AT&T 4G LTE expands in Texas


AT&T has announced that its 4G LTE network has expanded to more parts of Texas. This isn’t a huge push by any stretch of the imagination, but any progress is good progress. Folks in the charming Corpus Christi market will be able to enjoy the super fast 4G LTE speeds, and near Austin you’ll start to see more coverage in Marble Falls, Burnet, Bertram, and Round Mountain.

Of course, you’ll need a device capable of jumping onto these juicy airwaves so something like the HTC One X+, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the Samsung Galaxy S3 should, or countless other LTE-equipped phones, tablets and hotpsot devices, should be of interest. If you already have an LTE-capable device and you live in the aforementioned markets be sure to turn those radios on and see just how fast the network can be for yourself.

[via AT&T 1, 2]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I need better 3G coverage in Huntsville!

  2. It’s just Texas. Who cares?

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