Ubuntu Touch builds will soon be available for more than 20 Android devices


When Canonical originally announced Ubuntu Touch, we were surprised to learn that the new Linux-based mobile operating system could be built to run on current Nexus devices. Those with the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 would be able to get this thing up and running as long as they had an unlocked bootloader. As exciting as that was, that list of devices didn’t account for much of the Android ecosystem.

Well, a few more of you will be able to build the source for your devices soon as Canonical has confirmed more than 20 new devices would be added to the list. These devices include the Motorola XOOM, CDMA Galaxy Nexus devices, the Nexus S and Nexus One, the HTC One X and One X+, the Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 2, and S3 (Verizon, AT&T, and international GSM variants), the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi, Motorola’s DROID 3, DROID 4 and DROID Bionic, the ASUS Transformer Pad and Transformer Infinity, LG Optimus 4X HD, and more.

Typical users probably won’t benefit from this news unless a developer decides to turn them into flashable ROMs, but its main goal is to give developers a chance to develop and test apps for the platform ahead of its launch. You can find the full list of devices at the wiki here, which is sorted to show you which devices Ubuntu is running fine on, which devices are considered a work-in-progress and which devices are deemed “sort-of working,” as well as links to everything you need for your particular device (if available). We’ll be tracking Canonical down at Mobile World Congress to get a close look at Ubuntu Touch for ourselves, so stay tuned for continued coverage!

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  1. Will have to give this a try on my S3. Nandroid READY :)

  2. It’s is impossible to download their git to compile for my own device. The download is around 15Gb only, but I guess there are so many downloaders that this darn thing always fails in the middle. Technically, it should be easy to port it to any CM10 supported device.

  3. YESSSSSSSS! Verizon abandoned the Droid 3 a while ago, and custom ROMs don’t really attract me but I’m excited about being able to try Ubuntu on my phone

    1. correction.. moto abandoned D3

      1. You don’t think they abandoned it “together”, as business partners ?

        Verizon is the customer. If they want something from their supplier, they offer money. Offer enough and supplier shouts “Yes Sir !”. That’s business.

  4. ubooty.. soooooo cute.

  5. WIsh the HTC flyer was included…. as HTC has abandoned this device from day1

  6. No HTC Sensation? :( No one else is using this old crap?

    1. I am LOL. I was hoping for a port as well.

    2. And no G1… What is this madness?

  7. They left out Sprint S3!

  8. Problem with this dev preview is exactly what it says, it’s a preview. You can’t do anything with it aside from browse the web and maybe make a few notes. All of the contacts, pictures, and personal information is staged and you can’t edit. You can add, but that’s it. Data doesn’t work either, only wifi.

    Still, it looked pretty smooth and I like the style. When it’s finished it would be very fun to dual boot into.

  9. no tmobile gs3?

  10. Which One X? T3 or Snapdragon?

    Oh crap! Both! And Rohan is the man doing the Snapdragon one.

  11. When you say the note 2, do you mean all variants of it or just the international (N7100)?

  12. This is good news for Ubuntu OS. Maybe they will catch up with firefox OS

  13. Funny how the only devices listed are also supported by Cyanogenmod. Probably just a coincidence. Right, Ubuntu?

    1. No, its prob not. They are only going to release with phones that are somewhat easy to unlock the boot-loader on. Phones that are supported by CM officially are generally pretty easy to unlock…and also if CM is supporting a device, then it generally has a good dev community, which Canonical is looking for.

  14. I feel bad for Ubuntu. They’ve created something cool and theyare ddoing the right thing. But thanks to some GMD gestures, i now can do all of the Ubuntu features on my phone anyway.

  15. aww man. I was certain I wouldn’t see this on my Note 2 any time soon. bought a co-worker’s old galaxy nexus today off him just to load ubuntu on an play around with it. it has a cracked screen and was just laying around so he sold it super cheap to me. I’ll fix the screen up and probably still keep it too swap phones if I feel like using ubuntu over android any certain day. and yes, I’m aware ubuntu is far from a daily driver atm.


  17. As much as I love trying out new things in the tech world, I think I’ll have to pass on this (even thought my Sprint GS3 won’t be supported). Since it’s a preview, it just makes it seem like it’s only there to mess around with for a little and get frustrated.

  18. Looks like the Motorola Xoom disppeared from the Wiki. Please say it ain’t so… I really want to try it out.

  19. SGS2 still going strong!

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