ASUS MeMo Pad Smart 10 launching March 5th


ASUS’ inexpensive 10-inch slate, the MeMo Pad Smart 10, has long been priced at $300, but we finally have a release date to look forward to. We should see it arriving in stores around March 5th. This isn’t meant to headline the Taiwanese company’s tablet lineup, but for $300 they are offering a very compelling option for anyone who needs a tablet in this range.

The 10-inch tablet will have a 1280×800 resolution and come with Tegra 3 circuitry. Its construction is largely plastic, there are no fancy keyboard docks to fit it inside, and you’re only getting 1GB of RAM with 16GB of internal storage. In other words, it’s good for the price but it won’t be winning any awards for best Android tablet anytime soon.

That said, it does seem to be a very nice option for anyone who needs a tablet but can’t justify the $400-500 that more premium options typically go for. We’ll let you know where, exactly, you can find one of these once they go live at retailers next week.

[via Liliputing]

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  1. Eh… I think I’d pass. That is basically a stretched out Nexus 7. + $100 for Nexus 10 win!

    1. ^_^

  2. I just saw and played with one of these today for a few minutes at the local Office Depot. It was actually pretty impressive and was out for sale and had the signage up.

    Think of the TF300T ( I think the body was a dark blue with a black glossy bezel) but a little lighter than the TF300T and without the textured back. The ME301T might have been a hair thinner too. Build quality seemed decent enough (far better than an Archos or the cheaper Lenovos or the no-name tablets) Screen looked good and performance seemed quite snappy.
    The main attraction, other than the price, was that it has a regular microUSB port for charging. It looked like it was using the same style of cable that came with my Nexus 7, in fact. I took a quick trip into the settings menu and I noticed that there was a firmware update already waiting to be installed (it had 4.1.1 on it already) and it has the TF-style customized settings screen where you can toggle performance/balanced/economy modes. For $299 list price this thing is pretty solid but it remains to be seen how the battery life is and if they’ve managed to improve on the older Transformers’ sluggish I/O performance.

    I’d probably have taken the plunge on this thing if it had 32Gb instead of 16Gb storage and had GPS. I’ve been searching for a reasonably-priced ($400 or less) 32Gb 10″ tablet that has JB, a microSD slot, HDMI out, and charges over standard microUSB.

    1. 16GB is a tad small, but it is micro SDXC compatible, so a 64GB card shouldn’t be a problem. Also, it does have GPS.
      I bought one, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a 10″ tablet.

  3. I bought one of these two days ago at Office Depot. I was going in to pick up a Nexus 7, but for $50 more, I couldn’t pass this up. I think it’s a great tablet, especially at $299. It’s smooth as can be. Absolutely zero lag. It takes a micro SD card, so I’m currently at 48GB. That’s probably enough, but I plan to grab a 64GB card and get up to 80GB. My only real complaint is the lack of a stylus. Maybe my Note 2 has me spoiled, but I think an onboard stylus should be standard fare. Still, it beats the hell out of my Thinkpad(with stylus), and I paid $600 for that.

  4. I’d like to also see Asus go the other direction: a 12″ Android tablet (& keyboard dock) with great specs for a little more $$.

    As much as I love my Transformer Prime, it could have a bigger & better screen and a little more horsepower. (And the 10″ keyboard is a little cramped.)

    1. That would be interesting, I’d also like to see them take their time with their designs. They have in the past rushed some builds which lead to some unfortunate flaws. If I saw something like that, I would hop on it immediately. My dream device would be a 12″ Transformer w/ dock and… an S pen.

  5. I am happy that this tablet is getting good reviews (from other ppl’s comments) with last year’s spec.

  6. I wonder how this will compare against Archos Titanium 97 or 101. On the plus side, Archos’ tablets will set you back 249€ / $249 / £199 and 199€ / $199 / £169 respectively and come with a 2048 x 1536 screen. However, that dual-core 1.6GHz Rockchip CPU doesn’t sound too good compared to Memo Smart Pad 10’s Tegra 3.

    What do you guys think ?

    More info on the Archos Titanium line here:

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