn’t mean you’re a better company or have better products by default.

          2. Not a single phone on the market will ever be perfect. I wasn’t trying to paint that picture.

            My point is that Samsung has not had any major problems with their build quality. Hell, even DoD thinks they are good enough.

      2. Really? You never held an HTC or maybe even the dreaded iPhone in your hand?
        Samsung phones are generally made by cheap feeling plastic, while HTC and the iPhone actually feels like a solid piece.

        1. I have held all of the iphones; they are heavy and VERY easy to shatter. I have personally witnessed one shatter from a 1 ft. drop.

          The HTC is decent build quality. Nothing absolutely stunning though.

          Samsung phones are not built with any less quality than the aforementioned. In fact, I would dare say they are the better made of the three brands. I have had an S3 since launch; It doesn’t have a single scuff mark.

          Do you too not have a actual proof that their build quality is less than anyone else?

          1. Actually I do have proof. No need to make false assumptions my friend.
            My brother has an S3, I have an Evo LTE, my mother has an iPhone 5, and my dad has a Evo 3d.
            Long story short: My brother has scuff marks all over the back cover (I see him as a careful guy, might have been the cover’s fault), the iPhone and the two Evo’s still stand strong.
            Also, yeah the iPhone does shatter very easily, but it still feels like a solid phone (solid doesn’t necessarily mean durable) compared to the S3.

            If you want actual data proof, Google and Youtube is your friend.

          2. That’s your version of documented proof? Here I was thinking you were going to reference an independent study of materials and design…

            Your one experience doesn’t cut it for the overall picture. Samsung has no general build quality issues.

          3. Lol okay. Buy the devices yourself, and write an article and come back to me with your findings…

            If you’re looking for that, there are people who actually done this. Like I said, Google and YouTube are your friends.

          4. Can you point me in the direction of some reading material that unbiasedly concludes that Samsung mobile phones are of lesser quality than its competitors?

          5. Ain’t no body got time for that… If you do feel compelled to know however, Google and YouTube is your friend…

          6. So you want to argue with me and tell me that I am wrong, but “ain’t got time for that” when I ask for a link to some unbiased evidence of your claim?

            I guess I am not understanding how a debate works…

          7. I’m not on Phandroid debating here… I already know which phones have a better build quality.. Obviously you don’t.

          8. Yeah… obviously your opinion on something should be taken as absolute truth without any proof whatsoever. You’re right.

          9. Actually… There’s no point in arguing with people like you… Your stubbornness to actually open your closed-mind is actually amazing… It’s fine what you think, I frank don’t care what you are trying to say other than trying to discredit me.
            If it takes more than your hand to figure out if a phone has a good “feel” or build quality, then something must be wrong there.
            Just sayin’.

          10. I asked you for any references of your claims, and you simply pushed me off to a blanket Google search. Honestly, getting into an argument with someone and ignoring their request for proof of your claims doesn’t really get you a lot of points on the scoreboard.

            Neither does accusing the other party of being closed minded. Clearly I am not closed minded if I want to learn of any potential research that shows problems with Samsung material designs.

            So in other words, you still don’t have anything but “hear say” to back up your claim. Just wanted to make that clear.

          11. Hear say, and hands on. Thanks, but I think I know what I’m talking about if I got the phones in my household all at one time.

        2. Material may feel inferior but doesn’t mean it is…samsung just doesn’t help itself by making everything glossy

          1. So Samsung can’t help making their phones feel brittle as well? When I hold a bare S3 in my hand, I feel like 1 drop will ruin this thing…

        3. Just because is “feels” solid doesn’t mean it is.

          Plastic is light, resitant, durable and doesn’t block cellular reception. It is the perfect material for a phone.

          Buying a phone for its look is the dumbest thing I ever heard.

          1. You don’t get the point… I don’t care what it’s made of… If it “feels” solid, then it’ll have good feedback from consumers.

      3. Well, even though I take exceptional care of my devices I’ve been through three stock battery covers on my S3 due to them each splitting in multiple areas and there are several creaks and cracks from the device during general, and gentle, handling. Plus there’s a general sponginess to the physical buttons that has been persistant since day one. Having owned HTC devices in the past – Desire (original) and One S – I can say that Samsung build quality is inferior to HTC. All that being said, for the most part, I would consider Samsung’s phones to be of good quality, just not premium quality.

        1. I agree with you, my brother (owns a S3) has the same issue with his phone. I’m not saying the S3 is a piece of trash or anything, I’m just trying to tell OP here that Samsung’s build quality is inferior to their competitors.

          Hopefully with the S4, Samsung will introduce more higher quality materials with the S4.

  10. Mine mine mine mine mine mine MINE. Sorry S3, time to sell you.

      1. I think it’s neat how +1 is gaining hold – I even used on an internal email at work and 4 or 5 others followed suit. totally off topic, but really neat how google+ is taking hold.

        1. +1 has been around way before google+

          1. well i wasn’t aware of that…cool.

  11. I wonder if Samsung leaked this or if they are mad at AT&T right now. Isn’t that at&t’s 4g logo?

  12. Wonder will there be a Galaxy S5 or a Galaxy S4 Plus this year end?
    From the SGS2 and CM10.1 issue, I don’t think I’ll get a Samsung next time anymore though.

  13. Three things I am waiting to see, camera quality, screen brightness and screen color tint….all lacking on the S3. If those are improved, then I will finally leave the Apple regime.

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