ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 receives Android 4.2, other tablets getting 4.1 for Q2


In a time where Android 4.2 is still a rarity for those who don’t own a Nexus device, ASUS has come along and, once again, put a lot of OEM to shame with swift action on the latest version of Android. The Taiwanese OEM has announced that the latest version of Jelly Bean would be rolling out to the Transformer Pad TF300 starting today. Those with the US version will be getting first dips on the new coat of paint, while the rest of the world will see OTAs begin to trickle in at some point this month.

Along with all of the goods Jelly Bean 4.2 brings, including widgets on the lock-screen and user profiles for multiple users, ASUS will also have significant updates in tow for its App Locker, its virtual keyboard, the lock-screen and setup wizards. Users can grab the upgrade over-the-air so be sure to take a quick trip to the Settings > About Tablet menu where you’ll be able to pull this one down.

In related news, ASUS has confirmed several other tablets in its lineup that will get Android 4.1 in the second quarter of this year. These tablets include the Transformer Pad Infinity, the ASUS MeMO Pad Smart 10, and the MeMO Pad. We would have loved to see the absolute latest version of Jelly Bean for these particular devices, and perhaps that is still in the cards, but for now ASUS is only promising 4.1. Regardless, we’re happy to see that a good chunk of ASUS’ users won’t be stuck in the dark age much longer.

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  1. Asus should update TF101 to 4.1 at least since their 4.0.4 update is not stable on the many devices.

  2. Photo Sphere? Can someone confirm?

    1. Are you REALLY going to take 360 degree panoramic shots with your 10 inch tablet? I beg of you – please… Don’t. For the sake of all that is Phandroid.

      1. I’m not saying that I will take 360 degree panoramic shots with a 10 inch tablet. I am more curious about the presence of Photo Sphere in Asus products, as it wasn’t very clear whether other OEMs will actually support Photo Sphere after all that Samsung Orb talk.

    2. Not according to one user on xda.

  3. Other sites state that other tablets in Asus’ line up are getting 4.2 next quarter, not 4.1.

    1. Just double-checked, and my ASUS rep definitely said 4.1 for those other devices. I will ask to be sure.

      1. Well I can assure you that my stock Infinity Tab already has JB on it.

  4. is the transformer prime being updated to 4.2 then?

    1. That’s what I want to hear.

  5. Wow! Amazing. So awesome, ASUS!

  6. I still have the tf101 also, which is more than capable of being updated to at least 4.1. And due to the fact on there website they suggest rooting and using team eos to get 4.1 when I due update to a knew tablet it will not be asus and I will not recommend asus to my friends and family.

    1. this is a shame i have a tf300 and would definitely recommend it to any one

  7. Once again ASUS is the first OEM to catch up with the Nexus devices.
    THIS is one of the things that count most for Android enthusiasts. And the current version of 4.1.1 on my Padfone 2 is so smooth, bug free and awesome, that I don’t even mind there is no CyanogenMod support for it. And I am a huge fan of custom ROMs in general and especially CM.

  8. Just checked my TF700T and it absolutely has Android 4.1.1 on it. So I guess 4.2 would be a real update… 4.1 not so much.

  9. This was a huge update. In the settings menu there is a launcher option. Selecting this give you the option to select a nexus 10 like launcher. I absolutely love Asus for bringing this update to the TF300.

  10. Yes. Your source is wrong. The tf700 already has 4.1.1 stock OTA.

  11. TF700 is already on JB, 4.1.1 It makes sense that the move will be to 4.2. And yes, already saw your confirmation below from your source. It may be correct for other older ASUS tabs, but not for the Infinity. Your source is probably lumping older devices together erroneously.

  12. I never got and update for my tf300 and I live in Canada please tell me how will I get it

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